Kerry King on Slayer: 'It's Business as Usual, but With One Member Less, Which Sucks for Everybody'

King talks about playing without Hanneman in new interview.

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Kerry King has been talking to Full Metal Jackie about life in Slayer without Jeff Hanneman, Blabbermouth reports. As King notes, Hanneman’s playing still influences the way he thinks about music. "When you play guitar opposite somebody - Jeff with myself or myself with Jeff - I think our styles infused a bit. I think in some of the things I write, I think people are gonna say, 'Wow, that sounds like Jeff would have wrote it,' and stuff he would have wrote, had he written anymore, people would have said, 'Man, that sounds like something Kerry wrote.'" According to King, the band is trying to move forward, business as usual: "You know, we've been together so long that we kind of infused ourselves into each other. So I think it's going to be business as usual going forward, [but] just one member less, which sucks for everybody." The guitarist also stated that the has been teaching material for a new album to drummer Paul Bostaph since he joined the group: "As soon as Paul got with us, I started teaching him new stuff, because I've got probably thirteen, fourteen songs [written for the next record]. So when we didn't have any touring schedule that we had to learn stuff for, I was, like, 'Well, let's take this time to get your and my chops up together to work on this new stuff so when the time comes, we'll already have 90 percent of the work under our belt."

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    "I've got probably thirteen, fourteen songs" Getting the fear here, getting the whole lot of it...
    Everyone has different and diverse opinions about bands and artists, but pretty much everyone can agree that Kerry is a dick
    All this Slayer talk has got me thinking one thing: I NEVER want to be in a band that doesn't have a decency and mutual respect for one another. Kerry's comments on Jeff are such bullshit, I mean how does a guy you've played with for 20 some years not show any compassion or love for that fellow musician, am i missing something? Kerry act's like "...I think our styles infused a bit." AHHHHH Kerry's such a douche! Even the speeches he gave at the Golden Gods awards and the funeral for Jeff are...DOES KERRY FEEL ANYTHING??!! CRY DAMNIT!
    Loads of people in big bands with long careers pretty much hate each other. None of Slayer hang out with each other outside of the band if I recall.
    I know it's cool to hate on Kerry King and all but how about this... Let him be! We live in a culture where everyone craves attention above all things and will milk even the death of someone to gain it. He's a grown man, does he really need to be recorded crying so that people will believe that that he's affected by Jeff's death? He's not bending to what people want (and do) by milking it and giving the fake emotion hungry masses what they want. I can't help but respect him more for it. Yes... this comment will be super unpopular but, like Kerry King, I don't give a f**k.
    I don't hate on Kerry King because it's popular to hate on him, i hate him because he's a dick. He doesn't give 2 shits about Jeff's death AND he doesn't give 2 shits about the fans, money is his only motivation to moving on with whatever is left of the band, which is not even half now that Jeff's gone. RIP Jeff!!
    Well ya never know. Maybe he has cried about Jeff dying. But he just doesn't want to be all "emotional" in public and whatnot.
    Don't ever compare yourself to Jeff, you Right-Said-Fred on steroids looking douche!! He was light years ahead of you in songwriting and guitar playing skills. Thirteen to fourteen new songs? Sounds like the new album is gonna be a big Burger King shit fest. In fact he should just call it the Kerry King project at this point.
    How many more articles are we gona have on Araya and King commenting on Jeff Hanneman? Seems like they make up half the news on UG at the moment
    And there I was worrying I wouldn't get my dose of Slayer news today. Thank you UG, thank you.
    um, two down? I hate that they're striking Dave Lombardo from the Slayer history books! Total Bullshit man!
    This is exactly what I was thinking. They were a man down before they became a man down. Take a nod from Thunderhorse and just be a tribute band of yourselves. People will respect that more than a Slayer without Dave and Jeff. Just call yourselves South of Heaven or something.
    Never really was a fan of Slayer, South of Heaven I swear to god sounded like a slowed down version of Raining Blood.
    Seasons > South > Reign They got better every album until Dave left, so I really hope they just call it a day.
    I don't want them to call it a day, but as a recording artist, deep down I think they should. But if they just took Gary Holt and became a touring band, i'd see that
    link no1
    I always liked 'South of Heaven' more than 'Raining Blood'. Just thought I would throw that out there.
    South of Heaven was sometimes bashed for being "The Slayer album for people who don't like Slayer". Fair enough, I loved it!
    It's really sad if there wasn't any bond between them, ever. I wish Hannemann came out from the dead and kicked Burger's a$$.
    HEY slow down guys! I mean, come on! I dont know what has Burger King done to all you guys, they have not made you any harm, Kerry is shit and that stuff, but Burger King isn´t to blame... Now seriously, I hope that Araya will just be a man and let Slayer end with WPB, no matter what Kerry says... RIP Jeff...
    you guys like to make lots of assumptions about people you've never met. gg social media, well ****ing played