Kerry King Planing January Studio Entrance for Slayer

"If you ever read my interviews, I'm always the optimist," the guitarist says.

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Guitarist Kerry King of metal icons Slayer announced plans for January studio entrance, revealing that seven tracks are already lyrically complete. Chatting with DC Heavy Metal, the axeman explained: "Well you know if you ever read my interviews I’m always the optimist, haha. It just never always pans out but my plan is to be in [the studio] in January. That's what I want to do. Me and Paul have, I think we've demoed like eleven songs and I think there’s parts of fourteen, fifteen that are just mine." Kerry continued, "We just gotta get a plan set and follow it. But we've got way ahead of the game. I've got seven songs done lyrically and I've never had that many before we hit the studio so it should be, whenever we get in it should be a quick process." Asked to comment on Jeff Hanneman's passing, King stressed the importance of continuing forward, opening up about losing someone he's been making music for three decades. "Ummm... Well you know it just... Untimely death just sucks and it's the guy that I made music up with for thirty years," he said. "That super sucks. He went early. It sucks. Heh, that's all I can say, it sucks. "My guitar tech died the year prior so death has become no stranger to me and you just gotta deal with it," Kerry explained. "You know I’m not set up to where I can just go away and live in my house and not work ever again. You just pretty much gotta tighten your belt a little bit and get on with life. It's a horrible thing but we gotta trudge forward."

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    "Kerry King Planing January Studio Entrance for Slayer" Didn't know he'd trained as a carpenter?
    Harry Marsh
    Let the hate... Commence!
    Well, the hate should commence if the only thing he keeps saying is 'it sucks'. Sucking has been overused to the extent that it sounds mechanical!
    "Well you know if you ever read my interviews I’m always the optimist"... Did the meaning of the word change or something and I not know about it?
    You just pretty much gotta tighten your belt a little bit Been going the other way for quite a few years now, Kerry...
    Is it just me, or Kerry was a bit cold about the fact that Jeff passed away, "It sucks" and "Death's no stranger to me" really Kerry?
    Death's no stranger to a lot of people...Doesn't make it any easier. Personally I think KK's just a twat.
    It's really rubbing me the wrong way that King is forging ahead with what he's making sound like definite plans as if everyone is on board, when Araya has continuously expressed that he's not sure if he wants to continue yet.
    So you think it sucks that Jeff died?
    I hate the fact that he's used such a simple word; "Oh yeah, it sucks that he died." The term he should be using AT LEAST should be "unfortunate", if not "devastating". Saying something sucks is what you'd say if the local pub ran out of your favourite beer, not how you'd describe the death of a career-long partner.
    I translate "It sucks Jeff died" as "yeah, he died, it sucks. But now I can take 100% control of the creative process."
    The local pub running out of my favorite beer is devastating, at the very least. That said, who are we to tell him what word he should be using to express his feelings, to the extent that he wants to express them?
    You think you'd get at least one tear from him. I mean he was laughing and acting like nothing happened at the memorial.
    "Well you know if you ever read my interviews I’m always the douchebag, haha." - corrected.
    shut the **** up kerry, your a douche and nobody cares, everyday its a new interview with slayer theyre not nearly as relevant as they once used to be. just stop talking, record an album and go tour. we dont need to know about the problems or non problems within slayer and shit.
    I can't wait until we can hear new Slayer, it's been too long
    ...says no one but you.
    Respect to Kerry King. After all the shit that has happened to Slayer this year, he just wants to keep headbanging and playing in Slayer. I'm nervous too about a hearing a new Slayer album without Jeff or Dave, but i'm happy and grateful that Kerry still wants to bring metal music to the world. So please give Kerry a break. \m/
    Agreed, who are we to judge? oh that's right a bunch of kids behind a computer... people deal with shit in completely different ways if this is his so be it. last month all you read on this site is Mustaine is an ******* and the whole lot of you followed suit, before that is was LuLu is the worst album ever wrote then it "wasn't that bad". ...funny how people turn as to not upset the heard or be accepted by the masses...bunch of sheep I swear I hope the material is slamming. I hope they get it together and the album kills for the sake of some ass kicking metal. \m/
    That's real nice of Kerry to do, taking a planer to the entrance of January Studio and making it look real nice, free of charge. I've never heard of this studio though, I wonder where it is? Have any big-name bands recorded there before?
    He's planing the studio entrance? So in other words, he's sanding it down to make it bigger?
    That studio entrance is gonna be so smooth by january I'm excited to see it myself.