Kerry King Raises Toast to Jeff Hanneman at Public Memorial

Westboro Baptist Church does not attend.

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A public memorial service was held for late Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman yesterday in Los Angeles.

The event took place at the Hollywood Palladium. Nick Bowcott of Marshall Amps officiated the memorial celebration, with speakers at the event including Dion Paredes of American Records, Brian Slagel of Metalblade records and Hanneman's wife, Kathryn.

As NME notes, Kerry King opened his speech by thanking fans for attending:

"All you fans, thanks a lot for showing up. It means a lot," he said.

He went on to joke about the significance of the Palladium. "We got a lot of history in this joint," he commented. "Me and Jeff got banned here for 20 years, so its kind of ironic." King took a glass of Jagermeister on stage with him to sip during his tribute. "Unlike myself, Jeff Hanneman hated Jagermeister," he said. "But I had to come up here with something to cheer my friend."

He said of Hanneman's legacy: "Jeff was my doorway to punk and it really helped Slayer to become the doorway between the metal kids and the punk kids."

"Jeff hated being famous, but he loved being onstage," added King.

Contrary to their threats, the Westboro Baptist Church did not picket the event.

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    >the Westboro Baptist Church did not picket the event Coward motherf--kers
    Maybe, but it's better that they didn't. It'd be terrible if the attention was drawn away from paying respect to Hanneman and focused on the WBC's vitriol. Not only that, their presence would have deeply hurt a lot of people.
    I'm thinking someone in the WBC had the wherewithal to watch some footage of a pit or two and reconsidered the whole a**bag idea.
    That was my thought as well. They probably weren't aware of what Slayer fans were REALLY like until they watched some videos. At that point I imagine they were like, "eh, gas prices are pretty high, let's just stay around at picket local funerals for awhile..."
    Clearly God had a say in this one
    Yes, let God be the judge and may Westboro keep their judgements to themselves.
    link no1
    Who said it was God? I'm voting that Satan through Jeff a bone and stopped those pussy ass bitches from turning up as a 'thanks' for writing all those badass songs about him. Needless to say, I'm glad they wimped out of picketing this event. It would be a shame for such an event to be disturbed, or even out shined by a bunch of morons. Even if I did want the WBC getting an ass kicking, Jeff's memorial wasn't the place for it to happen.
    I don't necessarily believe in God, but if he does exist, he definitely had a say in this. Westboro Baptist Church members are really the ones on Satan's side. They are a cult, not a church. Jeff wasn't a satanist, he only made it seem like that to get a rise out of people. Poser.
    I can totally imagine Araya grabbing the mic and shouting "WAR ENSEMBLEEEEEAUGHRUARGH" while a swarming mass of angry Slayer fans runs over WBC... Seriously though, glad these ****ers didn't show up, the last thing they should get is attention.
    Thats a poor way to look at it. Are you 16. I dont like em either but i would thank them for not protesting.
    WBC didn't picket because they were way too scared of what might happen to them.
    I think God came down to them the day before Memorial and said: "You're complete dumbf--ks. Do whatever you want, but those of you who dies tomorrow won't enter Heaven, lol"
    Rob Man
    I will miss Jeff. He was a great guitarist, who wrote some creepy guitar riffs that still run through my stereo speakers quite often. I am glad that it was not picketed by others who did not agree with how Jeff lived his life, or the band he was in. When it all comes down to the end, we remember and celebrate the people we love. No one lives without sin, or hasn't made bad choices or multiple ones. Slayer is a great band that has/had many theatrical drawings. Skulls, Demons, Crucifixions, Hellhounds, Portraits of Hell, etc... BUT it is for show. To my knowledge, no one in Slayer ever "wanted" to go to hell, or truly wished that anyone ever should. Their work were/are basically stories that are put into songs. Yes, when we live in a world where people kill each other for little or no reason, when ones we love betray us and we had no clue or idea we ever would believe it would happen, when words we truly mean are "mocked" by wise-guys, then yeah "I am south of Heaven" too. Jeff, will be missed in this world by people who truly appreciated what he brought to the table, (which was a lot). RIP my friend.
    I don't think it's any deeper than Slayer happened to think that kind of imagery is cool, so that's what they went with. Whether or not someone "deserves" to go to hell is a moot point when you don't believe in any afterlife whatsoever, let alone anything remotely supernatural.
    Why must people shout shit during Kerry's memorial speech? Idiots, it isn't a concert.
    This is the way to do it! No crying, just a plain, "I miss you bro, **** you for dying" WAY TO GO KERRY!
    Friend dies of liver failure, and you take a drink for him. Fucking metalheads, we're a ****ing stupid breed aren't we?
    That's like saying dude x died in a car wreck, better not zip the body around town in a hearse. Alcohol didn't kill Jeff, Jeff's choices killed Jeff. Besides, memorials are for the people who are still here to deal with the loss, no matter what the intent. It's to celebrate someone sure, but it's to help people cope. Jeff is dead, so he doesn't give a shit.
    Westbore would have been ****ing obliterated from the face of the planet if they started shit. Smart move for them by their standard.
    It's sad to see alot of people who comment about the passing of Jeff just talk about WBC..... A great musician and inspiration for generations has passed away, remember him for that, not for people who protest.
    "Jeff Hanneman hated Jagermeister" Jeff sounded like a very wise man!
    Kerry King is awesome. He's a nice guy.
    Your friend dies from alcohol-related cirrhosis, and you're a sponsor for Jagermeister, so you bring some to the memorial service, and give them a shout-out during your speech? That's pretty lame.
    I agree. King has a bad reputation in the media but I've seen/read some interviews with him and he's said some awesome things. I think he's a much cooler guy than most people think. RIP Jeff
    wait, WBC said his FUNERAL not the memorial. i think people should be wary of this; they may decide to strike afterall! D: ****ers!
    I'm so glad WBC got it into their stupid heads to just leave well enough alone and respect the dead. RIP Jeff.
    RIP Jeff I didn't like kerry's speech though: ad for jag, ME ME ME I MYSELF Classic kerry