Key to Unique Guitar Sound Is in 'How You Hold Your Guitar,' Misfits' Doyle Explains

artist: Misfits date: 02/14/2014 category: music news
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Key to Unique Guitar Sound Is in 'How You Hold Your Guitar,' Misfits' Doyle Explains
Misfits guitar legend Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein has been speaking with Ghost Cult Mag about his classic guitar tone.

As Doyle notes, getting the right sound has less to do with his rig, and more today with the way he holds his guitar:

"You know what it is? Everybody asks me how I get that sound. James Hetfield asked me. Scott Ian asked me, 'What the f--k do you use?' It's not what I use, it's how I hold my guitar.

"If Eddie Van Halen played through my rig, he would sound like Eddie Van Halen. If I played through his rig, I would sound like me. Everybody holds the guitar the same way, but I hold the neck and my pick differently. I hold the guitar neck so high and so hard, my f--king left hand always bleeds. Whoever is playing it, that is how they sound if they hold it that way. One time Johnny Thunders plugged into my brother's bass rig and he sounded like Johnny Thunders. He was like, 'What the f--k!?!' But that is what it is. Most people just sound like themselves."

Doyle also expressed his desire for Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only to bury the hatchet so that the classic Misfits line-up could reform:

"To me I wish those two would stop smashing their heads together, patch things up and reunite. Then we could make an album, go on tour and blow this motherf--ker up! We could shove that sh-t down everybody's throats if we wanted to."
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