Key to Unique Guitar Sound Is in 'How You Hold Your Guitar,' Misfits' Doyle Explains

Doyle talks legendary guitar tone in new interview.

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Misfits guitar legend Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein has been speaking with Ghost Cult Mag about his classic guitar tone.

As Doyle notes, getting the right sound has less to do with his rig, and more today with the way he holds his guitar:

"You know what it is? Everybody asks me how I get that sound. James Hetfield asked me. Scott Ian asked me, 'What the f--k do you use?' It's not what I use, it's how I hold my guitar.

"If Eddie Van Halen played through my rig, he would sound like Eddie Van Halen. If I played through his rig, I would sound like me. Everybody holds the guitar the same way, but I hold the neck and my pick differently. I hold the guitar neck so high and so hard, my f--king left hand always bleeds. Whoever is playing it, that is how they sound if they hold it that way. One time Johnny Thunders plugged into my brother's bass rig and he sounded like Johnny Thunders. He was like, 'What the f--k!?!' But that is what it is. Most people just sound like themselves."

Doyle also expressed his desire for Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only to bury the hatchet so that the classic Misfits line-up could reform:

"To me I wish those two would stop smashing their heads together, patch things up and reunite. Then we could make an album, go on tour and blow this motherf--ker up! We could shove that sh-t down everybody's throats if we wanted to."

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    Doyle rules! He seems to be the only one from the Danzig line-up that realizes that Jerry and Glenn need to stop acting like they did when they were younger and actually try to do a reunion. But the two both want to be in the spotlight and just seem to have too much ego, Danzig wants to lead the band, and Jerry wants to lead the band. Doyle just wants to play some goddamned music.
    Key to Unique Guitar Sound Is in 'How You Hold Your Guitar. I want to agree but I cant. I want to say its how you play it, I see lots of people holding the guitar right but theres no unique sound there? Also equipment has a factor on sound as well.
    The sound in your fingers is different kind of tone than the sound your amp gives. A beginner playing through a Marshall stack and a professional playing through a Marshall stack will both sound like a Marhsall stack. But what this article is talking about is more like style. Style is in your hands. Of course style has also to do with the tone (for example phrasing and stuff like that). But my amp will always sound like my amp, no matter who plays through it. But also I will always sound like me, no matter what amp I play through.
    I dont get the fingers have the sound part but I get the amp thing what I was meaning by equipment is for ex: you have a line 6 and a wah wah pedal your playing your song then go to your solo but you need the wah wah pedal to give it that unique sound is what I mean. Holding the guitar right just means your going to play the notes cleaner.
    Yeah, fingers don't really have the sound but they have the style. You will sound like you through every amp. That's why you can recognize different guitarists. It's not in their equipment, they have their personal sound in their fingers. It's in their style and they will sound the same through anything (you can recognize their style). It's a different kind of sound we are talking about. There's the sound of your gear and then there's the sound of your style (vibrato, playing clean and accurately, bends, whatever - the way you play). You will always sound like you through any amp. The point is, you don't sound like you because of your gear. You sound like you because of your playing style. That's why beginners sound terrible through any amp and professionals sound like professionals through any amp.
    Something to think about. Wood resonates right? The loudest part of the guitar is actually resonating upwards to the headstock. so depending on your fret hand grip (for lack of a better term) that will either dampen it or open it. Its somewhat like palm muting the bridge. It does come into play, slightly, but it is there.
    It's not exactly as if he uses a strat, tele or Les Paul regularly. Didn't he craft his own guitar out of solid metal, or something like that?
    I don't think it was metal, he used to work as a machinist, maybe still does who knows. basically he's trained on lathes maybe C&C machines etc. he probably built some of his own guitars but I doubt they were solid metal. I mean dude is a big guy but a solid metal guitar would suck to sling around. My LP's are heavy enough, couldn't imagine if they were made of metal.
    He is absolutely right. Not only does the sound you give off depend on the way you hold and pick your guitar, you have to take in EVERY factor of the guitar you use yourself. The wood, not just what type the wood is, but how it is designed, the fretboard, strings, just, EVERYTHING.
    Little wayne sucks donkey "units", doyle's the man, and so is the majority of the rock, metal, blues, and rockabilly community.