Kid Rock Tour Raises Six-Figure Sum For Charity

Kid Rock has raised more than $375,000 (234,375) for charity while on the road.

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Kid Rock has raised more than $375,000 (234,375) for charity while on the road.

The rocker began his Care tour earlier this month (November 2011) and announced plans to donate proceeds from the live shows to needy organisations through his Kid Rock Foundation.

He's halfway through the 12-date trek and Rock is already preparing to hand over the six-figure sum to local charities, thanks to a little extra help from business moguls in his native Detroit, Michigan.

The singer is due to wrap up the Care gigs in Boise, Idaho on 4 December (11), before paying tribute to outstanding individuals across the world by performing on upcoming U.S. TV special "CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute" on 11 December (11).

Watch the new Kid Rock video for "Care":

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    Despite him being a dick, he's a good man for doing this. Having that amount of "power" if you like, and not doing something like this is a massive dick move in my opinion.
    ^ Wat? As I was going to say, he may seem like a dick, but I respect him because he tells it like he sees it, and he obviously realizes he's lucky to have the money he does. Good on him.
    K..well my opinion he is a pretty stand up guy and their is alot of "DICKS" in the world if that is wat u want 2 call some1 who has 2 protect themselves everyday from ppl trying 2 detroy them some how/some way & always wanting something 4 nothing from him expecially wen he has busted his balls 2 the wall 2 get where he is 2day.But if u only judged books by their cover & did not take the time 2 read the book I guess that's the reason y some say wat they do.But I bet & guarantee they cud not walk a mile in the mans shoes or even b 1/2 the man he is..He def.keeps things real & feeds no1 ANY AMERICAN BullSH#$.