Killers To Release 'Hotel California' Single

artist: The Killers date: 10/28/2009 category: music news

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Killers To Release 'Hotel California' Single
The Killers' much-talked-about covers album might be on the backburner for now, but the band has reminded everyone why they're quickly becoming recognised as the best covers band on the planet. Brandon's boys are set to release their brilliant version of The Eagles' utter-classic, Hotel California. The track will be out as a single on November 30. This version originally appeared on the Rhythms Del Mundo charity album, Classics, which came out a couple of months back. The record, which mixes the best of the West with musos from Cuba, was recorded to raise money and awareness for the climate change and natural disaster support charity, Artists Project Earth [APE]. Other artist featured on the album included The Rolling Stones, Fall Out Boy & John Mayer [covering Beat It], Keane, Kaiser Chiefs and Jack Johnson. Of course, earlier this week we told you The Killers will be back in Oz next February to headline the dance music festival, Good Vibrations. Is there any style of music these boys can't tackle?
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