Killswitch Engage on Piracy: 'You Want People to Hear Your Music, That's What You've Always Wanted'

"From the first time you played in your basement, you always want more people to discover your band," drummer Justin Foley adds.

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Killswitch Engage drummer Justin Foley recently shared his thoughts on online music piracy, naming the desire to share music with the world as top priority.

Directly asked on the given matter by Loudwire, Justin noted, "The one thing you want is for more and more people to hear your music. That's what you've always wanted from the first time you ever played in your basement 'till now, you always want more people to discover your band.

"Now that’s easier for people to do than ever, whether or not it's legal," the drummer added. "The bottom line is that it's really easy for people to find your music, which is a really good thing because you want people to know it."

Narrowing down his view to KSE perspective, Foley commented, "I think what it really comes down to, at least for us, is being a live band. That's what we started with and [we] have doing shows forever. I guess in the end, if there are more people that know you and like you, then you're going to be able to be a live band successfully."

The band's latest studio effort, "Disarm the Descent," saw its release in April 2013, earning the band a Grammy nomination with "In Due Time" single.

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    Totally agree with this. Money later, finding a fanbase first.
    Absolutely, and that's why I dig sites like Sound Cloud, Bandcamp etc, where people can put their music out there for anyone in the world to listen to. Granted, it may only end up being family and friends that listen but it's good to know its out there.
    This had always been my view on piracy. I people really like the music, then they'll pay for the live shows and merch.
    This makes total sense. My band are currently recording our first album, and we don't plan on charging for it. We're going to give copies away for free at gigs. The aim of the game at this point is to increase the fan base and gain recognition. We're just happy that people want to listen to our music!
    Before Spotify, I always used torrenting to discover new bands (or stuff that was difficult or impossible to get on CD), if I like it or listen to it regularly I end up buying it on CD or vinyl, otherwise it just sits in my iTunes library and never get played, so are they really loosing any money, no.
    Agree 100%. I am honored that somebody takes time out of their day to listen to music I had a part in making, whether there is money involved or not.
    Why can't there be more musicians with this kind of mentality??? Instead of sellouts like Metallica who are like" if were not gonna make money, what's the point of making music?"
    I don't think that at this point in their career Metallica is more concerned with money then doing what they love to do. They make more money from touring then they do from making an album. If so, they'd be in the studio as much as they're on the road. While I agree that some musicians can be greedy when it comes to this stuff, the only reason people rag on Metallica for it is the whole Napster thing. Their entire catalog is up on Spotify nowadays.
    I think James at least just loves touring and playing in front of thousands of people.
    Their new album is awesome. Hopefully they are pulling in a lot of people into their shows, these dudes deserve to make some money off their great music.