Killswitch Engage on Piracy: 'You Want People to Hear Your Music, That's What You've Always Wanted'

artist: Killswitch Engage date: 05/14/2014 category: general music news
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Killswitch Engage on Piracy: 'You Want People to Hear Your Music, That's What You've Always Wanted'
Killswitch Engage drummer Justin Foley recently shared his thoughts on online music piracy, naming the desire to share music with the world as top priority.

Directly asked on the given matter by Loudwire, Justin noted, "The one thing you want is for more and more people to hear your music. That's what you've always wanted from the first time you ever played in your basement 'till now, you always want more people to discover your band.

"Now that’s easier for people to do than ever, whether or not it's legal," the drummer added. "The bottom line is that it's really easy for people to find your music, which is a really good thing because you want people to know it."

Narrowing down his view to KSE perspective, Foley commented, "I think what it really comes down to, at least for us, is being a live band. That's what we started with and [we] have doing shows forever. I guess in the end, if there are more people that know you and like you, then you're going to be able to be a live band successfully."

The band's latest studio effort, "Disarm the Descent," saw its release in April 2013, earning the band a Grammy nomination with "In Due Time" single.
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