Kim Deal Quits the Pixies

artist: Pixies date: 06/17/2013 category: music news
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Kim Deal Quits the Pixies
Legendary bassist Kim Deal has quit the Pixies, almost a decade after the original lineup reunited in 2004 to wide acclaim. "We are sad to say that Kim Deal has decided to leave the Pixies," said a statement on their Facebook page. "We are very proud to have worked with her on and off over the last 25 years. Despite her decision to move on, we will always consider her a member of the Pixies, and her place will always be here for her. We wish her all the best." It echoes their original early-'90s breakup, where Deal left to form the Breeders when tensions between her and singer Frank Black drove the band apart. Deal is currently touring with the Breeders to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their celebrated album "Last Splash." She recently found time to collaborate with the National and her sister on their "Long Count" project. Meanwhile, Frank Black recently unveiled a new project called Thriftstore Masterpiece, described as "an all-star music collective devoted to paying homage to the underdog records of years past." He's joined by members of Modest Mouse, the Dandy Warhols and other arty-music types, and will release an album called "Trouble Is an Lonesome Town" on July 8. Will you miss Kim's iconic bass and backing vocals in the Pixies, and is the band effectively over without her? Share your opinion in the comments.
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