Kimono Kult Reveal New Single 'La Cancion de Alejandra'

John Frusciante and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez proves that they are serious...

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Kimono Kult, a newly formed supergroup featuring former Mars Volta member Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, ex-RHCP guitarist John Frusciante and Bosnian Rainbows' own Teri Gender Bender revealed new single "La Cancion de Alejandra," Consequence of Sound reports. The tune will be featured in the Los Angeles-based collective's debut EP, "Hiding in the Light," on March 4th through Neurotic Yell Records.

Last month we heard the EP's opener, a jazzy bit of experimental rock entitled "Todos Menos El Dolor" ("Everything, Anything but the Pain"). Now the band's unveiled the closing number, a more straightforward pop cut called "La Cancion De Alejandra" ("Song of Alexandria"). Listen in below.

"Hiding in the Light" tracklist:

01. Todo Menos El Dolor
02. Las Esposas03. La Vida Es Una Caja Hermosa04. La Cancion de Alejandra

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    I like it. For some odd reason it reminds me of Dengue Fever (the band, not the actual fever).
    Sounds almost exactly the same as that other song they put out.
    says the guy with mustaine on his profile pic
    Yeah says that guy because it does, Either way your point is now invalid.
    I feel like I'm on a completely different website. This music sounds like shit.
    I like this better "Todo Menos..." and I guess it does what it's trying to do well. But this just isn't the kind of music I wish these guys were making.