King Diamond Issues Update

King Diamond has posted a message about "Guitar Hero: Metallica" and his future projects.

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King Diamond (real name: Kim Bendix Petersen; King Diamond, Mercyful Fate) has issued the following update:

"As it might have come to your attention by now, Mercyful Fate will be a part of Guitar Hero: Metallica with the song 'Evil'. This is part of the surprise I have earlier mentioned, but it's only a small part of the surprise. Full details will follow when permitted.

"Regarding the DVD projects, I am currently working on the King Diamond DVD projects myself, with Livia's [King Diamond's 24-year-old Hungarian wife] help on programming.

"It's really beginning to shape up, but as I'm sure some of you already know, I am faced with a very steep learning curve. We're dealing with very long files (five-camera, multi-camera edit for the one-hour, 35-minute long Copenhagen show from 1990), and editing is very time-consuming.

"As I mentioned, my back is continuously getting better, but five hours in front of the computer per day is the limit. We ARE working on this every single day, but it's impossible to estimate a release date at this point.

"Right now this King Diamond DVD is the top priority to get finished.

"Next will be to find and optimize at least one bonus video clip for each of the four remastered King Diamond albums: 'Spider's Lullabye', 'The Graveyard', 'Voodoo' and 'House Of God'. Then, we focus on doing the Mercyful Fate DVD. Once the Mercyful Fate DVD has been delivered to the record labels, I plan to invest in much better songwriting equipment and start working on new King Diamond/(Mercyful Fate???) material, and then we go from there.

"The knowledge gained from working on these DVD projects myself, will hopefully come in very handy with regards to creating exciting bonus material for upcoming albums (such as story narrating in full makeup like on 'The Puppet Master', footage from songwriting sessions, studio sessions, etc; all in all, some special insight into what goes on behind these walls, these thick black walls stuffed with demons and Grandmas... stop stop... I gotta stop... you get the picture).

"This is the best update I can give you at this point.

"Sorry for not being able to give you the full scope of our participation in the Guitar Hero: Metallica video game at this point."

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    kevin D
    a damn good story teller with great guitar players its a shame they dont get reconized more