King Diamond Shares Plans to Release New Album Next Year

Shock rocker ready to return after years of health struggles.

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Following years of health struggles and heart-related issues, King Diamond is set to return with a new album, quite likely set to drop this year.

Chatting with Rolling Stone magazine, the King stated, "We've done a lot of stuff. We are going in some new ways that are going to be amazing. I've been building a studio so I can do my vocals at home.

"Once it's completed, we can start recording. I have a title for a new record, but I won't say it. [The record] will encompass the things I need to write about after what I went through. But I can't say much about it because I haven't talked to the rest of the band about it," he continued.

Asked about what his life is like after the heart surgery, Diamond replied, "I have a braided, metal wire going down the middle of my chest, underneath my skin. I saw it on an X-ray of it; it looks like a piece of jewelry. When they sawed me open to do the operation, my ribcage was like a double door, to be blunt.

"They put the wire in to help it grow back together. I'm lucky. You can barely see where I was glued together. I can't take painkillers, because they thin my blood. So when I have pain, I have to live with it. But that's how it is. To get a second chance is amazing."

But the gory details aren't the worst part of the process, the singer insists. Sharing more details about the hardest part of the recovery, King added, "It's tough to learn to breathe again. The doctors collapsed my lungs to do the work. When I woke up, it felt like I was being choked to death.

"I tried to pull the tubes out of my throat. The doctors tied me down to the bed. In my head, I was thinking, 'F--king kill me.' It was horrible. I'm going to have to describe that feeling on the next album."

The vocalist's latest studio effort, "Give Me Your Soul ... Please" saw its release in June 2007 via Metal Blade Records.

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    The King has returned!Cant wait to see what he dose and how he relates his latest near death experience on the new material.
    Welcome back KING!!! Now tell that Bitch with his silly hat - Pappa Emortius (Ghost) to go away!!