Kings of Leon: ''Mechanical Bull' Is the Most Immature Album Ever Made'

The band were behaving like children during their latest recording sessions, unlike their tense "Come Around Sundown" era.

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The new album by Kings of Leon is "the most immature album ever made," according to bassist Jared Followill. Jared says the recording sessions for "Mechanical Bull" were full of pranks and practical jokes. Explaining the childish behaviour during their new sessions in Nashville, he told the Metro: "[There were] fake rats, gun caps popping everywhere. We basically goofed off the entire time." It's a dramatic change from their last album "Come Around Sundown," which was a particularly tense and sensitive era for the band. "There was definitely an internal struggle - you couldn’t even say 'radio airplay' without [singer] Caleb getting angry. We’d been called sell-outs after 'Sex On Fire.' He didn’t want people to think that was all we’d tried to do." His brother and guitarist Matthew added: "Making 'Come Around Sundown' was just not fun. We were in a tiny studio in New York, there was too much alcohol around all day - I’m just glad we made it back together." It's a marked change for the band which once felt invincible, but is learning to enjoy their career to make it sustainable, as drummer Nathan Followill describes: "When you’re young and cocky, older bands tell you: 'Take it easy, so you can have longevity.’ We were like: 'You’re just jealous of our work ethic and cos we can tour so long and party so hard.' Eventually, we realised we should take stock."

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    Good to hear them say this. Kings of Leon has made a lot of great and interesting records, and if they had kept on track of trying to become the next U2, i don't think it would have ended well...
    I kind of like the new Supersoaker single, actually sounds a lot like Springsteen to me
    'His brother and guitarist Matthew' come on UG, Matt is the cousin in the group; the other three are brothers.
    I never heard one song by them, but this article makes them seem somewhat sympathetic.
    Viewing music less as a chore and more as something fun and creative always breeds better results. Mechanical Bull is shaping up nicely compared to sundown
    I loved Sundown. That's my favorite, Only By The Night is my 2nd, and Mechanical is my 3rd, Aha Shake Heartbreak was pretty good. Never listened to the other 2. All are good though!