Kings of Leon: 'Pop Music Is Making World a Bad Place, It's F--king Awful'

"It feels like the end of the world," Matthew Followill says.

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US rockers Kings of Leon gave modern pop music a decent bashing, saying it's "not even music" anymore and criticizing female stars for attention-grabbing performances. Bassist Jared Followill was the one to kick off the criticizm during a recent SMH chat, saying, "Some pop shows I watch, it feels like the end of the world, it's f--king awful." Guitarist Matthew Followill chipped in, "It's not even music anymore. You would never want your children to watch [shows like that] and I can't believe that younger kids, even teenagers are watching that stuff. It almost seems to be making the world a bad place." Back to Jared, the bassist added that modern pop shows make him "cringe." "I can't watch that stuff," he added. "Not even just because they're taking their clothes off it's the whole thing, the dance moves, it's not good." During the rest of the chat, the two confessed being "good boys" behaving far different from stereotypical arrogant rock stars. "I was in my room from 7.30 p.m. watching TV. I hate the whole 'rock star' thing," Matthew said, just to have Jared chip in: "There are a lot of people who buy into their own hype and they become dicks. I have always cringed at the term 'rock star' and now it's been taken over by hip hop. We are the most boring band. We are polite and always show up on time and if we ever cancel it's for a good reason." KoL unveiled their latest studio effort "Mechanical Bull" on September 24 through RCA Records, topping the UK Albums Chart and landing at No. 2 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

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    Can't. Handle. THE IRONY.
    Sorry you feel that way. Kings of Leon are a great band.
    So wait... Kings of Leon does all the attention grabbing stuff they are slamming here? That's what you are implying. I don't know since I've never given two shits about Kings of Leon before.
    Is it just me or is it starting to seem like all the artists criticizing pop music is the same band wagon hate on UG?
    Band wagons control everything.
    Wagons are fun
    I agree completely, it astounds me. UG seems to be full of stubborn cocky teenagers who feel the need to show off their immense hate whenever they can. I don't know why I've only been noticing this recently...
    They make some pretty decent music most of the time. A Couple big hits does not a pop band make.
    I feel like they're actually missing the point about why pop music, on average, is bad. I don't mind clothing removal so much as I hate assembly line produced generic garbage. The rock n' roll lifestyle is also awesome and I'm jealous at having never lived it.
    Silver Blues
    Agree. I'm never going to complain about a woman taking her clothes off (within appropriate limits)... but I could do without the mass-produced junk.
    Aren't these the same guys that yelled at a crowd for not giving them a fitting welcome, so they said "WE'RE THE FUC-ING KINGS OF LEON!" Sounds like they bought into their own hype to me...
    My Girlfriends dad actually met them at a service station on a UK Motorway and he said they were so arrogant. Also, apparently Caleb was smoking at the petrol station... *facepalm*
    Dammit, just reminded me I have the same name as that guy ... But yeah I was going to mention Reading. "We are polite" - I also heard they got a bit pissy because they weren't getting into it - even though it was ****ing cold? And because their music is boring?
    I think you confuse pop and Kings of Leon. I didn't listen to all their stuff, but the album I own is pretty much rock, soft-rock. When they speak about pop, they mean the top-selling shit.
    I don't really listen to these guys I thought they were pop music?
    Then that's why you think, they're pop music. Singles are the worst thing to judge a band by. I HATED this band when I heard "Use Somebody" (still hate that song). Then I bought their first 3 albums. Those albums are on my top favorite list now. Shiss deff
    You heard their single, hated it, and then went and bought their first 3 albums? Makes so much sense....
    Of course, he's just not as ignorant as you to judge a band by a couple of singles
    My friend showed me a song off their second album, thought it was cool, bought the album, loved it, bought the other two. Dun-dun-dun!. There, I solved your mystery.
    The fact that you like the band doesn't mean they're not pop music. Pop music doesn't mean bad music.
    Didn't say that. I said I didn't like their popier stuff, like "Use Somebody". Their earlier work was definitely leaning more towards indie, southern rockish stuff.
    Same here, hated some of their singles and decided to listen to their first album out of curiosity and it was pretty good.
    I thought they were pop music because of the sex is on fire song, to me that sounds "poppy" ..that's the only song by them I know... so I asked the question what genre they fall in. it was just question.
    People saying its ironic as if kol have dancers and take their clothes off. Im not really a fan but I can appreciate they are a real band making their own music and doing very well for themselves. Good on them.
    I agree with their statement that pop music makes the world a bad place. IMO it encourages prostitution, look at Miley Cyrus and Nikki Manage.
    They encourage prostitution as much as metal music encourages violence.
    "There are a lot of people who buy into their own hype and they become dicks." Well, they would know
    Not only is their personal outlook boring. So is there music.
    So says the guy with the Tommy Wiseau pic.
    At least Tommy Wiseau is something to laugh at. Kings of Leon plays like the soundtrack to an afternoon nap.
    How does music that they don't like make world a bad place? Also, as crazysam said, there's always been mainstream pop music that everybody hates. But nobody just remembers the old terrible mainstream pop songs because people stopped listening to them when they got out of fashion. I also hate people who start defining music. Pop music is as much music as metal or classical is. I mean, it has a melody, harmony, rhythm, it's played on instruments (and I regard electronic instruments as instruments too). What else do you need to be classified as music? Actually you don't even need to have all of the things I mentioned to be music.
    Yes I don't mind pop music either, I don't think it's the actual music that much - more the image and trends the industry creates. I mean you have 9 year old girls in miniskirts these days trying to be sexy like Beyonce and Katy Perry, that kind of thing.
    Yeah, their fame may not be based on the music but they do definitely sing music. And without the music the artists would be nothing. I understand your point though. But it doesn't make what they sing/perform not music. It just makes their success not solely based on music.
    pop is not music. it is a distorted dial-up ringtone with lyrics that they bought off of somebody that is about the same thing.same goes for rap
    That sounds like 15 yr me there. 'Electronic music is computers, rap is just talking'. While a lot of rap and electronic out there is pretty crap, it still takes time to make, produce, mix and the rest. You can't just fire up the old laptop and make an electronic song on eJay, have you not seen the studios are artists like deadmau5? It's like bloody NASA in there ... As for rap, same thing. Just because you don't appreciate it for what it is, doesn't make it manufactured garbage.While I admit a lot of music out there rises and falls as trends do - It doesn't mean an entire genre - or certain artists in that genre- are boring, lazy, talentless cash cows.
    You just haven't listened to pop music. There are pop songs that I like. But there are also lots of pop songs that I don't like. Actually I dislike most music. But saying an entire genre like pop sucks based on a couple of mainstream pop songs is the same as saying rock sucks because of Nicelback. And I don't find the contemporary pop hits that annoying. I just don't really like them.
    Right, cause I remember seeing a laptop next to a violin in my instruments catalog.
    The thing is, some sounds can't be achieved without computers. And also writing electronic music takes as much skill as writing rock music. The only thing that differs is the instruments it's played with. Many times when I write songs, I first use a computer program like Sibelius or Power Tab to write the instrument parts. And only after that record the song. Same goes with electronic music but it just uses computer generated sounds. Actually recording a piece is the easiest part of making music. The hard part is writing it and electronic music needs to be written. The computers don't just automatically generate it.
    wow...people judging them because of two singles they've heard on the radio....Ignorance...
    I think KOL are pretty good at what they do. They might not represent the 'underground' music scene that apparently everyone here is into but their productions are quite brilliant which makes their music super enjoyable IMHO
    The stupidity of it is that bands/people act like there hasn't always been awful pop music. Ever since the '50s, there have been bands who just churned out "by-the-book" pop music.
    Exactly, look at the charts from the 70's, 80', 90's, there was some horrible manufactured music in there, thankfully there is always alternatives 'off the charts' that are there.
    Hard to criticize a live performance when you are the most boring live performance I have ever seen.
    I don't think Kings of Leon has the right to talk about what's making the world a bad place. Seeing as how they're part of the problem.
    if they cancel its because of good reason.....didnt they go off stage because of birds shitting on the stage????
    To be fair, bird shit is nasty and full of diseases. . . I think this was around the time of bird flu too. . . or maybe the years are all cramming into a singular glob for me now. Still, KoL are. . . bleh.
    Says the people who made "Sex on Fire" and "Use Somebody". Yeah, REAL music, real groundbreaking stuff...
    You've named two of their singles. This would be something like classifying Metallica on "Fuel" and "St. Anger"
    You miss the point entirely, those songs are a part of the very thing that they're taking the piss out of. . . wait. . . Oh I understand now; it's bad when women do it, but it's just dandy when men do it.
    I like KoL, but who the **** cares what they have to say? It looks like every article in UG is about some random musicians complainig about pop. We don't care we hate pop even without them telling us it's awful.
    Da**** did I just read... Their music is boring as watchin a cow eating grass.. Wait the cow is more entertainment.. I cannot believe that someone somewhere gave them a chance back then.. When I heard their music for the 1st time I was like what the hell is that (from an objective point) Boring musical content and lyrics
    Aren't Kings of Leon pop. Oh , the irony. But I do agree with them though, pop music of today is horrible.
    "The two confessed being "good boys" behaving far different from stereotypical arrogant rock stars." Right bros, now put on you fedoras and complain on MRA forums. Oh, what irony indeed! Worst part of the Pearl Jam reunion I went to back in high school? Kings of Leon.
    I have never even heard kings of leon-or most bands ,I have old 60-70 records the who-beatles-rolling stones etc.why do I need radio or music on tv
    "Pop" = popular music. Kings of Leon are popular. Kings of Leon are therefore awful?
    Has anyone here actually listend to thier albums, not just thier singles? If I judged every band by thier singles I would dislike alot of music. This band is great and they are not Pop at all. Remember when ROCk existed not just metal. Stupid goth kids....
    Yes. The first three albums were good. Then they released only by the night and everyone was like "OMG THIS IS THE BEST FIRST ALBUM FOR A BAND EVER."
    I dunno how these guys can say stuff like this. Its the same morons who like the pop music they're bashing that made THEM famous. For example, I can't turn on my local "rock" radio station right now without hearing some crap by Kings of Leon at least once an hour.
    Wow. You guys are harsh. Kings of Leon are one of the better mainstream rock bands out there. And they've grown up quite a bit since the whole incident in Dallas. They have humbled up a bit. Oh and their new record is ace btw. Their fullest album since Because of the Times for sure. Supersoaker and don't matter are better than anything on the last two records.