Kings of Leon to One Direction: 'Don't Try to Turn Into a Rock Band'

"You're already there and have your music and fans," says Caleb Followill.

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Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill recently gave a word of advice to young pop stars One Direction, stressing the importance of staying true to yourself and your style. "Don't try to turn into a rock band or anything," the singer/guitarist told 1D during a Sun chat (via Gigwise). "You are already there and have your music and your fans, so don't try change what you are." Drummer Nathan Followill decided to give young Direction crew a bit more practical advice regarding the ever-shrinking celebrity privacy. "If you're going to have a party in a hotel room, have a box at the door and take the girls' phones - that's what gets kids into trouble these days," the drummer explained. "Every phone is a camera." One Direction fanbase, the infamous Directioners, fairly stirred up the rock community this summer through their bashing of rock icons the Who. Plagiarism accusations regarding the similarities between 1D single "Best Song Ever" and the Who classic "Baba O'Riley" caused an uproar among the teen fans as they senselessly ripped the legendary rockers. As for Kings of Leon, the band released their new record "Mechanical Bull" on September 24 via RCA Records, topping the UK Albums Chart and peaking at No. 2 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

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    Not to mention ripping off "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by the Clash, and stealing the Ramones' logo.
    Good advice From the masters of selling out
    Whatis this 'selling out' bullshit man. Does it mean became more successful than they were before or becoming successful at all. Are thay really big headed? Or is it because their music changed over the progression of like 5,6 albums. Were you just hoping for 5 versions of Youth and Young Manhood?
    I agree with "don't TRY to turn into a rock band". But I don't agree with "You are already there and have your music and your fans, so don't try change what you are". IMO artists should change if they feel like it. I don't see nothing wrong with experimenting with different styles. If 1D really feels like rock is more true to them at the moment, why not do rock? I don't like it when artists find their style on the first album and all their next albums sound the same. They stop experimenting. But yeah, if they are just trying to be something they are not for the sake of getting new fans, KoL was right (and I think that's what they were saying). And I'm by no means a 1D fan. I don't care about which artist I'm talking about because IMO this applies to all artists.
    As stupid as that first thing they said about the fan base is, that 'box at the door' trick is sound advice.