Kinks: 'No Dave, No Reunion'

artist: The Kinks date: 08/28/2014 category: general music news

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Kinks: 'No Dave, No Reunion'
The Kinks have released a brief statement slamming reports that Ray Davies is planning a reunion next year regardless of whether brother Dave takes part, Classic Rock reports.

The estranged siblings have been talking about getting back together for the past few months, although their volatile relationship meant they weren't able to reach an agreement in time to celebrate the band's 50th anniversary this year.

Mojo reported this week that frontman Ray had said: "Dave's invited to the party - but if he doesn't want to do it, it will happen anyway."

That led guitarist Dave to comment on Facebook last night: "I would love to do some form of a Kinks reunion with Ray."

It was followed with a message on the band's official page saying: "Mojo is wrong. There will be no Kinks reunion without both Ray and Dave Davies. Ray Davies claims to have never said this."

In the same interview Ray was reported as having started work on new material with drummer Mick Avory, and that Dave hadn't yet contributed. The singer said earlier this year: "We agree we don't want to tour with past hits - it's got to be something new."
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