Kirk Hammett Confirms Guest Appearance on Exodus Album

Metallica axeman enjoys "really casual, really cool" return to his first band.

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Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett has revisited his first band, Exodus, confirmed recording a solo on upcoming album "Blood In, Blood Out."

As the axeman says (via Metal Hammer), he enjoyed guesting with the band he named before he moved on to replace Dave Mustaine in James Hetfield and co's band.

The idea arose in February, when it was confirmed Hammett would guest with Exodus on stage at his Fear FestEvil event, and said it would be a "great idea" if he was invited into the studio with them.

He tells Rolling Stone: "It felt really casual, really cool – just it did back in 1980 when we were all hanging out."

He adds: "Recording a solo on their album was a huge thing for me. Other than the demo that's been heard by a lot of people, it's the only time I've ever recorded with Exodus."

The session saw him regrouping with former bandmate Gary Holt, who currently pulls double duties with Slayer. "I played a pretty cool solo then Gary comes in and played another," he recalls. "I listened to that and though, 'Wow, it's 1982 all over again and here we are – Gary and I are trying to cut each other's heads off with our solos.

"Nothing has changed. I love it; I love those guys. I've only known them for most of my life, so I'm really happy that I finally got to record with them."

"Blood In, Blood Out" also marks the return of classic-era frontman Steve "Zetro" Souza, who's replaced a "bummed" Rob Dukes. Holt recently described the material as "so heavy people are going to poop themselves." It's pencilled in for release in October via Nuclear Blast.

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    Uh oh! He better hope James doesn't threaten to kick him out over this.
    God... These jokes are so old now. James grew out of that phase years ago. Its been 11 years. 11 YEARS!
    This could be interesting but just if Kirk remembers that he is playing a solo for Exodus and not for Metallica.
    First rob is gone and zetro comes back, now kirk makes a guest appereance in the next album. What's next, kerry king will replace Lee?
    Love Kirk but think its time he jumped ship from The cash cow that is Metallica. Might revitalise a once outstanding player.
    Who would like to quit the biggest heavy metal band in the world? I agree on the "revitalisation" part though.
    Jason did.
    For different reasons.
    Actually, it was partially due to Jason wanted to do other things at the same time. Kind of like what Kirk is doing with Exodus.
    I am surprised krk was "allowed" to do it.
    The reason was more than that. Jason wanted to do complete side projects. He had whole bands waiting in the wings that he wanted to work on while still in Metallica. It had nothing to do with guesting on other things. James and Kirk had been doing that sort of thing for a while. James was afraid that Jason's side projects would take over and Metallica would suffer because of it. The control issues were a part of why the band almost self destructed at the turn of the millennium.
    Ok guys, look for the Kirk solo on the new Exodus album. Hint - it'll be the boring one.
    Yeah, because Exodus solos are known as the most interesting pieces of music in the history of mankind.
    Your comment kind of implies that in order to make a Kirk solo look bad, someone has to reinvent music entirely. Either you're pissing on Exodus or praising Kirk way more than he deserves, but either way you're being dumb. I don't even think Kirk's solos are boring, at least the early ones. In fact Ride the Lightning is one of my favorite solos ever. I was just messing around but in all seriousness there are lots of great Exodus solos. Shroud of Urine, Iconoclasm, Karma's Messenger, Like Father Like Son, Shudder to Think, etc. I'm sure Kirk's solo on the new album will be great, because Kirk will finally have the benefit of some decent music to go off of, for the first time since 88.
    the idea of this album keeps getting worse... first dukes gets fired and they get their boring singer back, then this...
    Kirk going back to Exodus would be very bad for Exoduds. And if you didn't believe in the new front man, why should we care about any of the recent material he sang on?
    I'm looking forward to this and think it's really cool that kirk will be playing on a song. Exodus is easily one of the most underrated thrash band EVER. Besides a couple of so-so records in the late 90's Exodus has been cranking out AMAZING albums consistently for almost 30 years. If you're a fan of Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, Pantera, Slayer, Anthrax, etc. you HAVE to do yourself a favor and check out Exodus' discography. The first 3 albums are classics and everything they've done since 2004's Tempo of the Damed is brilliant... staying true to their thrash roots but heavy by today's standards and more relevant than 90% of what their peers have been recording for a long time. Do it!!
    Jason appeared on sepulturas against record in 99. Hatred aside,a killer track.