Kirk Hammett: 'I Thought We Already Played Glastonbury!'

Metallica axeman mistook Glastonbury for a show that the band had played in Ireland back in 2004.

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In a new interview with NME, Kirk Hammett has revealed that he was surprised about the media circus surrounding Metallica's headlining slot at Glastonbury because he was under the impression that the band had already played the festival:

"It's entertaining to watch the media circus fret over our little band," he says. "I've just been kicking back and enjoying it, because frankly, between you, me and all the readers of NME - I thought we already played Glastonbury!"

Hammett revealed that he had confused the festival with a show that Metallica had played with System Of A Down in Ireland in 2004:

"I thought we did it with System Of A Down back in 2004 or something. I mistook it for a gig we played in Ireland. But when the initial offer came, I said to our management, 'Glastonbury, we've played it before!'"

Metallica will headline the festival on June 28th.

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    As always, Kirk is just so chilled, doesn't even care what festival it is, just wants to play!
    over 200 gigs a year for 30 odd years'll do that to you. only place left to play is the moon for metallica
    They might just go do that now, but they should play at the bottom of the ocean first.
    Can you two quit that talk? Next week on UG: Lars says "We aren't making excuses on the new album. Nasa is making us do hardcore training to play on the moon and it takes away from the creative vibe when there are only 365 days in the year, I'm looking for an extra one so we can write a song." Kirk: "We're going to rock those moon rocks! I'm thinking we can play a pink floyd cover while we're up there."
    Metallica doesn't do what Metallica does for Metallica. Metallica does what Metallica does because Metallica is...Metallica.
    When you've been a band for like, ever, you tend to forget where you have and haven't played. Glad he's making the trip to Glastonbury though.
    Kirk Hammett does things like surf in his off-time. Him being confused about this just makes me believe he is also a gigantic stoner. lol.
    it says a lot when youve played so many fertivals and concerts in your carreer that you cant even remember wich one youve already played. Legends!!
    "We haven't played that festival yet? How am I supposed to remember? We played on all seven continents last year for God sakes."
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    Haha, not sure why the downvotes.
    O_o same here edit: seriously, why the hate? I am confused.
    maybe because dope is lovely and doesn't even affect long term memory as your stupid comment suggests
    Wow you don't hold back do you lmao. I smoke weed myself, the comment was intended as a joke. But there seems to be a theme here, so I'll take my light hearted humour elsewhere, as this is such a serious news story.Basically, go ᶠᵘᶜᵏ yourselves you bunch of inbred greasy dickheads
    Who cares? Really.Probably just the stuffy Btitts who are letting their country being destroyed by Muslims.And they're worried about a rock concert?
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