Kirk Hammett to Rejoin Exodus for Fear FestEvil

Metallica guitarist will play with former bandmates.

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Exodus has revealed that Kirk Hammett will be rejoining the band for a one-off performance at this year's Fear FestEvil in San Francisco. As AntiMusic reports, the three day horror and music festival, which is curated by Hammett, will take place at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco between February 6th and 8th. The Metallica guitarist will also be performing with Death Angel at the event.

Exodus' Gary Holt has issued the following statement regarding Hammett's scheduled appearance: "Exodus is stoked as f--k to announce that none other than Kirk Von Hammett himself will be jamming with us during our encore at Fear FestEvil! What song? Hmm, that remains to be seen! I guess you will have to be there to find out!"

Fear FestEvil will also feature performances from Orchid, Death Division and Carcass, as well as non-performing appearances from Slash and Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian. You can find out more information about the event here.

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    Why do I feel like Scott Ian will go anywhere/do anything? He's like the Henry Rollins of metal.
    Vicryl 2.0
    invite him to anything and if he had time he'll probably do it. i read some article before where he gatecrashed a child's birthday party and the dad was so stoked. Scott was just like "wheres the free lunch"..he just ate and left.. lol
    Awww is COTLODJIMMY all upset that bands don't play music that he likes anymore?? Hey A**fart, if you want music the way you want it, MAKE IT YOURSELF....greedy tart
    All I am saying is metallica stopped being a metal band in 1989. Now that Thrash is in flavor again they are back tracking. In fact when Exodus reunited with Paul Baloff for thrash of the titans Kirk couldn't be bothered. Its great to see new thrash bands coming up like fueled by fire, Hatriot, and Havok/ Its really cool that some bands have never deviated from the style and are now getting some success (Exodus, Overkill, Testament).\For the record I have heard all anthrax's records and seen them live more than 20 times. I simply dont understand why they cant get their shit together I saw joey live on his solo tour and he slayed -never missed a note even as he played drums with no monitors!! Metallica alienated and stuck a middle finger up to the fans that made them what they were in the 90s in favor of trying to capture the next generation of fans. Now that Thrash is back they are trying again. shameless and one more thing you uninformed idiot -in the words of OVERKILL "we don't care what you say FUCK YOU!"
    I think the song will be Impaler, kirk wrote one of the riffs in that song, also known as Trapped Under Ice.
    If he joined Carcass for a performance it would be "Reek of Pu-trWAH-faction" or "Thrasher's AbbotWAH" Still think this is a pretty cool idea for a festival and its cool Kirks putting on heavy bands like that
    Once again, Metallica-haters can burn in hell. Kirk is going to tear it up with his old band. When he's inspired and fired up, we are reminded of why he's one of the greatest lead guitarists of all time.
    Kirk better watch out. James is gonna fire his ass for moonlighting. Kirk might want to remember what happened to Jason for jamming with other bands.
    Oh god why..... and srsly kirk will just show everyone, yet again, how well did exodus manage to move on without him.
    Anyone interested in Exodus at this point is probably too young to even realize that Kirk was once a member. And anyone that remembers when Metallica was a real band and lived through their decline would like Kirk to stay with his pop band SELLOUTICA and stay the **** out of real metal bands! As far as Scott Ian is concerned Anthrax never returned from a State Of Euphoria. Is it any wonder that their most successful move in the last 20 years was reuniting with Joey and playing the old stuff?
    The last part of your comment was well informed. While I agree that Metallica's recent work hasn't been brilliant to say its pop music is just daft.