Kirk Hammett: Why We Made a Video for Every Song Off New Album & How Much It Cost Us

Guitarist also reveals an older Metallica song he'd like to record a video for now.

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Kirk Hammett: Why We Made a Video for Every Song Off New Album & How Much It Cost Us

Kirk Hammett was asked by Andy Hall on why Metallica made a video for every song off the "Hardwired" album, to which he replied (via Blabbermouth):

"It really gives us an knee up on all the situations where a band puts out a new album and someone hears a new track and decides, 'Oh, I'm gonna make a YouTube video around this track,' and then all of a sudden that becomes the predominant YouTube video for that song.

"That's a pretty common thing that happens in the YouTube world, and we were aware of that. So we wanted to take matters into our own hands and make sure that the video that we made for the song was the predominant video that everyone saw for that song, rather than someone else's vision of the song itself."

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Focusing on the financial aspect, the guitarist added: "It's crazy how much cheaper it is [to make videos these days].

"The 'One' video cost us a lot of money [in 1988] - six figures - we were just blown away by the cost. You couldn't figure it out, why it would cost so much.

"Jump to 2016, 2017, a typical video that we made for 'Hardwired' nowadays cost between 15 to 20 grand. It's totally amazing how much cheaper it is.

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"A lot of that is because of digital technology, things are smaller, things are more lightweight, more stealth. You can even use your iPhone to make a video if you really wanted to, and then lose it."

Asked whether there's an old 'Tallica track he'd like to make a video for now, Hammett replied: "It would be interesting for us if we just retroactively decided to make a video for a track that we never made a video for - say, 'Carpe Diem Baby' off 'Reload.'

"I don't know if we would actually find the inspiration to do something like that, but who knows? Maybe people will start doing retroactive videos."

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Kirk also noted during the chat: "Some of the ['Hardwired'] videos that we made, I think, are some of the best videos we've ever made. The video for 'Dream No More' is just totally amazing and reminds me of a Kenneth Anger film that was filmed in maybe the '50s or '60s. From an artistic point of view, I think it's really cool.

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So while we're at it - which older Metallica tune would you like to see a new video for?

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     You can even use your iPhone to make a video if you really wanted to, and then lose it." 
    UG, sometimes you suck. But not today. That was great!
    A couple retroactive videos I'd like to see are The Four Horsemen and Welcome Home (Sanitarium). 
    Holy crap! Six figures to do the 'One' video? It was just them playing in a warehouse interspersed with some movie clips. Man, how times change. It was probably a case of too many people involved, everyone needing to get paid, plus the rights to use the movie footage could be a large part of that budget. 
    It cost them so much, because they couldn't license the rights to the film, so they bought the rights to it
    I had the opportunity to be in the Halo on Fire video and it was a night I'll never forget!
    Master of Puppets. I'm honestly surprised the comment section isn't full of this suggestion already. It's such a dark, heavy song that meant a lot to the band. I think a visual to pair with that would be amazing. Maybe through an addict's POV?
    I think Ministry's 'Just One Fix' video has that covered. Not that a MOP video couldn't be good, but, hell I don't know. I'd watch it, of course!
    Best HTSD video would go to "Here Comes Revenge" IMHO, and I'd love to see a video for "Outlaw Torn"...
    Good explanation. Thought it was fairly obvious though why they did this, as it also opens up another revenue stream on Youtube.
    This is actually some pretty interesting insight.  UG, keep posting articles like this! 
    Or just read the articles as they happen at the source,
    True, but I'm on UG more frequently than Blabbermouth, especially considering I'm usually on UG for tabs more so than news anyway. 
    James had a job interview right before the video shoot.  That's why he's dressed nice. 
    I'd like to see a retroactive music video for Fade to Black.  Still one of my favorite Metallica songs.