KISS Inducted Into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Ace, Peter, Gene and Paul were inducted by Tom Morello.

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Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello had the honor of inducting KISS into the Rock Hall during tonight's ceremony at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N. Y., Loudwire reports.

The guitarist started by getting right to the point for those who've never given the band their due. He told the crowd, "You can kiss my KISS loving a-s because KISS wasn't a critics' band. It's the people's band." Morello went on to offer plenty of platitudes about the awesomeness off the group. "Impact, influence and awesomeness - KISS have all three in spades," remarked Morello to the delight of the crowd.

Morello went on to discuss the band's influence, name-checking Foo Fighters as one of the groups influenced by KISS while Dave Grohl was visibly spotted smiling. And while KISS have made a big to-do about not performing because all of their members were not inducted, Morello made sure not to slight the band naming each of the non-inductee members of the band to the cheers of the audience. Summing up, Morello received applause for stating, "Tonight, this isn't the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It's the Rock and Roll All Nite and Party Every Day Hall of Fame."

As for the band, Gene Simmons was the first to speak, and despite all the recent drama he graciously paid tribute to Ace Frehley and Peter Criss and their roles in the rise to fame of KISS. "To Ace Frehley, his iconic guitar playing has been imitated but never equaled by generations of guitar players around the world," stated Simmons. "To Peter Criss ... well there's not a guy out there who beats the sticks like Peter. Nobody's got that swing and that style." He also added that there was no one better to have on your team than Paul Stanley and concluded, "We wouldn't be here today without the original fantastic four."

Peter Criss shared his joy for being inducted in Brooklyn. During his speech, he thanked the band's original manager Bill Aucoin and spoke about how the New York Dolls' Jerry Nolan was the first to give him a drum lesson. Criss spoke openly about his bout with breast cancer and urged for more awareness in detection. He also was the first to offer an ounce of drama to the proceedings, adding, "In and out of makeup, I'll always be the Catman."

Meanwhile, Ace Frehley offered a moment of levity, telling the audience, "I have a speech but these glasses aren't prescription so I can't read any of it." Keeping things light, he added, "When I was 13 years old and I picked up my first guitar, I always sensed that I was going to be into something big. Little did I know a few years later, there it was." But then taking an unexpected turn, he joked that it was "the summer of love," and then he met his KISS bandmates a few years later.

As for Paul Stanley, the singer-guitarist took the time to thank the fans, who above all finally made their Rock Hall induction happen. "This is a special night for us, but it's also a special night for our fans. This is vindication." He also added, "I believe that the spirit of rock and roll is that you follow your own path regardless of your critics and regardless of your peers. And I think we've done that for 40 years. Here we are tonight basically being inducted for the same things that we were kept out from." Taking a more obvious dig at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, who have excluded them for years, Stanley concluded, "The people pay for tickets. The people buy albums. The people who nominate, do not."

And true to their word, the band accepted their honor but did not perform for those in attendance. See the full KISS acceptance speech in the fan-filmed YouTube clip below:

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    Hooray! Now we don't need any more articles about which members are and aren't getting inducted and whatever other KISS-related drama is going on, right? ...right?
    ..and the hair club for men is ecstatic that 2 of their most famous members have finally been inducted
    It's a total shame they all couldn't get along well enough to play at least one song together.
    Wow Gene seriously? You intense hypocrite. For the past few months you've done nothing but bash on Ace and Peter and now it's all "Yeah they're amazing musicians and we wouldn't be here without them"? That's class A douchebag behavior right there.
    If you pay very close attention to the things Gene said about them, he was just stating facts. He never said they were great at all. He said Ace' playing was iconic (it is) and that generations of players have imitated but never equaled it (which is also true). He stated that no one beats the sticks or sounds just like Peter. These statements were very calculated, just like everything else Gene does. He can point back and say, "Wait, I didn't say either one of them was any good!"
    I dont know what you are talking about. Gene Simmons is such a cool & intelligent guy. He ALWAYS has the right thing to say.
    despite all the drama has surrounded them. KISS are just a great ****ing band. simply put they may great rock music and have an amazing theatrical show with all the make up and costumes. as tom morello said. they're not the critics band they're the peoples band and as one of the people KISS FUCKING RULES!
    I'm gonna be completely honest here, I don't like the members of Kiss or their music, but Tom Morello paying respect to them like them definitely does increase what little respect I had for them before.
    There's no denying, when those 4 mother****ers stand there together, there's a certain magic in the air! Congrats to KISS for their efforts in the 70's! Shame we didn't get a performance....but was great to see them standing together! True Rock Icons!
    Now Gene will talk brag about this for weeks. Probably even make toys out of this event to sell.
    Long time coming. Even if you hate Gene and Paul it's not hard to be happy for Ace and Peter =). I do kinda think they should call it quits now though, the current lineup that is. Well, I heard Gene is going to stop touring after a couple more tours actually.
    I think there was a typo. I think you meant Disco Hall Of Fame... GLAM Hall Of Fame? Not sure which one suits them best