KISS Music Banned in Australia Following Gene Simmons' 'Kill Yourself' Message to Depressed People

Meanwhile, the bassist explains his comments, regains support from Nikki Sixx.

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Gene Simmons' recent controversial comments about suicidal people have garnered additional backlash, as the music of KISS was officially banned from prominent Australian radio station Triple M.

As reported, Simmons told Songfacts that he gives zero sympathy to drug addicts and alcoholics, touching on depressed individuals along the way. "I don't get along with anybody who's a drug addict and has a dark cloud over their head and sees themselves as a victim," he said. "Drug addicts and alcoholics are always: 'The world is a harsh place.'

"My mother was in a concentration camp in Nazi Germany. I don't want to hear f--k all about 'the world as a harsh place.' She gets up every day, smells the roses and loves life. And for a putz, 20-year-old kid to say, 'I'm depressed, I live in Seattle.' F--k you, then kill yourself.

"I never understand, because I always call them on their bluff. I'm the guy who says 'Jump!' when there's a guy on top of a building who says, 'That's it, I can't take it anymore, I'm going to jump.' Are you kidding? Why are you announcing it? Shut the f--k up, have some dignity and jump! You've got the crowd.

"By the way, you walk up to the same guy on a ledge who threatens to jump and put a gun to his head, 'I'm going to blow your f--kin' head off!' He'll go, 'Please don't!' It's true. He's not that insane," Gene concluded.

Furthermore, Simmons was denounced by Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx, who called his comments "moronic."

Back to the radio ban, Triple M network head Mike Fitzpatrick called the bassist a "d-ckhead," issuing a following statement via official website:

"Gene Simmons' recent comments are misguided and insensitive. Depression and suicide are not topics he should be using to further his notoriety or sell records. His desperation to use mental health issues to find relevancy in a modern age is sickening. I can only put it down to a brain fade on his part. The Triple M Network can't and won't be playing or supporting this d-ckhead's music. I put the challenge out to other stations across Australia and North America to also drop any of this nudnik's songs until such time as he reconsiders his thoughtless and insensitive position."

Noticing how far things have gone, Gene took to his Facebook page in an attempt to clarify the matter. "I want to make this statement about my views on depression for the record and to clarify my prior remarks," he kicked off.

"To the extent my comments reported by the media speak of depression, I was wrong and in the spur of the moment made remarks that in hindsight were made without regard for those who truly suffer the struggles of depression. I sincerely apologize to those who were offended by my comments. I recognize that depression is very serious and very sad when it happens to anyone, especially loved ones. I deeply support and am empathetic to anyone suffering from any disease, especially depression.

"I have never sugarcoated my feelings regarding drug use and alcoholics. Somewhere along the line, my intention of speaking in very directly and perhaps politically incorrectly about drug use and alcoholics has been misconstrued as vile commentary on depression. Unkind statements about depression was certainly never my intention. Fully, you will know that and I do not intend to defend myself here and now, by listing the myriad charities and self-help organizations I am involved with. Rather, I simply want to be clear that my heart goes out to anyone suffering from depression and I deeply regret any offhand remarks in the heat of an interview that might have suggested otherwise," he concluded.

As Gene apologized, Sixx issued a lengthy Facebook statement to compliment the fellow bassist and ask the media to stop the lynch they started. "I want to address and compliment Gene for publicly apologizing," he said. "That was 100% the right thing to do. This has turned into a bit of an anti-Gene Simmons bashathon and I don't condone that nor do I support that radio stations across the country who are banning KISS (the guys in the band didn't do anything). Gene said something that has been addressed and maybe in a moment of bravado he was just being cocksure and pompous?

"Out of everything in my life that's has gone array either from my own action's or others I try to learn a lesson. There is good in everything. What I know is this. When people are listening we have an opportunity to pass along some valuable and positive information.

"Since I have had my own struggle with addiction and depression I have been exposed to both sides of the process. Its not as simple as we are lowly addicts or morally incapable of pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps, doing the right thing or just snapping out of it. The process involves hard work and hopefully some form of a support team (family, friends etc) around you. That could mean therapy, rehab, 12 step programs or sometimes-even medication. It's better than the alternative. Trust me...

Nikki concluded the post with depression and suicide stats to raise the awareness.

- 14.8 million American adults (6.7%) are affected by a major depressive disorder each year

- 1 in 10 Americans are affected by Depression at one point in their life.

- Women are twice as likely to have depression and symptoms of depression

- People aged 45-64 have the highest percentage rate for depression. (4.6%)

- The most common age to start developing symptoms of depression is 32.


- Depression is the cause of over two-thirds of reported suicides each year (20,000 a year)

- For every 2 homicides in the US, there are 3 suicides.

- Untreated depression is the #1 risk for suicide among youth.

- The death rate from suicide is higher than chronic liver disease, Alzheimer’s, murder or hypertension.


- 80% of people that have symptoms of clinical depression are not receiving any treatment

- The Number of patients diagnosed with depression increases by about 20% each year.

- 60-80% of all depression cases can be effectively treated with therapy and medication.

- Depression causes $70 billion in medical costs and lost productivity each year.

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    As soon as he starts to get less hate he goes and says something like this.
    "for a putz, 20-year-old kid to say, 'I'm depressed, I live in Seattle.' F--k you, then kill yourself." Sounds like someone is still a little sour after the hall of fame situation...
    C. Jasper
    I see what he was saying. Depression is a bitch and everyone goes through some form or another. But i believe what he was really trying to say was, there are a lot of people out there who cry wolf for attention and see the world in such a negative perspective that it hinders their potential for self improvement. Granted these people probably are hurting, and he said this in such a rash way, and they are probably depressed because of their own issues. The flip side of it is, a lot of people who act in such a way are crying out for help but want the world handed to them like someone owes them something. Like if you were bitching about seattle as gene references, go live in mexico or a third world country and then bitch about what you don't have. People there scrape together sheeet metal for their entire house and if they have a door it's a sheet. That's actually pretty typical, not even really roughing it. So for people of that specific mindset it's perfectly fine for gene to call their bluff. just not in the way he did it.
    Yabba Who
    It's not banned in Australia, it's banned on one particular radio station in Australia. There's a difference.
    matteo cubano
    I'd like for someone to ask him if he was glad to hear the Robin Williams news since him saying this and that happening was right around the same time.
    Who cares what Gene Simmons has to say? Kiss sucks and Gene Simmons is like every bad rock cliché condensed into one steaming pile of crap.
    ..... and he uses that pile of crap to style his ..... erm ..... Hair ? It's like some kind of unfinished ****ing ****tard fibre glass helmet .
    Meanwhile these people throw a tantrum every year for not being inducted into the hall of fame. There's feeling depressed and then there's suffering from depression. Yeah there are some melodramatic teens, but that's no reason for telling a teenager who may have a chemical imbalance to kill him or herself.
    Simmons is the only person in rock music capable of making ted nugent seem like a reasonable and intelligent guy by comparison.
    Kill yourself $immon$!!!!! *flushes toilet*
    what the hell is up with the *flush thing.
    Don't know where the hype started, but that's a joke from married with children. Al flushed his toilet because it is so awesome.
    I believe people know you're an idiot by now, so I'll keep this short. Telling someone to kill themselves is always a bad move, no matter the motives. You suck...
    too bad gene simmons doesnt just kill himself do the world a favor get rid of his annoying ignorant no talent and arrogant mouth and shitty music and retarded comments what a ****ing ******* and loser
    I bet that the only reason for his is 'sincere' apology is because of the recent banning of his music on some radio stations. If there was no banning, i doubt he'd say or do anything, and probably be proud of what he wrote!
    Gene Simmons as usual is only sorry that he got caught, not because he feels bad for being an arrogant, insensitive prick. Give us back Robin Williams and you can take Gene Simmons in return. All he's ever done is poisoned the earth with his ignorant bullshit.
    link no1
    I dunno. The part where he mentions people that are like "I'm gonna jump, I mean it!" and attract a crowd, I really don't understand them. It is like they're looking for attention, though I guess it's also likely their way of seeking help (be it an extreme way to seek help). Simmons is a douche though. Can we ban him from the UK as well?
    Seems like everyone was tired of reading about metallica 8 times a week so instead UG decided to started making articles out of every stupid thing Gene says
    This is ridiculous for two reasons. 1) Gene, despite his stupid comments, apologised. 2) There are four members of KISS, and to ban their music seems unfair on the other three.
    Oh, he apologised ! Well, let's just give him a ****ing medal then and we're good to go. Also, if one member of KISS offers a statement while representing the band, the others have to assume full well that this will be taken as the band's point of view. Since they didn't offer any contrasting statements, it's pretty safe to assume they're okay with what he said (or just don't care).
    So you think that just because somebody didn't react to this in public means that he is completely fine with Gene's comments? You don't need to say everything out loud. I'm also pretty sure that the media wasn't really that interested about the other guys' comments. Sometimes ignoring stupid comments is the best thing to do. Also, IMO apologizing is a good thing. It doesn't change what Gene said but at least it shows that Gene really regretted what he said. He noticed that he said some stupid things and was sorry about it. Would it have been better if he had stood behind his words and hadn't apologized?
    I don't think Gene realises that he's tarnishing KISS' legacy. They should be remembered for the great band they were, but it looks as though that's less likely to be the case by each passing day, which is saddening.
    Honestly I dont think Gene cares. I think he figures that KISS is "too big to fail" they already have their die hard fans and that has made him a millionaire many times over. So who cares if he pisses off some fans? He already has their money.
    Another frightening statistic: 15% of women in the UK are on medication for mental illness. Which means 85% are walking around untreated. Terrifying.
    Whether it's all of Australia or one radio station, dictatorship now decides what is good for the people, of what they should listen to... to make decisions for them and the advertisers of the stations (advertisers and listeners that keep the station alive). Think about that, as opposed to what you think of Simmons or his comments. Look at the bigger picture.
    Umm, doesnt radio already dictate what we listen to? They play the crap that they want you to hear. How is this any different?
    Yes, but I see this as being a bit different... some music will not match the philosophy of a station (e.g., metal on easy listening). This station is playing rock, and listeners are expecting rock... and the advertisers who pay for the station to exist in the first place want it to play rock. Now the station is taking a political view rather than sticking to the business of playing music for the sake of music (and not considering the fact that if it were not for the advertisers and the listeners, who may like Kiss, they wouldn't exist... and both may want Kiss to play). If you want to start a political view radio station, then do that... or ask the advertisers and listeners (who make your existence possible) what they want, rather than making the decision for them.
    My first thought was about the rest of the band- they shouldn't have to lose money over this.
    I just don't know why I still get surprised when he says stupid stuff like that...
    Look past it being Simmons and think on it. Also remember he said this BEFORE Robin Williams died, and where the context came from. He said, basically, for people to put up or shut up. If you say you're going to kill yourself, why are you telling everyone and not just doing it? Depressed? Big deal. Everyone is at some point. He even shows what kinds of things people he knows (his mother) have gone through and continue on with their lives. Then compares it to a 20 something a$$hat that cries that his life sucks. Well, big deal! I agree with Simmons on that. And if you look away from it being Simmons saying it, I bet most here feel the same way. Also very nice go UG and other news sources to drum up crap on a popular target for things he said prior to a current event (Williams' death). Go figure. Just a media outlet trying to get views. Simmons even responded that he knows nothing about true clinical depression. He is basically referring only to the "oh woe is me. I want to kill myself" crowd.
    "Simmons even responded that he knows nothing about true clinical depression. [blabla relativizing bullshit...]" If you don't know shit about what you're talking about, then maybe Shut The Fuck Up!? That goes for him AND you.
    "depressed? big deal. everyone is at some point." a) Simply feeling down or sad is not the same as depression. Saying that everyone gets it all the time and it takes is a person to buck up is foolish. b) There are various degrees of severity. Some people are only affected a little bit, while others sickness is overwhelming. c) Telling someone who is possibly suicidal, even if they are only claiming so for histrionic reasons, is dangerous. Trying to call someone's bluff is idiotic. d) Does he even realize nobody likes him anymore?
    "depressed? big deal. everyone is at some point." c**t please, thats like saying "everyone gets cancer, big deal." yea it may be common but that doesnt mean its not a big deal. iv delt with depression before mate and no words can describe how terrible you feel. it doesnt matter if you live in a safe town or the most dangerous war torn country in the world, depression doesnt discriminate. and nothings worse than hearing "everyone gets it" or "its not like your dying or live in a terrible place" or some other bullshit like that.
    I just read that gene simmons has never got high or drank in his life. What a teetotalling scary berry! No guts no glory genie boy. Cheers to all the rockstars who actually lived the fast life.
    God this guy pisses me off so much... I hope Karma gets to him and shuts him down one of these days.
    Karma catches you on the next life dude. Won't be "shutting him down" as you say. Assuming he really is donating to charities, chances are he won't end up as an ant just for saying moronic things every now and then. (read; all the time). Plus, he apologized. That nullifies his offensive whether you like it or not.
    Wow.. I may actually hate this guy more than Justin Bieber, and I'm the biggest Bieber hater on the planet.
    conquer life or let yourself be conquered by it. if you can't fight for the 1 life you have and give up by taking the easy way out, then why should you deserve any pity? depression is just one of many excuses the weak need to justify their lack of will. screw the bleeding hearts and their tears, i'm with ya gene.
    As someone who has been diagnosed with depression, has attempted suicide twice, has lost a close friend to suicide, and who has more or less recovered, I can tell you that it is NOT an excuse. And to think of it as a weakness is the most moronic thing you could possibly say. Imagine forcing yourself to get up every day in complete and utter despair in pain and then having to deal with ignorant people like you. Recovering from depression takes an extreme amount of will and strength. I highly suggest you educate yourself, because your way of thinking could seriously hurt someone, especially somebody you deeply care about.
    oh whatever, stop making excuses for yourself and grow a pair instead of feeling sorry for yourself. "and having to deal with people like you"...yes keep blaming others for your problems...that's how it's always been right? grow up.
    I have to at least commend him for apologizing. It's better than we get from a lot of pompous *******s who play rock music.
    Banning music is not the right thing to do. I mean, what do these comments have to do with the other guys in Kiss? And what do these comments have to do with Kiss's music in general? I don't like Gene Simmons as a person but I do like his songs, singing and bass playing. His music has nothing to do with his comments. Also, Gene apologized (and of course that doesn't make his comments any less stupid than they are but I still respect him for apologizing and not being a complete jerk).