Kiss, Nirvana, Deep Purple nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction

Fans can cast their votes on Rock Hall website

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Kiss, Nirvana, Deep Purple and Yes are amongst the nominees announced for next year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions. As Blabbermouth reports, next year’s ceremony will be the second time that fan votes will be conducted and counted amongst the 600 ballots cast by members of the Rock Hall. In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Kiss frontman Paul Stanley noted that part of the band’s induction is dependent on Rolling Stone editor and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame founder Jann Wenner, who it would seem is not a fan of the band: "Well, it depends on who lives longer, us or Jann Wenner," Stanley said. "Look, the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame is marketing," he continued. "You've got a bunch of faceless people in a back room who trademark a name that sounds very official. Well, if you had thought of it first, you would have been the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I am one of the biggest Laura Nyro fans. I still listen to that stuff incessantly. Laura Nyro does not belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Songwriter Hall of Fame? Absolutely.

"It's absurd for anybody to look around and hear the acts and artists who cite us as an inspiration, and then tell me that we're not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I would certainly accept on their (the fans) behalf because it seems to be a major sore spot for them, but I don't need the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame." Other nominees this year include Hall and Oates, LL Cool J, the Zombies, Chic and N.W.A. You can cast your votes here.

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    Am I the only one that hopes Nirvana gets in before KISS?
    I'm hoping the same thing. The fact that Nirvana is nominated alongside Kiss probably eats away at Gene Simmons soul. If Nirvana got in first, it'd be the icing on the cake.
    Gene Simmons will not attend because he doesn't think Nirvana should be in the Hall of Fame. They are not famous due to Kurt's death.
    Maybe people will consider that Kiss have been putting out albums of new music (not saying they are any good) for more years than Kurt Cobain lived on this planet. How about Ace Frehley and Peter get into the Hall of Fame to commemorate Kiss's better years?
    Deep Purple! About time too, Ritchie Blackmore is such an underrated guitarist.
    Finally they are starting to listen to the fans. I can guarantee that all of these bands won't get in this year, but it's a start. Really happy for Yes, btw.
    Crimson Ghost
    If Kiss, Nirvana, Cat Stevens, The Zombies, and Deep Purple got in, it would be my favorite RRHF Class of all time
    Also The Replacements. Which genuinely bums me out no one on UG mentioned them. One of the most groundbreaking Alt Rock bands.
    Nirvana is obvious. It's a little insulting that KISS was even nominated. Deep Purple and Yes I wouldn't mind getting in. That being said... the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a joke and means absolutely nothing.
    Sorry, gonna have to disagree with you there. Whether or not you like Kiss, you can't say they don't deserve to be in the RRHF. The truth is that they always have and still do put on the biggest rock shows in the world, they're completely iconic and you can't take that from them.
    I can definitely say it. If there's ever a "Most Visual Distractions in a Single Concert to Avert Attention From Lack of Musicianship" Hall of Fame, KISS would be first ballot. But music? No thanks. You can have theatrics and still play good music (see Pink Floyd).
    I'll take Love Gun or even Unholy over anything Nirvana has done. Kiss gave me Dave Mustaine, Marty Friedman, Ace Frehley, and Bruce Kulick....Nirvana gave me Dave Grohl and a dead guy....the first giving me Foo Fighters which is good but Nirvana was honestly just....annoying.
    I never said their music was anything brilliant. I mean, I do like Kiss, but they're not a favourite by any means. Anyway, the point I'm making is about their use of theatrics, they took it to the extreme, more than any other band, and they deserve to be recognised for that.
    KISS changed rock a lot. But only in the sense that Hitler changed politics. Almost everything good that KISS influenced was a reaction against them.
    I'm glad Yes was nominated. I wonder how long it will take Dream Theater now.
    Yes deserve it more. They're pretty much THE defintive Prog band. I defy you to find a Prog album better than Close To The Edge or Tales From Topographic Oceans.
    In the Court of the Crimson King.
    I will admit thats a damn good album. I even own a first pressing of it on vinyl. I suppose 2112 is also just as good as either of the Yes albums I listed. But in all seriousness Yes deserve it more than most of the bands that are nominated. They've been eligible for induction since 1994 (their first album came out in '69). Thats almost TWENTY YEARS! Rush only had to wait what? 15 years? And Genesis got in before either of em did.
    I agree with you 100%, they sure deserve it. I was just teasing you because of your "defy to find a better prog album" challenge lol ;...To me, Yes is no.1 on this list of nominees.
    Hope none of them get inducted. 1 - because being nominated for the hall of fame means practically nothing and none of these acts need any awards to prove how good they are. 2 - Just to wind up Gene Simmons on not being inducted and let his ego take a beating
    Deep Purple and Nirvana should get in.I don't like Kiss, I do like some of their songs, but nah, not my type.Kurt definitely wouldn't want to be in, but Nirvana sure does deserve to get in.
    I love the irony that Nirvana and Kiss are getting in at the same time, especially because of what Gene said about Nirvana the other day.
    Nirvana, Deep Purple, Cat Stevens, Yes and N.W.A are who I want to get in, but its a tough year because I like The Replacements and Ll Cool J as well
    Nirvana, Deep Purple, Cat Stevens, Yes and N.W.A are who I want to get in, but its a tough year because I like The Replacements and Ll Cool J as well
    "but I don't need the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame." Of course you don't need that, all you need is some more ****ed up and ridiculous merchandise, a whole Kiss festival and maybe another sports team.
    Nirvana does deserve to be inducted.. But it would just suck if they actually do get inducted.. They'd lose what makes them special...
    Nirvana sucks! Grunge? Kiss Hotter than Hell album was out way before anything Nirvana put out!!!!! Put that and Nevermind side by side and listen to all of the inspiration! You people don't know what yer talkin bout!!!!!
    how about they induct dis D I C K! they are going to need it to F Uc k the music industry some more
    Way Cool JR.
    It's fricken amazing and completely blows my mind that Deep Purple took this long to get nominated to the R&RHOF. They are such a great band it's not even funny. Good luck guys you deserve it.
    hall and oats for sure. also **** nirvana. so overrated. garbage music. just trash. kurt was a horrible musician/average song writer, and if he never blew his brains out no one would even be talking about them today. best thing that came out of the whole thing was the FF and dave.