KISS' Paul Stanley Accuses Ace Frehley and Peter Criss of Anti-Semitism

Singer also talks relationship with Gene Simmons in new book.

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KISS frontman Paul Stanley has accused ex-bandmates Ace Frehley and Peter Criss of anti-semitism.

As Blabbermouth is reporting, the comments were printed in Stanley's recently published autobiography, "Face the Music: A Life Exposed."

"Ace, and particularly Peter, felt powerless and impotent when faced with the tireless focus, drive and ambition of me and Gene. As a result, the two of them tried to sabotage the band — which, as they saw it, was unfairly manipulated by [us] money-grubbing Jews."

When questioned about the comments by the New York Post, Stanley responded: "It's based on years and years of interactions. It's not pulled out of thin air."

Questioned by the newspaper about the allegations, Frehley and Criss declined to comment.

Stanley’s memoirs also addressed his sometimes frosty relationship with bassist Gene Simmons. As the guitarist notes, he believes his bandmate takes too much credit for the band’s unique marketing strategy:

"I saw the term 'marketing genius' used in reference to Gene quite frequently ... [and] it turned my stomach," Stanley writes. "Neither Gene nor I has had an active hand in any significant deals. He was no marketing genius. He just took credit for things."

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    Did Paul seriously just lay a smack-down on Gene's marketing skills? #ShotsFiredKISS2014
    This is why I've never been and never will be a fan of Kiss.
    They did do some great songs though. I'm not a big fan but some their big hits are really awesome. Lots of great musicians are dicks. You shouldn't let your personal opinion of them affect how you see their work.
    KISS sucks, and seeing how the former and present members just endlessly shit talk each other only shows what a joke that band is. A total shit show. Just retire so we don have to listen to your shit music anymore.
    Seriously, how can they hate each other so much when they have so much in common? I mean, they all like KISS... Right?
    I've read that 3 of the 4 original members were Jewish. he's accusing 2. Am I the only one who see's that this is a little ****ey?
    Funny how this "community" dismisses everything Gene and Paul say and eat up anything that comes out of Ace and Peter's mouth without questioning a single thing when in reality Peter and Ace's track record shows both of them rarely cared about anything and were just known for bitching about everything that didn't go their way. Most of you are trying too hard to "stick up to the man."
    Agreed. When Peter and Ace released their books and were constantly attacking and criticizing every single thing Gene and Paul were doing UG was a big party, everyone taking every single line they wrote at face value. But now that Paul says something suddenly it's not true and he is exaggerating. I find it interesting that the ego of most users here is bigger than Paul and Gene's combined and yet they keep complaining about them. Just goes to show how delusional the user base really is. But remember, around here the "little guy" is always right and the "big man" is always wrong. Because, you know, that's cool.
    ''tireless focus, drive and ambition'' can simply be translated by ''greediness''
    pathetic stanley...really..a man can't say anything to you a gene and now this?? get a life
    Do Gene and Paul sit around all night going ok tomorrow you are gonna say this about Ace and the next day I will say this about Peter. But then the third day we will say we could care less about the two. Only to start it all over again. Ace and Peter are long done with Kiss after what Gene and Paul did, and Gene and Paul also know they would be making more money with Ace and Peter, and that's what it is all about with those two.
    How to ruin your life anno 2014; Say something about the Jews and just watch how everyone gets butt-hurted If they'd say something about Muslims or Communists everyone would agree. My God..
    Paul is 1/2 Jew and 1/2 German Gene is all jew .I do not know about the others.And it is funny how they use the Nazi SS in there logo band spelling name.99% of record companys are run by Jews people complain about this all the time .I think Monster was a good comeback record.I wish they would all get along they have been threw to much together
    I was just thinking the other day how classy Paul is, and how I've never once heard him say anything bad about anybody. So much for that.
    Its undeniable that both of them have been trying to grab as much money as they can from the band since it started and I can totally see why Ace and Peter didn't like having their name put to crappy merch' that just makes you look like a joke.
    Kiss news here is about as bad as the Gallagher brothers 2 years ago.
    Fuck him! He doesn't say shit, then he says that?! He and Gene should both choke on dicks!