Kiss: Paul Stanley 'Embarrassed' By Gene Simmons' Endorsement Of Mitt Romney

Kiss front man calls bandmate "part of a symptom of absurdity" for voicing his political views.

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Blabbermouth is reporting that Kiss front man Paul Stanley is "embarrassed" by musicians voicing their political beliefs in public, and is critical of his bandmate Gene Simmons for doing so. In an interview with Noisecreep, Stanley had the following to say:

"I don't know what's more embarrassing, these musicians and actors talking about politics in interviews or the media actually giving them credibility about it... It's absurd that a celebrity could speak out on the economy or politics with no more justification than a hit album or a movie. Not to deride Gene, but I just think he's part of a symptom of absurdity where you'll see somebody on television whose only criteria for being there is success in a field far away from what they're being asked about. I really don't know who is more ridiculous, the celebrity answering these political questions or the person asking them".

"I'm usually not at a loss for words, but this whole celebrity political thing always gets me. It's so embarrassing to see people with absolutely no inside knowledge of anything they are talking about. I have friends who are intimately involved with world affairs and these are the people who won't give opinions like these celebrities do. For my friends, it's far more complex and sensitive than that, unlike these celebrities who read some newspaper story, or watch CNN, and then spout out some opinion on something they truly don't know anything about".

Stanley's comments come after Simmons expressed his regret for endorsing Barack Obama in the 2008 election on a Fox News program earlier in the year:

"Hindsight is 20/20. I have some real issues with the economy and how it's being done. America should be in business and it should be run by a businessman. America is a business. If you can't afford to do something, no matter how much bellyaching everybody does I'm so sorry, if you can't afford it, you shouldn't do it. If you can afford to take care of two kids. Have two kids. Don't have ten kids. If you can't afford to have a $400,000 home, you can afford a $100,000 home, then do that".

Simmons, when asked for who he would be voting for in the upcoming election, responded: "Strictly speaking on the economy and in my humble opinion, Mitt Romney".

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    It seems like Gene is just voting for Romney because not all of the money issues were sorted by Obama, which is a pretty stupid reason to vote.
    Agreed Greece - Borderline broke Spain - Borderline broke Italy - Borderline broke France - in recession UK - in recession Germany - spending Enormous amounts to shore up the Euro Not to mention the rest of the world Obama, for any faults he may have, has kept America afloat financially, OK so they haven't prospered massively but see list above. At the same time he has taken the first steps to introducing universal healthcare to the US and all without starting a new war with anyone. Fair Play to him
    Last I checked the US national debt was 9 trillion Dollars according to CIA World Factbook 2011 (mostly backed by other sources, some claim more like 12) at a per capita of 29,158 USD. I haven't seen Spain or UK spend 663 billion on military budget, though. How exactly do you mean "financially afloat"?
    That debt is not Obama's fault. Check what his predecessors did and whether they paid for it.
    Financially afloat? Not by a long shot. I'm all for Obama, and I'm not saying he's the reason the US isn't financially afloat, but you guys aren't even close to out of the woods yet. It was this time last year the US government almost collapsed because it couldn't agree to a budget, nearly defaulting on its loans. To put it in perspective, GREECE was in the exact same situation in Spring of this year.
    Your per capita debt is near as dammit the same as the UK. The whole world is in debt don't you know?!?! Greece (as the best example) have been bailed out with loans additional funds and are beyond screwed. The level of unemployment in Spain is 25%. Given the previous administrations love of big expensive illegal wars the US should have defaulted but they didn't. It does seem that a lot of people are upset that Obama didn't polish the Turd he was given by GWB.
    The US debt is somehow higher than the amount of money that actually exists in the world
    "all without starting a new war with anyone." I think you forgot about Libya there champ.
    I think you forgot that the Libyan Uprising was started internally but its own people. The international community stepped in to support the revolution. That is not the same Chum(P)
    Well when the heck will back out of international affairs. Egypt and Libya? Really? Two too many "military actions.
    Libya was all of NATO, in addition to other African/Middle East countries. And when did we take military action in Egypt?? You should just stop. Seriously.
    I don;t really think the things are that bad in UK,France,Germany and Spain. Those four seem to be holding on pretty well.
    Actually, America has less money than any other place in the world. It's got less than nothing, because it's trillions of dollars in debt.
    I've always hated KISS, but must give Paul Stanley props for hitting the nail right on the head. One of the rare opinions heard from a musician in these days of political divisiveness that actually makes sense. Nice one Paul.
    A refreshingly sensible opinion amongst all of the mustaine, simmonds and courtney love articles on here. Simmons clearly knows nothing about economics, he's suggesting loans are a bad idea in the last paragraph. I think the Clint Eastwood speech at the Republican Convention proved beyond doubt that celebrity by no means makes your political opinions worth listening to
    Loans are a bad idea, but sometimes you need one. What turns a loan from a bad idea into a horrible idea is when you get a loan that you can't reasonably pay back (e.g., a loan to buy a $500,000 house when you make $30,000 in a year).
    Actually Clint was a politician himself (mayor of a California town for many years). Dumb speech though.
    I would be embarrassed just by being in a band with Gene
    Me too. I mean, what the hell would I do with all that money? I'd probably just waste it on mansions, fast cars, and women.
    Most of the people they've asked about their political opinion usually have some sort of unrelated tie to either politics, or the candidates lifestyles. Simmons was/is a successful businessman, Nuget has always been a gun rights advocate, Flowers is a fellow mormon, and Serj and Morello have been politically active since the early-mid 90's. Though asking Cornell, Vedder, and Ghrol is clearly a popularity grab.
    Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam have always been politically active. Asking Vedder is in line with asking Morello, in terms of political activity and the timeline you gave.
    Ah, my mistake. I had no idea. I don't know too much about Pearl Jam. I grew up with the other acts, and didn't really start listening to them until a friend showed me their material when I was out of high school. Plus, I've never seen anything else politically related from Vedder.
    You've never seen anything live by Pearl Jam? I thought every time they played there was something political going on. Writing crap on their guitars or whatever at the least...
    Not to sound like a dick, which it kinda looks like from my comment, just thought I'd throw that in there
    Just last week Vedder helped raise over a million dollars (from what I recall), for Obama's campaign.
    This is a very interesting point of view, I totally agree with him. I mean, you can have your own opinion but being a celebrity doesn't mean that you are an erudit on the subject
    I'd also be embarrassed for anyone who thinks that someone who believes that they wear magic underwear would be a suitable candidate for the leader of a country.
    Two things: 1) Then maybe you should look into other sources, particularly ones that aren't biased or would use language that clearly mocks the beliefs of a candidate's faith to better understand what it is they believe. 2) As far as I can tell, Romney has never expressed an opinion that he should be president based on his faith. I've followed the election pretty closely, and can't recall once that Romney ever even suggested that. And I'm far from a Romney for President supporter.
    Ah I see. Well if he's never said that he wants to president based on his faith then I guess whatever ridiculous bollocks that he believes doesn't matter then huh? No. And don't give me that crap about I don't understand what he believes. Have you ever considered that we do understand but that we just don't like it? You're like the people who constantly defend Islam claiming that the media is biased. It's just wishful thinking. You don't want to think that the world is filled with crazy, murderous people so you bury your head in the sand and claim that the people who actually give a damn about what happens are ignorant. Good day.
    What I'm saying is that you're original statement is presenting Romney's run for the presidency based on religious practices is stated as if it's factually-based, and it's not. I don't know Mitt Romney, and frankly, I don't want to. I don't care to. But what I'm saying is that, based on the facts, there's nothing to suggest that Romney's candidacy is based on his religious beliefs. That may be your opinion, but anyone who watches Hannity and isn't a hardcore fan knows that opinion isn't fact. Perhaps you do understand beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Like Romney, I don't know you, so who am I to say what you know or don't? However, your language is derogatory, and I don't have much tolerance for that, whether it's language derogatory to members of any faith, or people of no faith. Now, you don't know me. Or the first thing about me. So don't suggest that you know who I'm like. I fully understand that there are crazy, murderous people in the world. It's pretty hard to forget that every time 9/11 rolls around. But I also am not about to lump a billion people who adhere to a faith into the same category as a few wingnuts that are soundly denounced. There are bad Muslims. There are bad Christians. There are bad atheists. There are bad musicians. There's no surprise, regardless of the group. But I'm not going to be ignorant and paint everyone with a broad brush because of the actions of a few.
    America, the place where you have to pretend to be christian (Obama) if you want to get anywhere. (Don't take this as an endorsement for R-money.)
    Obama has affirmed his Christian faith many, many times. He's talked openly about it. Why is it so hard for people to accept he is a Christian?
    Well alright Paul Stanley! If you spend your time making music and not being an economist, why is someone asking you about politics? Kudos to him for refraining from saying his own political views as well. The only musician who gets to mention politics (with little weight) is Tom Morello, since he has an economics degree from Harvard. Everyone else who doesn't have a degree in economics has no valid say.
    You completely missed his point.
    No I didn't. He said, and I quote, "It's so embarrassing to see people with absolutely no inside knowledge of anything they are talking about." Which means celebrities don't know about economics and should not be asked about them. I mentioned Tom Morello because he actually studied it and does know something about it.
    Australia's Minister for the Environment is the lead singer of an 80's band called Midnight Oil. That name probably wont ring a bell for many of you but look up 'Beds are Burning' on youtube and you probably will recognize the song
    Leave it to UG to spin the article in to something it's not. The title makes it sound like he's insulting Gene for his support of Romney which in fact, he's insulting him for voicing his opinion. HUGE difference. Of course this is UG spinning it to their own political belief as well and maybe they need to take some advice off of Paul and keep their opinions to themselves also.
    Wow I actually agree with both of the worst two members of Kiss for once. Paul's right. Celebrities should shut the **** up. And due to lack of choice, Gene's right in endorsing Romney.
    I hope Gene sucks up his attitude and doesn't make a big deal out of this. I really like Paul compared to a lot of idiots in the music industry who talk mindlessly about politics. He is by no means stupid, and what he has to say is respectable.
    That title is misleading. It has nothing to do with Mitt Romney and everything to do with celebrities dealing with politics in general. He didn't say he was embarassed of Gene BECAUSE of Mitt Romney. Lame. More tabloid nonsense.
    you mentioned gene simmions -you used his name look for a law suitha ha
    Yah Gene STFU unless you endorse the lefts choices. I have never see an article like this when Rock Stars support liberal fascists.