Kiss Reunion Would Be 'Death Of The Band'

Gene Simmons says a reunion of their original lineup would mark the end of the band, even if it is their 40th anniversary next year.

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Gene Simmons says an original Kiss reunion would be mark the death of the band.

Washington radio station Big 100.3 asked Simmons if their 40th anniversary next year would reunite him and Paul Stanley with original guitarist Ace Frehley and drummer Peter Criss.

"No," Simmons said plainly (via HenneMusic). "Ace and Peter were great for the beginning of the band, but it would be the death of the band with Ace and Peter today," said Gene. "They were both equally as important as Paul and I for the beginnings of the band, but not everybody is designed in their DNA to be a marathon runner. They were short-distance runners.

"We've been doing this for 40 years. Physically, neither of them could do what we do. It's very physically demanding, and also, the musicality. You've gotta be there with no dark clouds over your head, no drugs or alcohol in your system. [Ace and Peter] were fantastic for the beginning of the band, and that's the chapter they should be in."

Simmons also talked about how the current lineup had revitalized the band: "You realize, 'Wow, we're in Kiss.' We've been doing this for so long, sometimes you tend to forget it."

If you were in Kiss, how would you celebrate the 40th anniversary next year? Share your creative entries in the comments.

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    what gene simmons really means is he doesent want kiss fans to come to see the original line-up he wants them there to see him. without tho 2 guys kiss would have failed. theres money to be made gene .... i wont see kiss live because of this so pull your head out of your ass and give the kiss army what they really want !
    It wouldn't shock me if putting Ace and Peter on the road killed them. They are both, by their own admissions, weak people. I don't know if they're on the wagon, but I can't imagine they wouldn't fall off it if they toured. Let'em stay home and enjoy their publishing cheques. I'm not a huge KISS fan, but by all accounts, it's still the best rock show money can buy.
    chris schroeder
    I couldnt agree with you more I would be fine with the current line up if they were not in Ace and Peter make-up. Unfortunatly this is just a way to keep Genes wallet full.
    Peter is too old and he was mostly a jazz drummer, Eric Singer is a perfect fit. Ace Frehley would be good I think, but they can't get along so... The situation of Kiss right now is not so bad!
    I just saw Ace playing a few months ago and it was a huge disappointment. He was out of shape, his playing was very sloppy. Even though I'm a huge Ace fan I'm glad he is not with Kiss anymore.
    i saw ACe a year ago my friend, coming from a huge fan of KISS and ACe i thought he was pretty amazing, infact i liked him better then the kiss i saw a month ago on the TOUR. Don't get me wrong i liked monster, but i don't think ace is at all a dissapointment..
    I respect what Gene says but I still think it is B.S. that Ace isn't allowed to use the makeup he created.
    If Ace and Peter are going to make it difficult than I would agree it's best they stay out. Honestly, I really like Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer. Hell, Ace even said that Tommy had to reteach him his own solos during their reunion. Yeah, they aren't Ace and Peter, but they're just as good.
    Technically they are way better than Peter and Ace, especially Eric. Ace and Peter brought something else to the band back then but now? I'm not sure, haven't heard Peter play for so many years (his last "album" was pathetic) and Ace's live performance isn't what it used to.
    Yeah someone on here said he saw Ace in concert and his playing sounded terrible. And he looks like a dead dog to boot. I actually do think Tommy and Eric are better, but I had to wait for someone agreed with me. You know how "the fans" are.
    FIrehawk, i saw Ace last year and i liked his concert better then the KISS i saw this past year. Whoever saw that must have seen a bad show. Now I do ENJOY all eras of kiss like i just stated, but Ace did a better job then KISS did this year
    Hmm...I hear mixed things about Ace nowadays. I think he was at least better than Tommy in his prime. Even during the last reunion he was just as good as he was when he was younger, at least when he was sober. But I've thought about going to see him if he stops by my city on his next tour. I haven't seen KISS yet but I haven't heard anything bad from people who saw them in my town recently.
    Firehawk they were pretty amazing live, the last time i saw them but MOTLEY CRUE took that show like crue always does, they are amazing live. But The only time i saw ACE i was blown away. I have loved him since i was a kid(Im 20 now), and i guess when you get old like KISS and ACE you can't always give the best performance. When i saw ACE for free last year it was a hell of a show. I also liked Anomaly better then Sonic Boom. I didn't care for sonic boom, but Monster is pretty good
    eric might be better then peter, but i think ace is better then tommy. This is coming from someone who is a fan of ALL line ups of the band i love the elder, i love the hair metal stuff in the 80s, but when i saw ACE last year i thought he was better then the KISS i saw with motley crue just a month again.
    Gene's right, to be in Kiss demands tour discipline and passion to be in the band , and neither Peter or Ace have it anymore, i guess the reunion might be a smash ticket-seller , but certainly not a great show. Bands are like any club or institute, people come and go, but some people just can't get over it
    In my opinion this is just me, would be cool to see both again. i mean cant they set it up just like how they played unplugged? I mean common at least let the people who haven't had a chance to see kiss ( young and old) See New but also the original line up. But whatever " Gene" says goes I suppose.
    I'm kind of on the fence with this now, because I'm hearing mixed things about Peter and Ace. I've watched video footage of KISS in the 70's and their reunion and Ace was just absolutely amazing. However, I like Tommy and Eric too, and I really don't know if Ace and Peter could handle touring or stay on the wagon for that matter.
    If it would be the death of the band... Why do you guys have two people who look and act like the original guys?! HA!