KISS: 'Rock Hall Dupes the Public Into Believing There's Some Credibility to It'

KISS frontman bashes Rock Hall again.

Ultimate Guitar

In a new interview with Christian Science Monitor, Paul Stanley has once again spoken about his experiences of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Still reeling from KISS's treatment at the event, Stanley went on to describe the organizers as prejudiced and arrogant:

"It was everything I expected it to be. It's a very elitist club, it dupes the public into believing that there is some credibility to it and that somehow the public has a voice in it, which they don't. It's a small group of elitist publishers and writers and record company people who reflect their own prejudices and preferences.

"So it was exactly as I expected and from the very beginning of their announcing our induction, they were arrogant and treated us dismissively."

Stanley also explained that the only reason he attended the event was because fans wanted him to:

"I went because there are many fans who see it as validation and vindication of their championing us and I wouldn't miss it for the world because it was a celebration of them and for them."

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    BobbyHill666: KISS Dupes the Public Into Believing There's Some Credibility to Them
    Wow, someone asked him a question about an experience and be answered his personal beliefs, and spoken well. UG reporting it may be silly, but still nice information for me, and I didn't even know they were inducted.
    I feel like half the people on here think that everytime UG quotes someone saying the same thing over and over again it's actually the person still complaining about it (think Slash/GN'R). It's the interviewers that bring it up most the time.
    Guitarus Rex
    They bash the hall to get press. Kind of like how they wrote "that disco song" to get airplay. Their press agent must be showing them their "trending" stats from the Induction. They used to be a decent band (Alive I/II) and now they have returned to being a punch-line again. Even Ace's return couldn't save this band. Like old Roth-era Van Halen, at least we have the memories and vinyl. I echo coreymineard's comments. Sorry Ace, they ruined what was left of the band. If I had known what they were gonna grow up to be, I would have collected more Ace Frehley stuff, instead of Gene Simmons. At least I didn't grow up to be a bass player! Har! Teasing! I do have three awesome Les Pauls though... Thanks for the inspiration, Ace! Your wailing guitar solos were the soundtrack to my teenage years and the reason I even started playing at all.