KISS Won't Perform, or Reunite With Frehley and Criss at Rock Hall

Band will not play at Rock Hall event.

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Since it was announced that KISS were to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, there has been much speculation as to whether the band's original line-up would reunite for the event. However, in a statement released over the weekend, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have revealed that, not only will the band not reunite, but they won't play the Rock Hall at all. The statement reads as follows:

"To All Our Fans In Regards To The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

"Out of respect, Ace and Peter's recent statements demand a quick response to you, our fans.

"Our intention was to celebrate the entire history of KISS and give credit to all members including present long time members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, and additionally Bruce Kulick and Eric Carr all who have made this band what it is, regardless of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame's point of view.

"Although KISS has moved forward far longer without them, Ace and Peter are at the very foundation of what we have built and this would all be impossible had they not been a part of it in the beginning.

"It is over 13 years since the original lineup has played together in make-up and we believe the memory of those times would not be enhanced. Contrary to claims made through the media we have never refused to play with Ace and Peter.

"We have spent 40 years dedicated to building KISS without quitting or wavering as the band has moved forward with huge tours and platinum albums through different important lineups for forty years, to this day.

"KISS has always been a band unlike any other. That is why we started KISS. That is why we continue KISS. Being unlike other bands also means making choices and decisions unlike other bands.

"This is understandably an emotional situation where there is no way to please everyone.

"To bring this to a quick end, we have decided not to play in any line-up and we will focus our attention on celebrating our induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame."

Peter Criss has responded with his own statement:

"To KISS fans. It's disappointing to have to say to you, the fans, that as of today, Ace and I have been denied a performance with Gene and Paul for our Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction. Tickets go on sale on Monday, February 24, and I wanted to make sure that fans understood that no original performance, in or out of makeup, has been offered to us before they purchased their tickets. This is disgraceful, and I feel bad for the fans who were looking forward to the four of us being inducted together. God bless, Peter Criss - the Catman.

"We are excited and are looking forward to seeing you all on the KISS 40th Anniversary worldwide tour."

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    I actually agree with everything the band is saying here. The Hall of Fame's rule is that if you played on a record of a band being inducted, YOU will be inducted with them. But the Hall of Fame consistently bends their own rule with each different inductee. Rutsey wasn't inducted with Rush, Dave Evans wasn't inducted with AC/DC, and now Thayer, Singer, Carr, Kulick and Vincent won't be inducted with Kiss. It seems like the Hall of fame is just run by lazy incoherent idiots who are running their own ship into the ground.
    There were only like 3 past members of RHCP who were inducted as well, out of a possible 15 or something.
    Exactly my point. Too much blatent cluelessness and major disrespect to a number of amazing artists. Do they forget their own rules? Let the fans take over the Hall of Fame already
    matteo cubano
    i dont really see a problem with that however.
    The only one I did have a problem with was Dave Navarro. The album he played on was by far my least favourite RHCP album, but he still wrote, recorded and toured an album with them, and deserved to be there just as much as Josh did.
    "We are excited and are looking forward to seeing you all on the KISS 40th Anniversary worldwide tour." We aren't making any money off you coming and seeing us play at the RRHoF so we cancelled our performance there. Hope to see you at our overpriced world tour though! I believe this is what went through Gene's head.
    All the years of bitching and complaining of KISS being denied the HOF, now they snub the performance... Paul Stanley once said "Kiss would not be Kiss without Criss or Frehly, but they wouldn't not exist now if they were there. Still sad that that half the people who started it all, and allowed the rise to fame are crapped on.
    Crapped on? Honestly, they kinda deserved it. Source? Peter's and Ace's books.
    I had the opportunity to meet KISS on the Hot in the Shade tour. Eric and Bruce were the coolest most down to earth guys,they chatted with me for a good 10 minutes.Bruce gave me an autograph and picks, and Eric gave me an autographed drum stick. Paul and Gene said they would sign a tour book if I bought one (which I did). My point being not including those guys is a total disgrace to the fans. RRHOF what a joke.
    I find it funny that Paul and Gene do not want to perform with Ace and Peter but yet they are okay with Tommy "Spaceman" Thayer and Eric "The Cat" Singer going out and performing signature songs attributed to Ace and Peter (Shock Me and Beth). No disrespect to Tommy or Eric as I am sure that they are not full partners and just glorified hired guns. I guess since CEO Simmons found a way to continue to make money off of Ace and Peter without having to have them around that they truly no longer matter to Kiss Inc. it used to be about the fans but now it's about the dollars. Anyway, congratulations to two of the biggest self important d-bags in rock and roll history. They can cash this check along with their Social Security.
    I think it's the hall of fame denying them a performance, not the band itself, you people have it all wrong.
    I really don't see why they get so much hate for speaking out against RRHOF or refusing to performance since RRHOF is making/changing the rules as they go. Whether it is Ace, Eric, Vinnie, Peter, etc. they were all huge part of Kiss and should be inducted as well. Note to all Eric/Tommy haters and die-hard Ace/Peter fans: read their autobiographies and tell me they are kind of people you would like to have in a band.
    Hmmmm... not sure how I feel about this. I was hoping to attend the induction ceremony, and I was planning on taking a big fat crap during their performance. Now I'll have to hold it in. You think maybe they'll play a video of them or something? I could squeeze a quick one out.
    Peter Criss is such a whiny bitch..
    They'd still sound like ass even with the original 4. Psycho Circus was horrible. It's still pathetic that Eric Carr isn't inducted. What kind of bullsh!t is that.
    Second Rate
    While I don't think it would have been saved by all four original members, allow me to share a fun factoid about Psycho Circus. Peter Criss played drums on one song from the album, and Ace played lead guitar on three of them. The only track that features all four guys is "Into the Void." As much as Kiss fans bitch about the current incarnation of the band (many of them refer to them as "scab Kiss"), the fact of the matter is.... Kiss has been Gene and Paul with a slew of interchangeable session musicians since well before Ace and Peter left.
    Even though Peter's drum solo on Alive was the first drum solo I actually liked and changed the way I view drummers, I'm starting to think he is a professional whiner who happens to play drums. I've lost a lot of respect for him, especially after reading his book. The picture I got was that Peter was drowning in self pity the whole time. He seems to be a lot more greedy than Gene and Paul and just refuses to let go of the past, hence the reason why he doesn't have a music career anymore.