Kiss's Peter Criss To Be Recognized As Drum Legend

Original Kiss drummer Peter Criss is to be inducted as a Drum Legend by Guitar Center.

Ultimate Guitar

Kiss's oft repeated mantra of "you wanted the best, you got the best" seems more apt than ever today, with the announcement that original drummer Peter Criss is to be inducted as a Drum Legend by Guitar Center.

According to Ultimate Classic Rock, the former Kiss legend will receive the accolade after judging the grand finals Guitar Center's annual Drum-Off competition at Club Nokia on Saturday night. The award is presented to drummers for both their playing and achievements more generally.

As Ultimate Classic Rock notes, Criss's first passion for drumming came from jazz music, when he was inspired by Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich. His rock influences include Charlie Watts, Ginger Baker, Keith Moon and John Bonham. Bonham is one of the previous Guitar Center Drum Legend inductees along with Steve Smith from Journey and Alan White of Yes.

Meanwhile, Criss's former band, Kiss, have recently completed work on their upcoming album which is entitled Monster. Paul Stanley offered the following statement on the record via Kiss's official website:

"Friday [January 6] we officially completed work on the new album. Listening to the tracks back to back is like sensory overload. Everyone who has heard any of it is completely blown away. Powerful, heavy, melodic and epic. It makes us very proud. You all will be, too. Mixing starts next week."

Criss's induction may come as a surprise to some, as the drummer's uncomplicated playing has sometimes drawn Ringo Starr-like comparisons. In a Kiss themed Family Guy episode for example, Peter Griffin infamously announces to his wife, Lois, that "no one wants to be Peter Criss, not even Peter Criss." Clearly though, the former Catman's influence has bypassed such criticisms.

Whether you think that Peter Criss is up there with Bonham and Moon or want to suggest alternative recipients for the drum legend award, let us know in the comments section.

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    Peter Criss doesn't even want to be Peter Criss.... but in all seriousness I do enjoy KISS, and good for you Peter
    I fail to see need to mention KISS new album and the peter griffen quote, just seems to be added to be insulting for the sake of being insulting.
    Lol Natures wrote: Even Lars would be a better pick.
    Nah, he can't drum while wearing cat makeup.
    That's pretty poor. Eric Carr was a lot better and everyone seems to forget about him.
    Thrash Addict
    this guy is nothing compared to Bill Ward (Black Sabbath) just listen to the drums in War Pigs.
    I like Kiss but I would say give the title to someone else more deserving. In no way he should be up there with John and Keith.
    Criss... Meh... I agree with the Carr recommendation Inb4peopleqestionifnewsworthyornot
    I never got why people say Peter Criss is terrible. He's not amazing or anything, but he's not bad. His drumming in Detroit Rock City, for example, is basic but so damn catchy. Yeah, I agree with everyone else though. He's good, but not legend worthy. Not even close.
    Thrash Addict wrote: this guy is nothing compared to Bill Ward (Black Sabbath) just listen to the drums in War Pigs.
    Hes good. But hes no Ginger Baker. For what its worth, as Peter Griffin says from Family Guy: "Nobody ever dressed up as Peter Criss!!!"
    he prolly got it just cuz hes in KISS. No disrespect to him hes good at drumming but legend idk.....
    Ok, Guitar Center... How come I didn't see mother****ing Neil Peart's name, you dumb shits?!
    I like Peter Criss but he had a jazz/pop feeling, he would be perfect if he played 10 years before Kiss. I think Eric Carr was the drummer they were looking for in the 1970's, he has the groove and he was inventive.
    While I am a huge KISS fan and I am glad to hear Peter Criss is getting recognized for his drumming, my favorite KISS album is Creatures of the Night. The drumming just explodes on that album. It is played by the late great Eric Carr.
    I think he had an own style and he played great on teh first couple records. I like him and consider him a good drummer. A legend? I don't know. But whatever, people call people things, some agree some don't, who cares anyway. ... I'm happy for him anyway.