Korn Admit Family Values Festival Is Back

The band announces the revival of the event with a trailer.

Ultimate Guitar

It's been a few years, but the Family Values festival appears to be ready for a fall revival. A new trailer has turned up teasing a one-off performance featuring a number of past Family Values participants, including the tour's founding act, Korn.

The video opens with Korn frontman Jonathan Davis belting, "Are you reeeeeeeaddddy?" before a bunch of quick-hitting flashes of artists and songs follow. If the trailer is a precursor to who is performing at this event and not a reflection of past Family Values tours, then fans can look to see such acts as Stone Sour, Ice Cube, Limp Bizkit, Rammstein and Deftones performing alongside Korn on the special night.

The trailer ends with the tease of the show in question taking place on Oct. 5. However the location of the Family Values throwdown has yet to be announced. And yes, for those wondering how the Oct. 5 show affects Korn's already revealed fall tour, the performance would fall on an off-day in the schedule.

During its heyday, Family Values was the bill to be on for hard rock and rap acts, with Stone Temple Pilots, DMX, Evanescence, Linkin Park and more performing over the years.

The full details of the event expected to be announced in the near future.

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    Missing Incubus, even though their current music may not fit it. Still..interesting!
    Korn ADMIT Family Values Festival Is Back? Why, was it something they were unwilling/embarrassed to discuss before?
    Limp Bizkit. I'd be embarrassed too...
    I like Limp Bizkit.
    there new stuff may suck but check out any of their live show videos they still have it, and Fred seems to have lost some of his douchness in recent times (around the time he became a grizzly bear)
    Just because a one night date has been set doesn't exactly mean the Family Values Tour is back. The tour has sucked since the second one anyways. The first two were great, but then it just got lame.