Korn Announce North American Tour With Asking Alexandria

Band confirms select number of club gigs this fall, "Head"'s Love and Death also among support acts.

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Rather than announcing a major worldwide tour marking the return of guitarist Brian "Head" Welch to their ranks, Korn have decided to please the hardcore crowd first, confirming a select number of North American club gigs this fall.

The trek will kick off September 26 in Philadelphia and feature Asking Alexandria and "Head"'s very own Love and Death as support acts. Including nine shows, the tour will keep the three acts busy through October 12.

"These shows are for the diehards," notes singer Jonathan Davis. "Can't wait to play the new songs from 'TPS' and expect some surprise blasts from the past too because 'Head''s back."

Upcoming Korn record "The Paradigm Shift" is scheduled for October 8 release via Caroline Records. The album was previously announced with "Never Never" single and the latest "Love & Meth" track snippet.

"The feedback has been incredible!" Head stated regarding the new record. "Everyone is saying it's the best album since 'Issues' or 'Untouchables,' which is a huge compliment."

Korn 2013 North American Tour Dates:

09/26 Philadephia - Electric Factory 09/27 New York - Roseland Ballroom 09/28 Worcester - The Palladium 09/30 Toronto - TBA 10/01 Detroit - TBA 10/02 Chicago - The Riviera Theatre 10/03 Minneapolis - TBA 10/10 Los Angeles - TBA 10/12 Las Vegas - TBA

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    "These shows are for the diehards" Even they know what the fans will have to put up with to see them.
    Tom Ak40
    I think the only reason AA is on tour with Korn is so that Korn can try to still feel relevant in this day and age. I'm going to assume the AA audience are so young that they will probably have to google them to see what they are famous for, or they will know them for the dubstep album rather than their old 90 - early 2000's stuff.
    I'm 18. I like both bands, extensively. I may be an exception, but I also speak for a crowd of people I know who like both bands as well. And not more recent Korn, either. I'm talking early. Like self-titled, Follow The Leader (burnt through a copy as a kid), Take a Look in the Mirror, etc. I'm not trying to sound like a dick by any means. Just clarifying.
    We can stop ripping on bands like 7th graders now. They're touring with Korn and you're typing behind a computer screen about how much they suck and how gay they are. To be fair, I've liked Korn ever since I heard Thoughtless for the first time, and I love their music (for the most part). I burnt out a copy of Follow the Leader when I was a kid. I also like Asking Alexandria, to an extent. What happened to having an open mind?
    AGAIN, with bands saying they're "touring North America" and only have ONE Canadian date. Why don't they just say "U.S. Tour"??? Sick of it.
    Jacques Nel
    Because then someone like you will come here and say "AGAIN with bands syaing their 'touring the U.S', but they go to Canada as well, can't they just call it a North American tour?"
    Soooo....just have bands tour the U.S., and I'll miss out on all the epic shows? Kape.
    metallica played london with HIM once.. that was funny. they didn't stay on stage for long.
    I'm not sure 9 dates qualifies as a tour...
    It's more than one, and they hit both coasts on it, so it's technically a tour. Too bad you can only see them if you live in proximity to one of the largest cities in the country.