Korn Confirm US Reunion Tour With Guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch

Nu metallers officially announce their US headline tour featuring long-time absent guitarist.

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Nu metallers Korn have officially announced the dates of the their new headlining US tour. What makes this one special is the fact that it will feature guitarist Brian "Head" Welch, marking his return to headlining US shows with Korn for the first time since 2004.

Apart from a number of confirmed shows, Welch doesn't exclude the possibility of more live dates, or even a collaboration with the band on the new studio album. "Head" is currently busy working with his new band Love & Death, with whom he has recently released an album titled "Between Here & Lost." Although he is not a permanent member of the group, the guitarist did give somewhat of a hint that his full-time reunion with Korn isn't as far-reached as we might think.

"I'd love to do Love & Death, even if I rejoin Korn as a permanent member. Love & Death is, like, my whole project to just get what's in my soul out into words and stuff, so I'd love to do always do that, but the Korn thing, man, it's just ... I love those guys and just connecting with the fans again, it's just like ... It's so cool to feel so welcome, you know?!" Welch said in a recent interview with Loudwire.

"We're talking about a lot of stuff right now. It's just like friends back together - that's the main thing right now. I think it would be something that we would know, like maybe in the fall or something like that. But, again, we're not trying to pull any tricks, we're just going slow because it's been so long and I've been busy, so we've just gotta get together more."

You can check out the full US tour dates list below.

5/15 - Belle Vernon - Rostraver Ice Garden 5/17 - Columbus - Rock on the Range 5/18 - Big Flats - The Summer Stage at Tags 5/21 - Silver Springs - The Fillmore 5/22 - Montclair - The Wellmont Theatre 5/23 - Bethlehem - Sands Bethlehem Event Center 5/24-26 Pryor - Rocklahoma (exact date TBA) 5/25 - St. Louis - Peabody 7/19 - Cadott - Rock Fest

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    I haven't given Korn a decent listen in almost 5 years. I don't really like the direction that they are going into
    Old Korn is definitely best Korn
    Outside of the First Album, I think Follow the Leader is one of my favorites
    All their albums are good. Except the dub step stuff. Im not a dubstep fan.
    "Head"'s solo works are goddamn powerful. A bit of fresh air into dubstep-KORNography
    Who'd of thought that the dude who left the band because he came clean would be the one to stick with the Korn sound?
    Who is the ones who shouts stuff like "Fuck all that bullshit!" in other wise decent songs such as Justin? Head or not they should just stick to guitar. Also SYOTOS and to a lesser extent Untitled worked fine without him. I'm venturing for this guy -
    Without David Silveria on drums, it's NOT a reunion tour (not entirely). I saw Korn when I was a young lad. Very energetic show. Nowadays, the whole dubstep/trip-hop crap is a bore. I wish they'd just write a really good rock album instead of following the trends.
    Im sorry but when have korn been making trip hop? I've listened to the whole album and its nothing but Typical american dubstep.
    My apologies. Drum and bass and skit-skatting sounds kinda "trip hop" to me. I'll be sure to bone up on my music categorization for further clarifications in the future. Jackass.
    Are you being serious? Trip hop is really really far away from being anything korn does. Compare this to Korn and you'll see why i asked.
    Believe me, Portishead can be nice, but let us not quarrel over this.
    I was just worried for a few minutes that Korn had suddenly tried to be trip hop. Seeing how desperate they've been to change their sound i wouldn't be suprised if they suddenly turned into a mariachi band.
    I hope he plays songs from the albums during his departure. Songs like "Y'all want a single", "Oildale", and "Twisted Transistor" should stay in the set. I hate it when a returning member refuses to play material written without him/her, it's an insult to fans that stuck with the bamd, like we are supposed to forget material written by other lineups, ala Deep Purple.
    mat hazelwood
    i actually popped issues in my cd player this week and i forgot how much i liked that album, i wrongly wrote it off as "cool when i was 13" would love to see them live
    This is awesome news. Why do people act like Korn is only good when you're in middle school or high school, and say thats the only time when you actually cared about the band....ooookay, then why you here commenting? You sound like bandwagon fans to me, proably got into them because Freak On A Leash was in heavy rotation on TRL and MTV I'm gunna be honest with you, Korn isn't a band I liked "back in the day", like when I was in middle school and even high school when they were "big", but I grew to really like and appreciate them on my own time, as I could relate to them more as I got older, musically and lyrically, in a real life sorta way, as opposed to the basic appeal of the generic "i hate my parents, **** the system" kind of attitude of most 13-18 year old begin to develop and think is their "voice" From personal experience, I feel that Korn live is something that if you've experienced, you wouldn't be here right now questioning their validity...nuff said
    Korn jumped the shark when they hired Skrillex to make them fresh. If Metallica wasn't around, Korn would be the frontrunner for "The Spinal Tap Award in Excellence for Bands who can't read Good."
    I hope that if Head rejoined Korn, he'd be able to balance time with them and time with Love and Death together without slowing Korn's studio output down too much. Plus, his backup vocals in Korn were kick-ass.
    This is pretty cool. I listened to Korn as a kid. Bought some tickets to see them live about five years ago, and i was skeptical on how good the show was going to be and they absolutely blew me away. Its not like they tour cause they suck.
    I actually liked See You On The Otherside a lot. But still. Love to see him coming back! A lot of respect for this guy.
    Thrice Capades
    Even without Head, they've still managed to make the same album over and over again for more than a decade.
    Yeah, you're right - The Path of Totality sounds EXACTLY like Untouchables and Follow the Leader. You've got a great ear.
    Thrice Capades
    Sadly, I'm assuming you're being sarcastic. I'll admit I didn't hear that one because I heard it was dubstep, so I get your point. But if you think Untouchables, Take A Look In the Mirror, See You on the Other Side and that white album one are dissimilar...then we can continue our debate over who has a good ear. And as much I don't like smartasses other than myself...your Ace Ventura thingy is badass.
    Based on the idea that you're admitting you haven't even listened to the recent album you've just commented on the sound of, I'm going to assume you're reaching for something to salvage your comment instead of just saying "fair enough." Every album from every band sounds similar to their last in some regard, because it's the same band. If that band is any sort of cohesive, it has a signature sound that, no matter the progress, will resurface in consecutive albums. Can you tell it's Korn? Yep. But if you're really suggesting to me that, aside from that, Take A Look in the Mirror sounds anything like See You on the Other Side, outside of the tuning, I don't really have anything to say, because I'm laughing so hard I can barely type. I get it - you don't like Korn, and I'm not a huge fan of all their recent stuff either, but the difference is that I just say I don't like it, and that I'm not a huge fan of it, instead of trying to fabricate reasons to say it, which are clearly just that. Thanks for the like on the avatar, though. I had to cut it and pull the colors from the gif a billion times to get it to a small enough size for UG.
    Thrice Capades
    I have attempted to respond to this a few times, I think my use of the word s.hart may have kept my response from posting. But essentially I'm agreeing to disagree and letting you know that I think you may have misread the Path of Totality thing. I never intended for that one to be included in the discussion.
    still shitty music
    They need to get wild and drunk like the old days and play all the good stuff (anything before See You On The Other Side)
    Still a shitty Nu Metal Poser Band.
    Agree... seen them live twice (once with a friend who said seeing them live would change my opinion, and once by accident at either Ozzfest or Lolla around 97-98.) They were terrible. Nu-metal is simply one of the lesser forms of music... the limp biscuits, the disturbers, trappers, the staineds, the papa roaches of the world... glad they're completely irrelevant now and easily avoidable in the mainstream.
    Head is back . . . Nice! Maybe we won't hear the same ol' crap live, because Munkey can't play the guitar parts that Head could.
    the only thing i care about is if he can stay sober through a reunion and if the music is still good who cares rockon i live 2 hrs from columbus
    **** yeah! I really hope they come to Aus, never seen Korn live
    even if they do, you still wouldn't have seen korn live... well not the real Korn anyway. ray is a beat o drums however David was completely unique. either that or that was a hell of a lot of studio magic.
    im not mental
    saw them on their last tour with head opening for linkin park my freshman year of high school. not gonna lie, they had a fun set! snoop dogg came out and joined them for a few songs too.