Korn Drummer on Ian Watkins Case: 'It's Beyond Disgusting, He's Not Wired in the Head Right'

"I can't even swallow the fact that that's going on," Ray Luzier says.

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Asked to comment on Ian Watkins' child abuse trial, Korn drummer Ray Luzier expressed utter shock over the singer's actions, dubbing him mentally deranged. "That's really sad," Ray told Radio Futuro (via Blabbermouth). "Obviously, he's not wired in the head right, or mentally. It's beyond disgusting to me. I can't even swallow the fact that that's going on." The drummer elaborated further, "People know that there's pedophilia and stuff out there, but to take it as far as someone like him and to use his fame to get victims, I don't even know what to say. I have no comment on that. He has some mental issues that really, really need to be handled immediately, obviously." Watkins' disturbing case shocked the public last week as Lostprophets vocalist pleaded guilty to attempting baby rape, confessing he sexually touched, had oral and full sex, as well as urinated on children and underage teenage girls. Two mothers of abused children were also involved in heinous crimes, abusing their own children and giving Watkins permission for his deeds. The singer's ex-girlfriend Joanna Majic recently claimed she'd been trying to warn the authorities about Watkins' pedophilia for four years, but to no avail. According to the latest info, the police officer involved in the case is now under investigation for "gross misconduct." After disbanding in October, Lostprophets members have now condemned the singer, saying his actions will "haunt us for the rest of our lives." More details on Watkins case here. The singer is scheduled to be sentenced on December 18.

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    Are we gonna get a story every time someone comments about this? Personally, unless theres some actual major development, then I dont wanna hear about it any more. The guy is twisted, and deserves to be nothing more than a small footnote in the human race... if that.
    Ha you complained about a another story with a comment about this case, then ended your post with your own take on the case up to this point.
    Far as I see, what Watkins did is perfectly logical - He's a sick, sex obsessed pervert and had the money and fame to be able to manipulate others into doing the ridiculous acts that he asked of them as well as carrying them out himself. He's not insane or mentally retarded, he's just a depraved person who carried out his disturbed fantasies cause he had the power to do so
    I'm not sure 'can't swallow it' is the best figure of speech when talking about a sex scandal.
    This is UG's new trend
    Too bad something this twisted is what it took to stop the A7x articles..
    At least they stopped... I'm so tired of "Oh we're so cool and metal" news I mean hail to the king was a good song but they were starting to act like pansies with all their bickering.
    What's sad is that it will be seen as a mental defect, go into a hospital and be out within 10 years. . . . Hooray for our revolving door justice system!
    Yeah Justice is normally evaded when you got the big bucks and the option to say you have mental health problems then be able to live safely from being brutalized as he should.
    Ian is sick and twisted, but their music will always be awesome to me...Start Something was one of the best albums ever made in modern music in my opinion. It's a shame to see the rest of the guys suffer for his ways.
    I'm not so sure whether Ray was using a pun in the title. But I will agree with anyone who talks against Watkins: what he did is beyond disgusting and has let nearly everyone down. I feel sorry for those who were closest to him (friends, family, etc,), I'm sure they'll keep a long distance away from him now...