Korn Drummer Ray Luzier: What It's Like to Be an Unknown New Guy in a Famous Band

"... then they'd turn to me and say, 'Who the hell are you?'"

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Korn Drummer Ray Luzier: What It's Like to Be an Unknown New Guy in a Famous Band

Ray Luzier discussed how his role in Korn has changed over the years and what it was like to enter an established band and be perceived as an unknown new guy despite an impressive resume of a session musician.

The drummer told Rhythm Magazine: "In 2009, they said they didn't want me to go anywhere and they wanted to make me a member. Fieldy wanted me to go to meet and greets and I was like, 'People don't want to meet me!'

"I would show up to the first meet and greets and people would be like, 'Jon, your lyrics saved my life, Fieldy your bass is incredible, Munky, I love you,' then they'd turn to me and say, 'Who the hell are you?' To them I was some new drummer; they didn't know I had 50 records under my belt."

Ray also noted: "It took me years to get my identity in this band. I was a session guy for many years. I had to be a chameleon and learn real quick. I'd say, 'Hi, my name's Ray,' and five minutes later the red light's on and you're recording. I'm used to that, but Korn is its own animal.

"I'm in my tenth year now with Korn. When I was a hired gun at the end of 2007 I was fine with that. I had already played with guys like David Lee Roth and I'd had to play Alex Van Halen's drum parts. Going to Korn was a different animal, they have their own sound and individuality. There's a reason why the first few records with the five original members did so well.

"When I joined the band Jonathan, who is a drummer himself, said to me that I could pay homage to what David had done but they wanted Ray Luzier in the band. They wanted my personality because they liked my playing. I was flattered by that but if you change too many of the parts you get fans saying you’re overplaying.

"When that happens I want to yell out, 'But the singer told me I could!' But then if you copy the original drummer verbatim on the old stuff it’s like you're trying to just play like him. It's a weird place to be in. Then if I didn’t do it someone else would be doing it and they’d be getting the same shit that I got.

"It was real challenging in the first few years before I found my niche. We play off each other now. I'll play something and Fieldy will start playing off it. We vibe off each other. We're all open, there's no ego crap."

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    the tour name "Return of the Dreads" is catchy and all but poor Ray XD
    Wait...How is there a drummer in a band that is now only a laptop?
    Are you trying to make a joke out of the dubstep album they released on 2011?
    yes, and it's lame. they had heaps of well done non electric nu metal songs since then and sound like the 90s again but...mew...dubstep joke FTW...