Korn: 'Dubstep Fans Rage Harder Than Metal Fans'

artist: Korn date: 11/10/2011 category: music news
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Korn: 'Dubstep Fans Rage Harder Than Metal Fans'
Jonathan Davis says that dubstep fans can rage 10 times harder than metal fans, without resorting to any of the aggression found in a mosh pit. The Korn frontman was speaking to MTV Hive (via Blabbermouth) about why his band wanted to work with dubstep producers on their newest album, "The Path Of Totality". "Metal shows are all hate, like, 'I'm going to f--k you up in the mosh pit'. Electronic shows are all peace and love. They rage harder than metal fans," he said. "I played a show in New York and then watched Nero who sold out Webster Hall. That crowd went ten times harder than any metal crowd I've seen in my life." His opinion echoes that of many older rock fans who remember a time when mosh pits were about dancing hard rather than swinging fists and bodyslamming. Davis went on to defend his original dubstep collaborator Skrillex, who strongly divides opinion in the dubstep scene. "He has a lot of haters but he's got a lot of people who love him too," Davis said. "It's like all the purist metal-heads that said we were really rock when we came out. Trailblazers of any kind of music are going to get that flack." Korn will take part in a live video chat tonight (November 10) at 6:30pm eastern time, where the band will take questions from fans in real time. Has Davis lost his rock marbles, or is he making a relevant and timely point? Discuss and defend your corner in the comments.
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