Korn Frontman: 'Obama Is an Illuminati Puppet'

Jonathan Davis calls USA "police state" in new interview.

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Korn frontman Jonathan Davis was recently interviewed on the Alex Jones Show, the programme hosted by the noted conspiracy theorist (via Blabbermouth). When asked about the inspiration for Korn's "Spike in My Veins" video - which overlaps important news reports of government lookout and major political figures with modern pop acts, Davis responded:

"For a long time, I've been into what's going on with our country.

"I don't necessarily consider myself a political person, but over the years, I've seen what's been going on, and it's time to do something about what's going on with our country and the system and everything that's going on.

"It seems really sad that everybody's so asleep and oblivious to the fact that the country uses the media to capture people's attention or take away from the fact that what's going on with our country.

"It really freaked me out when the whole Miley Cyrus thing was going on, and when that went down, [President] Barack [Obama] passed that new law that he can imprison anyone he wants and he doesn't have to charge them and he can keep them as long as he wants.

"Basically, all our liberties are being taken away one by one, and finally, I feel like it's time ... I've gotta do something and try and get as many people as we can to wake up and see what's really going on."

Davis went on to state:

"I think it's time for us as normal people to come up and fight against the powers that be.

"I think this country was founded and based in the beginning and set up for us to have revolutions when we don't like our government and what our government has done and taken over and taken away all our privacy and all the things going on with the drone ... I mean, everything. It's a scary time, and I think that someone's gotta do it in our position, someone's gotta speak out to the younger audience and let them know what's going on and how to wake up and take back their privacy."

"Big Brother is alive and well. I mean, you're looking at me on my camera phone. It wasn't about putting up cameras. I think we've already got cameras everywhere. You can't tell me that there's no backdoors for everybody to see, so that the powers that be can see what we're doing and watch what we're doing at all times. And I'm not comfortable with that. And I think it needs to go. And they're building that huge-ass building, NSA is, for all the spying, and it's just gonna get worse and worse. I mean, it's scary times, brother.

"Nobody cares what's going on behind the closed doors when Obama makes all these crazy laws that take away more and more of our privacy. It'll make you more of a dictator.

"Something's gotta happen, man. It's gotta stop."

Elaborating on why he thinks Obama is becoming more of a "dictator," Davis noted:

"I mean, I've said it before. I think he's an illuminati puppet. It just doesn't make sense, the whole thing. The guy comes from out of nowhere, he gets made president, all this stuff starts happening. I don't know… It just didn't make sense to me. And to top top it off, I'm not really a political person, I don't know much about it, I'm just worried about my privacy and my children's privacy. This being America, we're supposed to be the 'land of the free,' and it's becoming a police state."

"I just want us to become the country we used to be.

"I remember, when I was a kid, how amazing our country was, and as I've grown up and watched things happen, I just want it to be like it used to be.

"Like I said, I'm not really a political person and I don't wanna come off like I don't know what I'm talking about, but I really wanna leave a world for my kids to have the liberties and the privacy that this country was founded on."

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    I love the fact that you can learn everything about the Illuminati, a group that controls every facet of the world and has existed in shadows for ages, in 10 minutes spent searching on Google and youtube. That's awfully generous for a conspiratorial organization that not only controls the world's economy, but how it's governed, never mind the fact that they continuously distort and manipulate facts and information. They'll target politicians, entertainers, activists, etc for assassination, and they're behind every major conspiracy in recent history, but they're really lazy when it comes to the internet, aren't they? They should invest in IT. Do people not even consider the fact that the Illuminati would control the very channels of information that people supposedly derive their research from? You don't think the Illuminati would have absolute control over billion dollar websites like google and youtube? How and why would you people ever feel comfortable citing either one as hard evidence in your favor? If the Illuminati existed, wouldn't it be in their best interest to misinform you through the same channels you adhere to as bastions of truth? Use your heads. Do people really think it's a conspiracy to claim that governments only represent corporate interests? No shit, that's one of the most obvious facts of life, and it's not a recent development. War is about territory, resources and industry. Politics are about representing and promoting the goals of business, and a country is nothing but a business. There's nothing new about this, and anyone who thinks the American government is MORE corrupt now than at any other point has absolutely no grasp on history.
    I'm saving this and posting it on every illuminati status I come across on Facebook. Thank you for existing.
    You have some good points, but you fall short and if you don't understand the religion aspect, you'll never get it. 1.The 'illuminati' (not their name) believe power and success is gained out of admitting their guilt to their victims.. this is structured into their religious beliefs. 2.Obviously, this admittance doesn't matter as it's doing nothing to stop the progression.. the train keeps rolling towards prophesy. You seem smart, just do some more digging.
    Thanks for the patronizing, but I'll pass.
    I've heard enough about Satanic rituals, masonic gatherings and blood offerings for one lifetime, often from coworkers, friends or schoolmates who otherwise have dick all to say about politics. I don't believe for a second that the actual 'powers that be' care about superstitious nonsense beyond how it can be used to manipulate people on an emotional level.
    I just find it kind of funny whenever they start harping on about the Satanic imagery and the "fact" the Illuminati dabbles in the occult, and how it's all SO BAD AND EVIL, and here I am listening to Black Metal and having a moderate interest in the occult. Then again, I'm obviously a shill for my Jewish masters.
    "..superstitious nonsense.."Just because you're too uneducated to know things, doesn't mean they don't exist.. The reality is they -do- exist and you're stunting greater understanding by being prideful or lazy or whatever... You shouldn't be confirming subject matter by what people around you are saying either. You're smart, look into it yourself.
    The Spoon
    "Look into it yourself" is the phrase conspiracy theorists ALWAYS say when they've got nothing. If you are trying to get people to believe your outlandish beliefs, the burden of proof falls on YOU. It's not up to anyone of us to go searching for evidence, you must provide it. Until then, there is absolutely no reason to believe it and whatever logic you've provided so far is really weak and pretty irrelevant.
    "I remember, when I was a kid, how amazing our country was, and as I've grown up and watched things happen, I just want it to be like it used to be. " I remember when I was a kid and thought America was the greatest country ever in every aspect. Then I grew up. Mr. Davis is mistaking childhood nostalgia and innocence for reality.
    Davis wants our freedom and privacy restored to how it should be as made by the constitution.The reality is people are asleep at the wheel on this one and when they finaly wake up to the fact that our government is seizing their rights it may be to late to do anything.
    Sadly, you are correct. However, I remember in the 80's that at least our civil liberties weren't a carpet to be stomped all over.
    Oh really? You think the 80s is when civil liberties weren't being stomped on? AAAHAHAHA
    he was implying that our civil liberty's werent as blatantly being stomped on by the government in that time period as it is today.Though it is not to say that they were not at all being abused as you seem to have assumed from jrodgers statement,our civil rights are always in danger and that is why it is important to pay attention to what is happening and realize that it is our responsibility as citizens to speak up about it.
    Because there was all this technology. Liberties would have been stomped on more if they had what we had today in terms of technology. Also, black people had only gained civil liberties a decade and a half before the 80s. So it's not like we've fallen so far from when your worst fears were actual realities. America was never some perfect place.
    Dayman, that might be the funniest shit I've read today. If you have nostalgia for the civil liberties of Ronald Reagen, congratulations on being a child in the 1980s.
    I guess with some perspective, you are right Dayman and props for calling me out on that. If this were the 80's I'd probably be ranting instead about the civil rights of minorities. However, the point that i was really driving at is that with the political climate of our country today, we are ALL f***ed, regardless of skin color, religion, or sexual orientation.
    "I don't wanna come off like I don't know what I'm talking about." Too late, we already read the headline.
    Call it Illuminati, call it what you want, but the fact is something is not right here in America.
    I absolutely agree that something is not right, but the people putting forth the notion that the government is seizing our liberties as part of a sinister plot to enslave us or something are creating more paranoia and hostility. They're missing the true reason behind the intense invasion of privacy: WE'RE SCARED. 9/11 changed this country beyond measure and our leaders are choosing to invade our privacy out of fear. Whether or not that is right is a fair debate, but this idea that Obama wants to become a fascist dictator is just hurting the US even more.
    "..but the people putting forth the notion that the government is seizing our liberties as part of a plot to enslave us or something.. are creating more paranoia and hostility" Wow, you're so wrong it's not funny. Dose of reality, you need it.
    They use everything, the news stations, radio, tv, movies to scare people and put that thought in your head of bad things. They try to manipulate your thoughts. Look at all the doomsday movies that came out last year. Now look at all the biblical movies coming out this year, not to mention very forward thinking and scientific movies as well. People in the system are combating against each other. They realise most people are starting to become spiritual,just knowing that you're connected to the universe and everyone you encounter, no hate, no judgment. They don't like this , because it's not a divide in the world, there's no conflict when everyone gets along obviously. The powers that be need wars they need hate they need bigotry and they need religions hating other religions. We wouldn't have wars if it didn't make them money.
    Very little of what this Mustaine impersonator said is true. GWB passed the law that says you can be imprisoned without trial or charges for as long as the govt wants. All that said....his music is lame as well.....
    Don't get me wrong , the whole "illuminati" accusation is a bunch of BS, but he actually is right about the nsa installing backdoors in technology. There is evidence of this in the documents Edward Snowden leaked. There was a big discussion on reddit about this not too long ago. What's really scary is that this seems to be going on behind the backs of many companies. Davis is also correct about Obama inheriting the right to detain anyone without trial. He authorized it under NDAA 2013 and renewed it under NDAA 2014.
    There's been evidence here and there about surveillance for a while even before Snowden's leaks. There was an article in 1999 or so that showed what appeared to be a hidden NSA connection built into Windows (a few pieces Microsoft didn't cover up apparently). And as for this stuff being a sign of the times, don't forget the United States for a good part of its history could arrest people for speaking against the government. SSDD.
    Well, I'm not scared...and I don't think most people are. It's a forced fear through media and the news. More people die from police brutality and bee stings in America than terrorist attacks. More people die from spider bites, lightning strikes and peanut allergies. Look up the facts for yourself. If you are scared, fine. I can't tell you that you aren't. But to track my whereabouts and treat me like a criminal in an airport or while I'm out driving my car because YOU are scared..you just CANNOT do that.
    Exactly, there are serious issues with privacy and government overreach that need to be addressed, but many conspiracy theorists are co-opting this movement started by the Snowden revelations to push their agenda. The reality is that corporate ownership of nearly every apsect of our lives is just as much of a problem, if not more. At least we have a say in our government (although it's been diminished by the power of money), whereas corporations are accountable to nobody but themselves and their shareholders (i.e. profit). The only way to hold them accountable for their impact on society is through government regulation.
    A lot of things are not right here in America and most of the world. As long as significant amounts of people keep focusing on and talking about "The Illuminati" and other similar conspiracy theories the real problems will continue to get worse and worse. The crooks, liars and killers that run the world count on people being lazy and distracted like this. Yes, it can boring at first but educating yourself on the reality of politics, corruption and oppression can lead to making informed decisions and choices that could lead to real change. Of course, getting excited about sensationalized misinformation ("Dude, like... Illuminati yo!") goes better with getting high, listening to crappy music and passing out on the couch than critical thinking. A LOT is wrong... but there's nothing secret or magic about it.
    Okay, so I believe there are a lot of valid points here, most of which are very respectful and intelligent. I for one don't go searching for triangles and all that idiotic crap, and that's not what I was talking about. But, yes. The government is all controlled by money, power, and gaining more more more and more for themselves. To quote George Carlin to the best of my ability, this country was bought, sold and paid for a long time ago. It's all about personal gain these days. So like I said, call it Illuminati, call it what ever you want, the government does not give a **** about you.
    @Maiden95 - I LOVE that Carlin quote! I totally agree with you. I don't think there's anything wrong with conspiracy theories, they're interesting and some turn out to be true. I just think that too many focus on ONLY conspiracy theories... which can be dangerous because most of the real evil in the world is right in front of us giving us reasons to trust them while they ruin everything.
    Absolutely. And if everyone were to take a couple days and just digest the words of George Carlin, not listening for a laugh, but for actual wisdom, we would really have a better, more intelligent world.
    Especially his later work. Some say it was too dark but that's reality. It ain't all sunshine and rainbows.
    Yeah, the government. You don't need to be looking for triangles and eyes in popular media to prove anything. The faults of the state and the inherent forceful power that comes with it are right there in front of us. Most people just don't care or don't want to put in the work to do something. I'm not saying I'm better either since I'm also just sitting here typing a UG comment.
    symbolism is actually quite popular in government.
    Yes but I find it to be sort of a waste of time to be looking for every little sign of some shadow government that's not even really proven to exist when there's direct and tangible corruption.
    Yeah, 'cause assessing problems with fake-scared-psycho-Christian platforms is the best way to go about doing things...
    Money controls everything. That's the way it's always been. The president's have always been in someone's pocket. Always. This won't ever change.
    Not true. We used to break up monopolies. There was no "too big to fail" back then. Money used to play a very small role in politics and we had actual substantial debate in elections. It's only been over the last 50 years or so that the populace has been dumbed down and the government bought off by corporate interests. The system is fundamentally good, it's just been corrupted. That's why I don't advocate revolution. Just vote against the two party system. I'll be voting for the Green party next time.
    "I remember, when I was a kid, how amazing our country was, and as I've grown up and watched things happen, I just want it to be like it used to be."You're average kid will think everything is amazing. Don't be so naive as to think things weren't dissimilar when he was a kid. 70's had Nixon and the Watergate scandal, 70's to 90's America's lethal aid to South American countries, "The School of Americas" caused civil war and the death of thousands of civilians, President Reagan praising apartheid South Africa in the 80's, going against Mandela, labeling him a terrorist and supporting the rebels in an effort to gain access to their diamond mines. Ah yes, the good old days with a non corrupt government, right Davis? Don't contradict yourself lad.
    yeah but America was doing fine, we are taking about the USA not the world, the economy was prosperous and doing until Clinton left, then things went to shit
    Replying here because I can - this comments section is so devoid of all logic, scientific understanding and common sense that it's painful to read. If any of you truly believe the government is controlling your minds, through GM crops and that Obama genuinely wants to take away all your rights so he can do as he pleases, let alone not dismissing these 'facts' the moment you're told them by a guy who believes lots of world leaders are reptiles, then there is no hope for you. Seriously, if I could ban people for stupidity my ban ranking would be competing with Carmel and the guitarist after this.
    I don't know.. aside from the Reptilian stuff, there seems to be a good amount of sense and logic. I would say most (aside from thomasjgriff)of the comments on this part of the thread are at least intelligible, cohesive, and not very negative and demeaning toward other users. Good to see a moderator stepping in and changing that
    If you ask me there isnt any country in the world where nothing is going on.
    Something is definitely wrong but it's hardly Brave New World now is it? Jonathan Davis is a fruitcake. "I just want us to become the country we used to be." Yea because slavery was awesome...and productive.
    Because there was no time between slavery and now..... We are SO much better off than the dinosaurs too
    There was indeed plenty of time between slavery and now.... none of it is as good as now, but I suppose it's there.
    Cellofreak, you must be an idiot to not stop, step back, and truly reflect on the changes that are occurring to societies all around the world. America as one of the guinea pigs on the frontline.
    Seriously, watch this lecture by one of the world's most important voices (David Icke) as we head towards that fork in the road. Our options? Go with the agenda that is being presented to us in plain sight which we as a race are too ignorant to realize due to the way the powers that be have been conditioning us through GM foods and many other means. OR To stand up for our rights as free sentient beings, to stand up for our right to be ourselves. To explore and evolve our ideas, sharing with one another the positive vibes and love which we as homo sapiens, were born with and are obligated to spread.
    Isn't David Icke the one that believes George Bush and Queen Elizabeth among others are reptile shapeshifters? Colour me shocked that people don't listen to him.
    He certainly is kirk92. Then again, if the majority of society only ever hears what FOX or any other news network has to say about the world, then society will NEVER hear the truth and an objective portrayal of our society because it has been tailored to fit the ideologies of those that run the company, not us, the citizens. Especially if those in control of things like the mainstream media, actually have an agenda of ANY kind they want to rollout. Even if they just want you drinking more Coca-Cola, the fact is they are doing whatever they can, subliminal or not, to get you drinking more Coke. Now replace Coca-Cola with genetically modified foods with chemicals that are directly harmful to our health including our mental capacity. (Which there is evidence of, like MONSANTO) Shit gets real.
    100% agree with what you are saying, but reptilian shapeshifting is a big stretch for me.
    Take us, we are beings which exist in the 3rd dimension, whatever that is. There are things, energies, beings, which exist on higher levels of existence that we cannot fully experience due to being held back by our 5 senses and what we can perceive. Not so much shapeshifting like you might see a character in Xfiles or even in harry potter for a bad example. But a changing of their own energy and frequency to appear in a form that we can actually perceive with sight.
    There is a chemical that our body produces to allow us to see things that we can't normally see. There is some debate as to whether these entities are real or just our brain metaphorically personifying things we have no way of explaining with language.
    And after the notion of the GM foods and such, if we can be changed or altered through what we eat and our environment. That can all affect our mental capacity to perceive anything. They can control the way we think, feel and to what level our senses can truly function.
    matteo cubano
    David Icke: Conspiracy of the Lizard Illuminati (Part 1/2)
    Haha...Hahahaha...Hahahahahahaha.....Hahahahahahahahahaha... .HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! David Icke is a muppet...a very rich one however. But he is the son of God...or did he get over that?
    The Judist
    That's cos most people have been successfully brainwashed by the media. In the whole vastness of space and time in the universe, if you think aliens that can blend in among us can't possibly exist then you need to wake up.
    As soon as you say David Icke I know you have absolutely no intention of presenting any relevant facts. This man makes money by taking advantage of people's gullibility.
    David Icke is still around? HAHA. I remember finding him mildly amusing sometime back in the 90's... but then I put the bong down for five minutes and remembered "Oh yeah, I'm NOT an idiot!" Some fiction writers don't like admitting that they're FICTION writers. It makes for better book and video sales.
    The fact that you are getting a lot of negative voting on this is a good sign, if the majority of the simpletons on this website agreed with me I wouldn't be too happy.