Korn Frontman on New Album: 'If It Was Up to Me, We'd Have Way More Electronics'

"Pushing and pulling against each other helped us make our best album ever," says Jonathan Davis.

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Korn singer Jonathan Davis recently discussed an ongoing guitar vs. electronica argument within the band, saying that drastically different ideas and ultimate compromise are what made "The Paradigm Shift" the band's best effort to date. "I was like, 'Wait! I didn't come back to do an electronic album!'" guitarist Brian "Head" Welch told Revolver magazine. Davis then chipped in, "Head kept saying, 'I wanna do a metal record! I wanna do a metal record! I was like, 'Bro, you've been gone eight years. We already made those records.' With our last album [2011's "The Path of Totality"], which was filled with dubstep and EDM beats we thought, 'Man, this is so different and new. Let's keep going with this.'" Jonathan then admitted that if he had his way, the new album would be much more electronica-fueled. "If it was up to me, we'd have way more electronics, but we compromised, and I'm so glad we did," he said (via the PRP). "Pushing and pulling against each other helped us make our best album ever." Head agreed with the singer, saying, "The electronic parts are sprinkled in the sings in a really good way. I mean, 95 percent of the album sounds like old Korn. It's just mixed with some newer sounds." "The Paradigm Shift" saw its release on October 8 through Caroline Records as the band's eleventh studio effort.

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    jonathan davis should just do a solo album of electronic stuff and not include it in korn
    Why? Is he a Metal guy or a Rave guy? He needs to decide
    That is incredibly dumb to say. Claudio Sanchez from Coheed and Cambria started an electronic project and I thought it was pretty good. After it's release, I saw Coheed release their best albums The Afterman series.
    Claudio = musical genius. I think PFI really helped him grow as a songwriter and prepared him for "Afterman". It would be pretty funny to see him sing over dubstep...just a thought
    Why does he have to decide ? Musicians are free to do whatever they like in my opinion, as long as it doesn't interfere with their "original"/side-band. Belzebass is a great example for an artist that started in metal, and just brought the corny beats to electronic music. This and also bringing new influences to metal is very interesting in my op.
    For the next album they should just put Davies in the corner with Ableton Live, some headphones & a handful of glowsticks - let him get all this electronic stuff out. Then shove him in front of the mic for his parts and hope for the best. I don't mind electronic music at all, in fact I love a lot of it, but Korn on the whole sucks with its inclusion.
    it didn't really work out well last time and received alot of negative criticism, so why bother with it again? Oh Jonaffan.
    The Path of Totality wasn't really an electronic album. It sounded like KoRn with dubstep randomly spliced in...
    The whole 'Path to Totality' album sounded like a Transformer transforming for 40 minutes. I couldn't get into it, as much as I tried.
    What are you talking about?! You can absolutely perform that stuff live! You just plug your iphone into a speaker and hit play. Duh...
    Well if you see it as your mission in life to get rid of the few remaining fans of Korn Jonathan, then go ahead!
    Glad Head is back and that it wasn't up to John. The new album is the best thing they've done in years.
    Yeah man!!! theres Head, Weiner, Kneecap, and Rectum all back for another great album!!!!!
    I'm glad that Head comes back to the band, I was a KoRn music fan until Head was gone. I remember that I said, Damn... Head is gone but, KoRn maybe sound great without him. Great MISTAKE!, Hell no!, I really bored their album See you on the other side, I was like, WTF?? this is not metal, so I didn't listened KoRn anymore, then I start to search info of Brian Head Welch, and I noticed that he made an Album called Save Me From Myself with a Music Video "FLUSH" then I said, mother of GOD he has the 85% of korn's essence, so I followed him, then I became a big fan of Head and Love And Death music, I felt like I was listening Korn's Music, I love it. When I noticed that Head played Blind with Korn live, I got in shot cause that was my new dream that he returns to band to make an Epic album. And it was that happened they make a great album with heavy guitar riffs that ripe your head when you listen it live.' When you listen electronic music live you just wanna dance or something like that but when you listen Pray For Me intro riffs live you want to smash some faces!!! xD Just my opinion, I'm glad that they make an album that smashed that "The Path of Totality" absolutly.
    Sounds like Jonathon is trying to commandeer KoRn as his own solo project almost. That's why people make solo efforts dude, use that outlet instead of ruining KoRn's sound. The band became huge just through the use of guitars originally and ever since the electronics started seeping into the mix, record sales have declined. Do the math
    Record sales for Korn were going down well before The Path of Totality came along. See You On The Other Side was their last platinum selling album, the Untitled album only went gold, Remember Who You Are has yet to get any RIAA ranking and pretty much every other artist out there has a similar trend from the early 00's until now. The quality of the music has little to do with sales these days, it's more about the fact people simply don't buy music as much as they used to for reasons you can probably figure out on your own. And putting that aside, I don't think Jonathan is trying to ruin the bands sound, I think he's trying to expand their sound while retaining the old Korn sound. Korn has been using the same tired formula on all their albums and when The Path of Totality came out, it finally showed Korn outside of their box and it was something different. Granted, many people didn't like it because they wanted yet another cut-and-paste Korn album and that's not what they got. People don't accept change very well but every artist eventually has to do it and some are more extreme than others. Look at Linkin Park and Papa Roach... two perfect examples of bands that changed while still retaining some of their old qualities. The fans hate them for it, but they did what they had to do to keep the band going on a creative level.
    I will always like korn, they are a great band they have had some low record sales but I will always be a fan of korn, the first six albums they did were phenominal, but I'm glad head is back, & there rocking again.
    I don't really mind if they make something more like that Spawn soundtrack again.
    Could someone PLEASE explain to me why my earlier comment was removed? It wasn't even remotely offensive, and I'm rather surprised by its disappearance.
    I think Jon needs to get all of this electronica stuff out of his system under his JDevil persona, instead of KoRn. I don't mind subtle electronics peppered in to their music, but they're much better as a rap/metal crossover band than they'll ever be as a dubstep/metal crossover band.
    it didn't really work out well last time and received alot of negative criticism, so why bother with it again? Oh Jonaffan.
    if it was up to me i would have banned hippy metal....fusion of two genres is not always a great idea.... it seems cool at first sight....but eventually turns to shit.....
    I am usually against the "metal only" attitude, and I listen to a good amount of electronic music, but Korn's take on it was terrible. Then again, none of Korn's albums in 10 years have been good. So I don't entirely blame dubstep.
    "More electronics". I believe that's what Faith No More/Mr Bungle did before they started to decline in greatness and popularity.
    Sammy Mantis
    Mr. Bungle never delved that deeply into electronics...They were also never hugely popular, and they never declined in greatness either. Not convinced you know what you're talking about.
    I think Davis is one of the main reasons this band has gone to shit. If it wasn't for Head coming back, Korn would be JDevil in disguise.
    This band is one that's really hellbent on destroying their reputation and legacy, huh?
    The new album is garbage. It doesn't really sound like them that much. The electronics need to go. I have been able to find things I like in all of their albums but this one just doesn't have anything going for it for me.
    so Jon is the one hookd on all that electrical crap..guess as the front-man no one can tell him that shit sucks without him throwing a fit but its bringing... well (brought) korn down.... i say how about an album without electronics (or very little) specialty not focusing on synth sounds not so pronounced
    He likes change. He is into a lot of different styles, probably bored of playing Falling Away every single night, so to go into a studio and rework songs with that flavour AGAIN with no new elements wouldn't appeal to him would it. (especially after that korn 3 back to our roots AGAIN, AGAIN AGAIN, fuking flop) The electronics that were chucked in work well. It's a good record. I'm glad he can see the bigger picture and the music is by Korn and not J-Devil. I think he abused the power of the Korn name to make a record that would sell with Path as opposed to just doing it in his own time as a solo thing. On the most part, Path of Totality doesn't need any of the other band members, just him, his voice and the computers. But we don't have PATH 2 do we, so it doesn't matter. Liking it a lot.
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