Korn Guitarist 'Head' Excited To Be Back

Brian "Head" Welch quit in 2005, but his return for live dates this year has prompted an emotional reaction from fans, which is rubbing off on the man himself.

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Brian "Head" Welch has expressed his excitement at rejoining Korn for a series of live dates this year.

Welch co-founded Korn in the early 1990s, but quit in 2005 to escape drug addiction and find God. In 2011, Korn invited him to perform with them for the first time in seven years, which you can see in the player below.

Their live dates in 2013 include two appearances in Germany, one concert in the UK, and a set at Rock At The Range festival in Columbus, Ohio.

"It's a bit surreal because I didn't expect it to happen," said Welch of his reunion. "We have no hate for each other like some of these other bands that haven't talked in years. People grew. Everyone went to different places in life."

Welch says he never expected to rejoin the band after so many years apart, but when the rumors began last may and he saw the emotional fan reaction, he knew it was the right path:

"Nothing else mattered except reconciliation, brotherly love, and that family feel with the guys and the fans. People were in tears. I thought, 'This is a really good thing.'

"As soon as the day hit when I felt it was right, it felt so good. I'm really excited about this year with them."

Watch Brian "Head" Welch reunite with Korn at Rockingham Festival last year in this video:

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Are you pleased to see Korn back with their founding guitarist? Could they ever top the Billboard chart as their late 90s albums did? Share your opinion in the comments.

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    I am nowhere near as into KoRn now as I was when I was younger, but I look forward to seeing where this goes. Hell, if they make another album with Head I will definitely check it out. If nothing else for old time sake. They got me through some rough times as a kid before Head left.
    Darth Wader
    Head is the man! Can't wait to get the album from his new band Love & Death that just came out.
    His new band is awesome. Stongly urge anyone to check it out regardless of religion factor or wahtever! He's not trying to force god into your life!! I love Head, he's a great guy and I am happy he found some peace in his life finally! Korn got cooler in my books too, they're not just a band, they're a family. That is great to see
    "I was all messed up on drugs, 'till I found the Lord. Now, I'm all messed up on the Lord" - Cheech & Chong
    I remember when he left the band. UG had an article titled, "Munky feels empty without 'Head'" there were many lulz all around.
    I hope the original drummer comes back too. I would love to see Korn with the whole original lineup.
    I said the same thing yesterday. Pretty doubtful though considering he seems to have totally dropped out of the public eye. Too bad.
    Actually, last year, David made his debut back into music after his 6 year hiatus, and soon after head was mentioned to come back for these dates, he mentioned that he would be interested in a Korn reunion.
    Personally I don't want to see that, because Ray Luzier killed it on Korn III, and live he nails every song. I like what David did in the band, but he left and they actually found a better drummer.
    In addition, his live versions of every song sound better than David's to begin with. Not bashin, but Luzier is just ridiculous on anything he's involved in
    id have to disagree, listen to the video in this article and then go listen to them play Blind at Woodstock 99 on youtube. Holy shit was it better back then, maybe it was just how the sound was recorded but it sounds a hell of a lot more powerful with the original lineup.
    i think both drummers are ****ing great, they should have a drum-off or share live shows hahaha. i think the drumlines and everything David has written and contributed was great, def one of my fave drummers.
    its seems like they are all genuinely happy to be playing together. at first I thought it was head trying to get some money, but it really doesn't seem that way!
    I really enjoyed Korn when they had both guitarists and the music was just ****ing heavy. Hopefully with him back, maybe the potentially record with him and bring back the heavy, gritty sound they were famous for. This is good new, IMO.
    So, are we gonna get Korn back this time, or is it gonna be another thing where he plays some shows and that's the end? Head is like my idol on guitar, and I want him playing with my favorite band once more and actually making music with them. Experiment with the music all you want, just use Head on the albums again.
    I hope I get a chance to see a reunion show. I didn't get into Korn until after Head had left, and I really like his new projects, but it would be awesome to see the original line-up together just once in my life.
    Man, as a long time Korn fan. Their last good album, in my opinion, was "take a look in the mirror" which was head's last full length with the band. Don't get me wrong, Korn III was pretty good, but lacked a little, again just my opinion. And the Path of Totality was just a complete mess. It seems to me that Head was a huge part in the writing of most of Korn's songs. (Except for example "beat it upright" hahaha) Hope he comes back full time some day.
    Wow now there back up to 2 s#!t guitarists.
    Why do you even bother if all you are going to do is hate on them? Go outside and get some air and think about why you do things.
    2 shit guitarists got them 8 platinum albums.
    Man you can't tell me these guys are good at playing there instruments. Platinum albums are not.
    More notes per measure does not make a good guitarist. Its the songs. I saw your interests in your profile and you dont seem to touch anywhere near the nu metal or whatever. So whatever they do, you would not like them. I am a huge fan of chris broderick and Dave. But at the same time i am following Munky and Head for the past 12 years or so.
    Yall are taken me wrong I did not say it was s#!t music I said they were s#!t guitarists good music is in the ear of the beholder and I know more notes doesn't mean better music. That being said if all you do is make a mud tone on a 7 string in drop A or what ever does not make you a good guitarist. And you are correct sir I don't care for much of the nu metal stuff but it did get a younger generation in to heavy metal and I can find no falt with that. All I was saying Is that they are not all that good on there instruments.
    When is it about being 'good' on an instrument? As long as you make music that people enjoy. It's people like you that bum off Dragonforce because they're exceptionally fast guitarists. I'm not saying you listen to Dragonforce, just using a prime example to describe how ignorant your first comment was.
    Well I guess you told me.... You know at some point its not about just making music that people like its about knowing your instrument, you know what this is stupid I'm taking to some one with slipknot in there username what would you know about a real guitarist? Yeah I think I'm done here.
    OK Mr. Vai. Where's the music *you've* put out so we can assess *your* guitar skills?
    Go to the 2:37 mark Freddie. Someone who "doesn't know their instrument" could play that solo to save their life. Alot of 80's guys went into the nu-metal and had to take solos out of their music because it was the trend.
    AND before you knock Slipknot, have you ever listened to them? Alot of their riffs are technical and when they brought their solos into their work, they showed folks that "they knew how to play their instruments well". You might want to take a listen to Stone Sour too while your at it. I can't stand ignorant music nazis.
    I know this might offend a lot of his fans but Head is an egomaniac who makes recovering addicts and alcoholics look bad. It's about getting humble and changing your life, not squeezing every last dime you can out of your new image. I wish him the best but he's been trading one addiction (drugs and alcohol) for another (God and sobriety). I hope he can revive his career and realize that there are better things in life than trying to get attention... like actual happiness.
    As a recovering alcoholic, I have no issues with the way Head has handled his recovery publicly. If he's managed to help one single person find his/her way to recovery, then it was worth it. If not, then at least he has found that way, and perhaps increased awareness. I mean, if you write songs about your life, and your life is about recovery, then what's the problem there? I'm as or more addicted to sobriety as I was (and am) to alcohol. I have to be. I can't be more addicted to alcohol than sobriety, because then I'd be drinking again.
    Lmao at getting addicted to god and sobriety. that has to be the dumbest comment I have ever read. I sure hope he gets treatment for his sobriety addiction!
    I know Head and he isn't like that at all. His life is very public so you see what he's all about so it may seem that way, but he is truly not like that at all. Make no mistake he has true happiness.
    This is personal Bias, but the only reason I don't like head is because he talked about his faith when going on the 700 club with Pat Roberston; that guy is a piece of shit, and Head should have known better than to be on that program. I have a feeling that if he truly knew what those people believe in, he would have known better. Besides that, I am so happy he got clean so his daughter could grow up with a mentally and physically present father. I would argue that Head is much happier now than he ever was as an addict, he's said as much. Knowing that so many of Korn fans are also drug addicts, his story has helped a great many of them.
    As someone who lives in a family of nothing but addicts, recovering and not, I can totally see where you're coming from with a sobriety addiction. The people that get so into sobriety that you wish they'd just drink again. I have an aunt that's that way, and she's the most annoying person I've ever been around. Including my uncle that used to get black out drunk and kick my ass when I was 10-15.
    Head went through years of issues trying to deal with ***** management once he went solo, involving legal troubles, and knew entirely that trying to be a guitarist and run your own side band is not usually easy and generally not the most popular, where one of his band members was or perhaps still is too young to be out on his own and thus Head legally adopted him for whenever they're on tour. He struggled without KoRn in terms of sales, and KoRn suffered as well without him. The Path of Totality tour had disappointing sales, as has been the trend in the modern economy, and their reconciliation was much more complicated than going "hey, we're both suffering the loss of one another, lets reconcile and make bank!" If it weren't, they'd have done it years ago, but it was a fragile situation for them to get back together. And either way, Head may use Christian media groups to promote himself but, while not everyone is a Christian and using their media platforms, promoting on as many media platforms as possible is basically the nature of any artist trying to sell a tour instead of go broke. And they're certainly not always selling a positive, moral message as Head does, so why complain about him promoting a positive message for a show that also strives to make people feel better? Also, in terms of his happiness, I'm pretty sure the Head who left KoRn years back as a Meth-head junkie who hated his life was not nearly as happy as Head, the responsible father and guardian over his guitarist, who is out promoting positive messages and reconciling with his oldest and greatest friends, on stage giving 100% each night and doing interviews with Munky alongside him where they both are cheesin' and cracking jokes the whole time like old buddies. And he's even facing Christian backlash right now that goes against your "anything-for-profit" theory, merely because the more conservative christians think KoRn are ****in' Satan.
    Ever seen Head live, solo? On of the coolest concerts I've ever been to. Down to earth, honest guy. He did 'blind' when I saw him in Spokane last summer. He shared his testimoney during the show, and displays it through his words and actions. Sounds like you're a bit jealous of his success.
    Can't help but wonder if the band is supposed to not use coarse language around him, or if there can't be any alcohol around anywhere now, etc... I think when people go off the deep end with that born again crap, maybe best to stay away from old habits. I'm guessing his new outlook is just gonna piss everyone off anyway.
    Head is a lot more mature than it seems like you're giving him credit for...he wouldn't rejoin the band if he expected them all to be totally different people just so he could hang around them again. He didn't even quit because of them in the first place, at least as I understand it...it was so he could get clean, physically and spiritually. Now that he's good, don't bust his chops. He's a great musician and a great guy, and if they all want to get back together, they're not going to make that decision lightly.