Korn 'Itching' to Start Working on New Album, Jonathan Davis Says

artist: Korn date: 07/14/2014 category: music news
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Korn 'Itching' to Start Working on New Album, Jonathan Davis Says
Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis has revealed having quite an urge to enter studio with the band and start working on a new album.

Chatting with Loudwire, Jonathan was asked about the band's plans and ideas for the future.

"After this I think we’re going to Europe for a week, then we come back and we're going to do some more dates. I think we're going to touring through the end of the year," he replied, just to briefly focus on the new release.

"Then I want to get in the f--king studio and do another record. I'm itching," the singer concluded.

During the rest of the chat, Davis discussed the band's latest single "Hater," recently released on "The Paradigm Shift" extended edition.

"All those people that ever hated on a band - it's not just for our band. I think it's for everybody. I don't understand what's going on with society today where it’s to the point where kids are getting bullied to the point they blow their f--king heads off or people hate on people because they have stuff that they don't have. Somebody needs to go out and take a belt and whip those kids' a-ses like they used to back in the day," he kicked off.

"Something f--king happened, something switched and everyone thought it was funny and okay, so I just wanted to do ... I've never done a self-empowering kind of song. It's always been more, I don't want to say negative, but dark. With this one, it was a big f--k you' to everyone.

"I'm up on stage doing this s--t 20 years later, still relevant, still doing the big shows and all these people that hate on this, it's just a big 'f--k you' to them. I love this song all the way around. It's amazing and it just happened. I was in between tours and went to my studio and me and [producer] Don [Gilmore] got together and we did this song. It was so good. It was like, 'Man, we gotta get this f--ker out now as soon as we release the record with some new songs on it.' It's going good," Jonathan concluded.

Make sure to check out "Hater" in the player below.

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