Korn 'Itching' to Start Working on New Album, Jonathan Davis Says

"I want to get in the f--king studio and do another record," the singer adds.

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Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis has revealed having quite an urge to enter studio with the band and start working on a new album.

Chatting with Loudwire, Jonathan was asked about the band's plans and ideas for the future.

"After this I think we’re going to Europe for a week, then we come back and we're going to do some more dates. I think we're going to touring through the end of the year," he replied, just to briefly focus on the new release.

"Then I want to get in the f--king studio and do another record. I'm itching," the singer concluded.

During the rest of the chat, Davis discussed the band's latest single "Hater," recently released on "The Paradigm Shift" extended edition.

"All those people that ever hated on a band - it's not just for our band. I think it's for everybody. I don't understand what's going on with society today where it’s to the point where kids are getting bullied to the point they blow their f--king heads off or people hate on people because they have stuff that they don't have. Somebody needs to go out and take a belt and whip those kids' a-ses like they used to back in the day," he kicked off.

"Something f--king happened, something switched and everyone thought it was funny and okay, so I just wanted to do ... I've never done a self-empowering kind of song. It's always been more, I don't want to say negative, but dark. With this one, it was a big f--k you' to everyone.

"I'm up on stage doing this s--t 20 years later, still relevant, still doing the big shows and all these people that hate on this, it's just a big 'f--k you' to them. I love this song all the way around. It's amazing and it just happened. I was in between tours and went to my studio and me and [producer] Don [Gilmore] got together and we did this song. It was so good. It was like, 'Man, we gotta get this f--ker out now as soon as we release the record with some new songs on it.' It's going good," Jonathan concluded.

Make sure to check out "Hater" in the player below.

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    Let Head write heavy ass riffs, Munky does nice melodies, Fieldy does funky metal bass lines and Jonathan Davis can add a little bit of electronic elements and I think you'd be onto something
    Lose the bloody dubstep influence on the next album though please. It has its place in the world but it doesn't belong in KoRn's songs
    Personal opinion, but it sickens me that society is complacent with listening to modern pop music. It's almost all the same. The industry complains that they aren't making the profits they used to make, but they're missing the point of the position. They control a large portion of media. Influence on society gives more leverage than money ever could, but the industry doesn't seem to understand. New Korn, bleehhhh...
    Problem is, taking a belt and whipping kids' asses into gear is one of the things that creates bullies. Not that I don't advocate discipline when it's necessary, but there are better, more loving ways of teaching kids respect. The song was okay but it didn't generate any feels like their old stuff did. I generally try to avoid the whole "waaahhh their new stuff sucks" in regard to a lot of bands I like, but Korn's stuff keeps getting more disappointing...
    A belt is a great learning tool, not a means to exact revenge or take out frustration. Hitting someone to teach them a lesson is constructive, beating them for your emotional imbalance is wrong. there IS a difference.
    You may think that by hitting them, you are teaching them a lesson. But what the kid gets out of it could be completely different - from fear to anger to depression to whatever negative consequence. I'm not necessarily against corporal punishment, but intent and consequence can be quite different.
    What vikkyvik said. I'm not anti-corporal punishment either. But there's taking it to the extreme. I don't know a single bully from my old schools that lived what most of us would consider a "comfortable" or "happy" childhood. Most came from homes with a lot of drug problems, sexual abuse, and violence. It kinda makes you feel sorry for the kids that they never had a loving family to teach them respect. Kids are a lot more impressionable than you think. And while I doubt I'd ever hit my stepson, I wouldn't be completely against the idea if it were truly deserved. But that would take something incredibly evil on his part, and it wouldn't be an emotional response on my part but a pragmatic one, like he'd have to be actively threatening my life or something like that. And of course the research on that topic is not definitive. I never said it was. But in my experience, that does seem to be the case. Maybe it's different where you live, but here in my neck of the woods, kids from good, loving, caring families never usually end up being the bullies unless they're following along, and you can usually tell which kids are the leaders and which ones are following half-heartedly.
    Actually, this statement "Problem is, taking a belt and whipping kids' asses into gear is one of the things that creates bullies" has very little to back it. The research on this topic is by no means definitive.
    That song is pretty awesome! I like where they are right now with their sound.
    I think I'll die before Korn release a really good album! I'm a huge Korn fan, they are one of my favorites band, but their last good album was Syotos.
    Man I thought Korn III was their best in a long time!
    Me too. Oildale is amazing live! I thought they were back on track with III, and then they went all Skrillex.
    korn III was terrible. i tried to like it. bought it day one but i think its their worst album. the paradigm shift is their best work in 10 years i think
    holding all these lies... was a great track...hated the album. I agree about the paradigm shift but something is still holding them back...its not Brian we see now.. its not guitars.. its lyrics... the dark emotion is just not there for Jon anymore... which is under stand able...while getting older with life... Jon is the leader..he controls the direction of Korn... IMO
    There abouts, - I thought their last good one was TALITM, but I can at least understand if someone thought SYOTOS was good; that at least had songs that seemed to be written by humans who were awake.
    If the song is so good why did it not come out until the "deluxe" edition a few months later. Guess a guy needs to wait a year or so after a release to be sure your getting all the songs.
    I guess he just found it in a drawer one day like ohhh shitt...we forgot this one.... lets make a couple thousand.
    idk I thought Jon had some electronic stuff he was working on? please let him get that shit out of his system before the new Korn album...come on guys ..for real! bring it back or hang it up!
    - For balance, I still like see them live, because they rock like pro's, but ten years of shitty releases is pushing it a bit far.
    Another misspelled retard nu metal band for adolescents angry at their parents' divorce and hopped up on blue mountain dew. Go away Corn. I fixed your name for you though.
    Sigh...I really want to like their dubstep stuff but I just cannot get into 99% of it...the only songs I liked were narcissistic cannibal and get up...I miss songs like Clown, Freak on a Leash, Coming Undone, etc. I dont wanna say to get rid of the dubstep influence but i just want to hear that sound I love like most do
    Can't say I love or hate the song, it isn't horrible but I spent the entire time listening to it and waiting for that deeper, darker aggression that I used to love Korn for... to no avail...
    Let Munky ****ing write everything. Listen to Fear and the Nervous System and tell me that he isn't the best songwriter, player and producer amongst them.
    Yeah, that may be true, but he'll run out of ideas soon enough and it'll be an album made up of different versions of Fear and Nervous System, or whatever. The band is made up of really good musicians/composers, not just one person doing everything. I'm not disappointed with PS, I thought it was really good. Let them work on it together.
    Too true. I wish he had better taste in vocalists though. I mean, that Repeater guy AND Jon Davis? Ehhhhhnnnn.
    "Please KoRn, just stop and think for a minute; you haven't sounded energetic since 2003 and you've slowly been dropping off the radar into irrelevance ever since... Just stop... Have a look around you... think of something interesting to write about and then go... And if you can't think of something interesting then don't release another album until you do." I'm tired of looking through KoRn albums for the one or two(!) good tracks.
    I've been a big Korn fan since SYOTOS. I do definitely respect these guys for being around for 20 years and still being creative and experimenting, even though it hasn't always worked (e.g. Untitled album). A couple tracks on Totality were good and I liked Paradigm Shift, I'm still hopeful for the new album whenever it comes out! Keep rockin', Korn!