Korn: 'Money Takes Away Creativity, It Ruins Everything'

Jonathan Davis remembers his first Bentley being "the stupidest thing ever bought", as Head focuses on reconciliation.

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Korn frontman Jonathan Davis recently discussed side effects of fame and fortune, stressing that money is indeed the root of all evil.

"I think money screws things up," the singer started during a Radio.com interview. "I think money takes away from your creativity. If you get anything you want, your creativity goes away. It's an easy out. Fame has changed our lives. Being able to go and do things ... do what we used to do."

Davis then remembered his first Bentley as possibly the worst investment ever made. "I've bought everything I could dream of," he said. "I remember when I bought my first Bentley. I always loved those cars as a kid and growing up and I could finally afford one. And then it became the stupidest thing I ever bought. Over the years ... I think money ruins everything."

Jonathan explained further, "It's nice to have it and not worry about but it also brings a lot of problems. Addiction. This is pretty self-explanatory. I'm sure [Brian Welch] was depressed through all that, but I've always been battling depression so it's a part of our band. When he was going through all that stuff, he had to separate himself from us in order to go get his head together again."

Korn recently posted an official "Reconciliation" documentary trailer, showing the band discussing the separation period with guitarist Brian "Head" Welch.

"I wasn't happy. I did't like being in a band, I didn't like most of the guys and I didn't like myself more than anything," Head stated. "Being a drug addict, not liking your surroundings and trying to raise a daughter at the same time - it just doesn't really work, so something needed to give, something needed to change and I didn't care what the cost was gonna be. I needed to live, I needed to come back to life, because I'm almost dead."

While discussing his return, Head briefly commented: "God is the God of reconciliation and I started to see that he was reconciling my friends and my family and my life, so I just stepped forward and here I am."

Korn are set to release their new album "The Paradigm Shift" on October 8 via Caroline Records as the first studio effort in 10 years to feature Head on guitar.

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    "I'm sure [Brian Welch] was depressed through all that..." "...he had to separate himself from us in order to go get his head together again " Punishing
    No money puts you into a different perspective, if you derive your music from being from a hard background and the struggles to rise up, of course your creativity will falter when you are living in an opposite lifestyle. It isn't the money it is more the situation.
    To be honest, it's not the money or the situation. It's the inability of the people to deal with their newfound money/situation/fame/whatever. Of course, most people aren't brought up in an environment where they're taught how to deal with that stuff, so it's not surprising.
    Money takes away creativity... or coming from David Silvera, meddling producers
    on more interesting news, these guys are on the 'revamped' metal stage at Soundwave 2014... No, I'm being serious.
    Why do people call cars investments? Was this man dumb enough to believe that the car was going to appreciate? 99.9% of cars lose tremendous value.
    Seriously if a car isn't in a James Bond movies or something it looses half its value just by being driven off the lot
    I like how he says his "first" Bentley was the dumbest thing he ever bought... Does that mean the second Bentley was a valuable purchase of intelligence?
    Depends, Did the first one break down where the second is still in perfect running condition?
    Mr Winters
    If money takes creativity away then maybe there wasn't much creativity there to begin with.
    Seems celebrities always make stupid comments like that when they are already rich. Would he have said that when they were unknown?
    Vicryl 2.0
    take your time.. read your comment again. if you still dont get it, read it again. and again and again.