Korn Praise New Album Producer

artist: Korn date: 01/28/2013 category: music news
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Korn Praise New Album Producer
Korn drummer Ray Luzier says their new album producer is guiding their move away from dubstep which confused some fans on 2011's "The Path Of Totality". Producer Don Gilmore has worked with Linkin Park, Good Charlotte and Lacuna Coil. Luzier says the technical differences between the live and studio environments mean some careful decisions between which cymbals to use, which is where Gilmore's experience shines. "Don's got great ears," Luzier told Full On Drums. "He'll make suggestions, like, 'Hey, try this cymbal,' Or 'Try that.' And I just bring everything I've got and I just let him go through it. His ears are so great, because my band tunes down to Z flat. It's so low, it's like, you've gotta have something matched with those frequencies." Last year, guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer described how the new album will differ from their unusual dubstep album experiment. "I wouldn't say it's a 180[-degree turn] from the last album, but we're definitely taking a different approach," he said at the time. "I think what we did before was bold and took a lot of balls, in regards to the album devoted entirely to dubstep... I want to feature more guitar on this album." The electronic style will not disappear entirely, according to Shaffer: "We still have one foot in the electronic [style], not necessarily the dubstep [sound], and we still have a fresh approach on the guitar riffs with some melodic vocals." This week former guitarist Head said he was excited to be back with Korn for some live shows this year, after reforming with the line up last summer for the first time since quitting in 2005.
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