Korn Praise New Album Producer

The band say producer Don Gilmore is guiding their move away from dubstep for a rock-focussed return.

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Korn drummer Ray Luzier says their new album producer is guiding their move away from dubstep which confused some fans on 2011's "The Path Of Totality".

Producer Don Gilmore has worked with Linkin Park, Good Charlotte and Lacuna Coil. Luzier says the technical differences between the live and studio environments mean some careful decisions between which cymbals to use, which is where Gilmore's experience shines.

"Don's got great ears," Luzier told Full On Drums.

"He'll make suggestions, like, 'Hey, try this cymbal,' Or 'Try that.' And I just bring everything I've got and I just let him go through it. His ears are so great, because my band tunes down to Z flat. It's so low, it's like, you've gotta have something matched with those frequencies."

Last year, guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer described how the new album will differ from their unusual dubstep album experiment.

"I wouldn't say it's a 180[-degree turn] from the last album, but we're definitely taking a different approach," he said at the time. "I think what we did before was bold and took a lot of balls, in regards to the album devoted entirely to dubstep... I want to feature more guitar on this album."

The electronic style will not disappear entirely, according to Shaffer: "We still have one foot in the electronic [style], not necessarily the dubstep [sound], and we still have a fresh approach on the guitar riffs with some melodic vocals."

This week former guitarist Head said he was excited to be back with Korn for some live shows this year, after reforming with the line up last summer for the first time since quitting in 2005.


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    They better not pull a Linkin Park on us
    well Gilmore did produce the first 2 linkin park albums.. so there's still hope
    The best Linkin Park albums at that.
    At least I know there's people out there that agree. I actually like a lot of the new songs off their latest album BUT, my childhood memories have always been filled with the awesomeness that was Hybrid Theory and Meteora (The better of the two IMO)!
    A Thousand Suns was their only good album, and no I'm not being a troll. It's the only album that had a point and a statement instead of just screaming about their juvenile emotional wants. Plus it was refreshing to hear them finally branch out (even if it was just for one album, since with Living Things they're back to the same ol' mediocre stuff again).
    "It's the only album that had a point and a statement instead of just screaming about their juvenile emotional wants." You're on a page talking about KoRn and you're complaining about songs being about emotional teen angst. Is your browser broken or something? You must be miserable. And it's fair to say that LP's first 2 albums were amazing for nu-metal fans.
    Despite all the dickhead metalheads who cringe at Korn, I respect them alot and always have fond memories of them because they're a band from my younger years. Say whatever you want about Korn, but they have one of the most distinctive sounds in their genre. Before rap-metal was ruined by the next wave of copy cats these guys made it sound cool. They also put on live shows that made newer, more extreme sounding bands look like pussies.
    I gave their first few albums a listen not too long ago, not bad at all. I thought they'd be like Limp Bizkit or something, but they had a decent blend of aggression and musicality.
    Head needs to be involved for this to be an awesome album. They have been lacking that great input since he left and it shows.
    I am really hoping that he'll be on the new album too. Live they need the tone he had and his backup vocals were killer. They are definitely missing that. Also I'm really hoping that these live shows might have newer Korn singles. Can you imagine Coming Undone with Head on a second guitar and him screaming on the chorus? That would be badass.
    Totally agree... The recent live show lately on you tube looked and sounded great... Its like if Eric Avery were to join Janes Addiction on a new album.. There are certain dynamics that only original members bring that cannot be replicated without them.
    It's a tough situation for him. His new band Love and Death are just getting ready to make their "debut" as Love and Death so I'm sure he wouldn't want to get Korn mixed up with Love and Death stuff if you know waht I mean. Maybe it would work, somewhat like how Mark Tremonti has always done Creed/Alter Bridge/Tremonti at different times. At the very least I would expect Head to help write some songs or feature on one if he doesn't join back in.