Korn Reportedly Entering Studio to Record New Songs

Head confirms teaming up with producer Don Gilmore.

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Korn are reportedly already planning to hit the studio and start recording new material in the near future.

According to the latest Hard Drive Radio report (via the PRP), guitarist Brian "Head" Welch has confirmed that the group will track a couple of fresh tracks with producer Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Bullet for My Valentine).

"I had Jonathan Davis of Korn on the hotLine yesterday from his Bakersfield home and today I will check in with Head and Munky tomorrow," the report reads. "The band is getting together soon to start recording a couple of new songs (hmmm, must be getting ready for the 20th anniversary?) with producer Don Gilmore.

"And the band will also be rehearsing for their shows coming up in order to get some more new songs under their belts off 'The Paradigm Shift,'" the article continues. "No word on what the next single might be at this point. Jonathan also told me he was proud the way the score turned out on the film he did called 'After the Dark.'

"It's probably available to rent or purchase it this point. Gotta check it out. JD did say he was pitching some other films too, and working on new Killbot music, which he's describing as 'digital metal.' He said he can't wait to unleash it! Nice!"

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    I will be honest. My brain momentarily registered what I read as "teaming up with David Gilmour", and immediately started wondering what could possibly come out of a collaboration between Korn and Pink Floyd.
    Well Korn did a cover of "Another Brick in the Wall", so we have at least a slight glimpse into what that would sound like.
    Paradigm Shift was a pretty decent album imo. Obviously it's nothing like their original stuff, but the majority of bands change to keep things fresh and keeping their listeners interested. Three Days Grace fans were complaining that the music was all the same, so bands can't win either way (unless they do it successfully). I am glad that the guitars are back, especially since Davis said, if it was up to him, they would do more electronic stuff.
    Please, make it heavy and raw like the first albums. It would be great for an anniversary
    I thought Paradigm was a killer album, start to finish, apart for the song never never, which I'm not sure what happened with that one. unfortunately the garbage they have released for the prior 8-10 years has given them a bad name. Everyone's pretty quick to jump on the hate band wagon it seems these days. Watched em a couple of weeks ago and they killed it, I can't wait for a new album
    Give me more Head. But seriously I'd like Head to have a bit more input. His Love & Death stuff was great and if they blended that with tiny electronic elements they might actually have something
    Ya I understand bands change but it is clearly one member (JD) who wants the electronic aspect and everyone else is kind of "meh" about it at best And ya Love and Death is SICK I would rather hear them come out with another album instead- hopefully Head will sing lead on some of the songs on the next record
    To be honest, I'd rather have Welch lead the songs for Love and Death. If he leads the song-writing for Korn, L&D and Korn may sound too similar. Keep it mixed with Korn, because L&D still has potential (hate to see it go to waste) - if you get what I mean
    I do see the point about the possibility of Love & Death and Korn being similar if Head leads the writing on both. However if he had prominent ideas and then everyone else has a go at putting something to it I believe it would be ok. As to Jonathan Davis and his love of electronic stuff. He should try and keep them to a minimum. I don't mind them but don't put them in everything
    Oh Ghod Korn, stop it, stop it... Take some time off... Take a year out to really think of some interesting shit... You've got the talent, you've got the live gigs and you've got the fan base, but please stop releasing utterly shit albums for no reason at all... Just take a moment - and think of some really interesting beats, tones, harmonies, melodies and lyrics... Then come back and record...
    They'll keep on trying but whatever spark they had 15-20 years ago is pretty much gone.
    I'll just listen to the old stuff. I did like the Untitled album though, still listen to that one here and there.
    Please just stop doing so much of the dubstep...I like it and I will admit that songs like Narcissistic Cannibal and Never Never are great just give the fans some variety in the album...do an album with like half guitars, bass, and drums and the other half add the dubstep
    PS wasn't didn't include dubstep (to my knowledge). The electronic feel was there, for sure, but guitars were more prominent in this album.
    The dubstep on The Paradigm Shift was basically non-existent. Never Never had some in the breakdown but that's about it. The Path of Totality was crap though besides Get Up.
    Head and David were the soul of this band. Look what happened after they both left. I'd like to hear something closer to their earlier stuff, but Take A Look In The Mirror was pretty sweet too.
    Oh great another album about being butt f**ked by his old man, WE GET IT FFS!!!!!
    it was actually an older female family friend that sexually abused him as a child. the word "Daddy" that he uses in songs serves as a metaphor for that.
    YOUR PISSIN MY HOLE OFF! Back off Korn's ride! The Paradigm Shift is a very good album. ALL their albums are good. Everyone is different. You can -itch and moan about the music, but leave their personal lives out of it! Korn ROCKS! KandyKorn24 JDevil :]