Korn Singer on Head: 'Crazy Christian Stuff Saved His Life'

"I'm gonna look like Jesus and everyone's gonna make fun of me," Head remembers thinking.

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After the early rejoice over guitarist Brian "Head" Welch's return to Korn fold, nu metallers now started opening up about the collective state of mind during his departure.

In a recent Metal Hammer exclusive, singer Jonathan Davis admitted that although he thinks Head's spirituality wasn't too sane, it most certainly saved his life.

"'Head' played in my town, Bakersfield, and my wife dragged my a-s down there," Davis started. "We hung out all night and we was back to normal, he wasn't into that crazy Christian sh-t no more. Then he came to Carolina Rebellion and it was the first time he saw Munky, and that really hit Munky hard because that was his other half, musically."

The frontman continued by expressing his unprejudiced approach and honestly addressing the entire matter.

"He was just cuckoo with religious stuff," Davis explained. "I've seen people go through it, and he was kicking speed so obviously he's not gonna be right in the head for a while. Him getting all crazy Christian and stuff, what it really did was save his life, so I don't give a f--k. I've had too many people around me die from drugs and I wouldn't want that to happen. Him and [Fieldy] are born-again Christians, that's fine. I don't choose sides, I've got Christian friends and Satanist friends."

Head then chipped in, remembering some of his more severe Christianity moments.

"The press twisted a lot of that stuff too, but I was calling it on myself," the axeman said. "I remember I took my braids out and I had this curly hair, then I grew a beard and looked like Jesus! I was going to be baptized and they gave me this white robe. It was like, 'This is gonna be awesome, I'm gonna look like Jesus and everyone's gonna make fun of me.' I didn't even care anymore."

Korn are currently cooking up the release of their new record "The Paradigm Shift." Set to drop on October 8, it will mark the band's first album to feature "Head" on guitar in a decade.

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    The article is just saying that christianity saved Head's life, as said by Jonathan Davis. Accept it. It has done him good. That's all the article is saying. If you're going to flame this article you might as well be saying you wished Head was still in a bad place.
    Right on. If the guys in the band welcomed him back and aren't hating on him and his beliefs, no reason for anyone else to be a hater.
    HOLY SHI& an actual intelligent post on this subject. Not being sarcastic either.
    I must say I agree with Jacques. I'm not a Christian but I also have no right to tell people what to believe.
    this site needs more people like you. not every christian attends services at the westboro baptist church, but all the religious haters on here seem to think so.
    Nor are Christians less "intelligent" for believing in God. The funny thing is, it's mostly Christians who get all the hate. As a Messianic Jew, I just don't get it. Why do you some hate on just Christians, when Muslims, Buddhists, numerous Indian religions (Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, etc.), etc. all believe in, if not a god, some form of higher power or guiding morality? Rather inconsistent. And, for the record, there's even Atheists who are "religious" in the way they try to convert others to their point of view. Dawkins is an excellent example of this.
    I think you have to keep in mind that Christianity (and all denominations of it)is the most common religion in the wonderful USA. So it makes sense that religious haters in this country bash Christianity, because Christianity has the most immediate effect on them (at least they think so). Being constantly exposed to a dominant religion (in this case Christianity) in a country that lives and bleeds freedom of speech and religion will breed stronger opinions on said religion, emphasizing that one over religions that aren't as relevant. This is unique to the USA. In India, religious dissent is barely even a thing because most of the population already identifies with a religion due to their way of life, and in the Middle East, religious dissent will get you killed. Taoists, much like Buddhists and Hinduists, never catch any heat because they worship multiple gods, and have no SINGULAR god to rep. But in this country it is basically a trend to bash Christianity and generalize other religions based off of what they see in Christian faith. Also, if you read the comments in here, most of them are contributing to a healthy, respectful discussion over religion. No one is pushing their beliefs on another in here. Head's Christian experience was probably a spiritual one, and if someone's relationship with the God(s) they choose to worship is spiritual and not overzealous/militant, then I am way stoked for them.
    Surely you're not complaining about the lack of hate your religion receives (particularly as a Jew), Sam? The discussion/criticism of Christianity on the internet is more common as it's proportional to the the spread of the religion (ie, more people in English-speaking countries have have more direct experiences with Christianity than any other faith).
    Messianic Jews are still Christians (at least in the sense that we believe in Jesus/Yeshua as savior), Hydra. I also was a Lutheran before I learned more about my Jewish heritage and decided to become a Messianic Jew. And, of course, it's more common for that reason. However, it seems ridiculous that people think it's ok to bash Christianity but either lack the knowledge to bash other religions or think it's not ok to bash other religions. If the reason is the former, then it's not like it's hard to do some basic research on religions and their history with wikipedia, google, etc. at your fingertips.
    I personally think believing in any form of a God is silly, as well as completely denying the possibility of one. Science tells me that I simply cannot know that for sure. It's a perfectly acceptable answer for me, yet some cannot accept just that, and would rather base their 'fact' on either side on half-assed logic. Believe whatever you will though, I'm not here to tell people to un-make up their minds; I just know that 'not knowing' works for me.
    A lot of atheists are jerks, not because they're atheists, but because they're people. It's the same reason lots of religious people are jerks too. It's a sense of superiority you can hold over people. The only difference is one group places that superiority on faith, the other on facts and reason. They're both human, and sometimes humans suck. I just wish people could be more clear about what being an atheist means. A lot of religious people want to make it seem like atheism is a religion unto itself, but there is no belief system, and the only standard is lacking a belief in god, period. If you're religious, and a moral person, great, but it's plain to see that you don't need religion to treat people with dignity and live a happy life. As for the average religious person, they don't deserve to be trolled or be treated poorly, but it is a bit silly to claim your beliefs are a part of you and then back down from any critical thought. Christians in North America have a really bad habit of confusing criticism with persecution. When you make a claim about something, the burden is on you to support your argument, but when it comes to religion people just cop out.
    people will be people. however, if you're saying that religion is based on faith as OPPOSED to fact and reason i would have to disagree.
    Why would you disagree? I don't mean that to say that religious people can't be reasonable, but faith has nothing to do with facts or logic. If it did, it wouldn't be a belief, it would be knowledge. For some people, faith and knowledge are equal forces in their life, but they're mutually exclusive concepts. I'm not placing any judgement or value there, it is what it is. How do you make a logical argument for god's existence without already believing in it?
    There's a few philosophical arguments on the existence of god that are quite logical. And since basic philosophical form revolves around the idea of using logic, I'd say one can make a logical argument for the existence of god. That doesn't mean a personal god or a pantheon of gods necessarily (philosophy isn't religion after all). But there are many philosophical who believe in at least the idea of "god" on purely logical grounds.
    So from what I'm hearing, you have to be drug crazy to be a Christian and being Christian gets you out of drug crazy. And if you get off drugs but keep the god, then you're getting off drugs and keeping the crazy. Crazy.
    Jacques Nel
    I support Head all the way. Glad he's back in KoRn and that he got himself straightened out. I don't believe that Christianity is 'crazy'. IMHO it's the only way to survive. Well done Brian.
    Well, there are plenty of people out there that have "survived" and are not Christian. If that's what you meant, anyway.
    Jacques Nel
    Also, I never meant to start any debate on religion, so don't take my comment as such. I never try to force my beliefs on anyone, that's why I said 'IMHO - In my honest OPINION'.
    I appreciate that you're not trying to start something, but adding 'IMHO' to something doesn't really disarm it or make it a more or less legitimate statement. If you state something that either invalidates or casts doubt on a contrary idea, it's a bit of a cop out to not have any argument or thought to back it up.
    Jacques Nel
    So giving your opinion on an article is actually meant to be an argument with everyone who disagrees with you?
    And there are plenty of people out there who haven't "survived" because of Christianity. It's a double edged sword.
    please explain. I'm curious.
    Flying Afros
    Japan. There, explained.
    I'm sure he was more talking about the Crusades and such. Btw, every major religion has had either its internal conflicts or conflicts with other religions. Christianity and Islam in the Crusades are an obvious example of the former. But the conflicts between powerful Buddhist monasteries over theological differences in Japan is a clear example of the latter.
    Jacques Nel
    It's not what I mean. I appreciate what you said, but I mean it in a different context. I think everyone's personal beliefs must be respected. I don't judge others and I expect the same. I wrote a blog on this http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Jacqu... Read it if you want to, don't read it. It's just my honest opinion.
    nobody is surviving.
    Oh this guy is to real for everyone lets down vote him! haha dude there is no god, everything dies, god is a placebo. Even though its not real, you can still think it works for you. If there was a god who created the universe (esp the christian god) then why are the comets? why would a perfect being leave pieces laying around. I mean just think about this stupid shit for one second ! Why is it that no one is calling out this batshit crazy stuff? If he said thor saved his life you'd all be singing a different tune. Just because we're desensitized to the christian god, it's not okay to call out some real crazy stuff, i'm tired of it
    "hey guys, there can't be a god because there are METEORS! that makes sense, right?!"
    Everyone knows that all celestial bodies are anti-derivative of God! The three wise men followed the Northern Polka Dot after all. /sarcasm
    Point being, would a perfect be able to create something imperfect and leave parts laying around.. just one of at least a million other reasons why there is no god
    Jacques Nel
    You really are a complex thinker. If I walk into your room and I see sh!t everywhere it probably means you don't exist either, otherwise your room would be clean. I know this has nothing to do with the conversation going on here but seeing as your train of thought is all over the place I didn't see a point in making sense either.
    I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not 'cause what you said made absolutely no sense.
    The bible: where snakes talk, a man is born of a virgin, and zombies are real.
    You can take that condescending attitude elsewhere, if you don't mind.
    Jacques Nel
    It's such a stupid argument to say : "Listen to all the unrealistic shit in the Bible, snakes can't talk, seas can't be separated". Religion is not a list of unrealistic ideas you accept as a fact. You need to take things in context, which is clearly something you can't do. By this standard, James Hetfield had actually f***ed a goat, and sucked an old man off.
    Tell me, In what context can you make a virgin having a baby sound good? Maybe your precious Mary wasn't so innocent after all. But don't let my opinion change your mind. Read a few other holy scriptures from different religions or research some older religions and you will see the same stories pop up with different characters (walking on water, rising from the dead). Try Ancient Greek Mythology for a start. If you don't want to question your own beliefs, so be it. That's your own choice (albeit a tad daft).
    I'll choose science, logic and reason over religion any day. "It's in the bible therefor it must be true!" Just because it's in an old ass book doesn't make it true lol. Religion is a cult that has gone way too far. People are so blind and brainwashed that their afraid of anyone questioning their religion. There's a reason why the vast majority of scientists do not believe in god or follow a religion. How selfish are you people to think that a "god" created this earth and this universe just for us? And how many of you can honestly say that evolution isn't real? Do you honestly believe that Adam and Eve were the first humans on earth??? So we're all insestual beings? lol According to the bible the earth is a few thousand years old. According to science and FACTS the earth is 4.54 biliion years old. My rant is over. Feel free to think for yourself and open up your thick skulls and let logic and reason in.
    The Bible does not claim the earth is only a few thousand years old. It claims that PEOPLE have only been around a few thousand years. That is a big difference. Before you start calling names you should get your facts right, or you will be the one looking thick-skulled. Science has only proven man to have been around 10,000years, which is very close to what the Bible says. I am not saying anything about your views, I only wanted to point out an error in your "Logic".
    That's all well and good, but in this context - the context of an individual's wellbeing - logic and reason would have proven fatal. Call it crazy, call it a placebo, call it idiotic. Call it whatever you like, but Head's belief saved his life - something that should be all the more precious if you don't believe in something after this.
    I'm not even going to touch on the religion stuff about this article, it is just good to know Korn "may" end up sounding good again. The last 2 albums sucked in my honest opinion.
    IMO, Religion holds people back mentally.
    Jacques Nel
    Some of the most accomplished scientists in history believed in God, so I don't believe that Religion has a mental effect on anyone. http://www.godandscience.org/apologetics...
    the argument could be had for the other side, some of the most accomplished scientisrs didn't believe in god. I think a system of belief doesn't really affect accomplishment or success.
    That was an ignorant retort. He was replying to the guy that said religious folks are held back mentally, which is an ignorant opinion given so many brilliant people believe in Christ. HE never said there were brilliant people who didn't
    Einstein may have believed that there was a higher power, but he certainly didn't believe in a personal god that interacts with human affairs.
    first Einstein never believed in god, that's a lie made up by zealots then believeing in god isn't being religious, he said " religion holds people back" and that's true, but he never said anything about god... you can believe in a superior " thing" which spawned the universe or something, that doesnt mean you beleive in all the bullcrap in the bible, the quran or the torah... just the bible is full of contradictions, the god in the old testament isn't the same as the one in the new testament, any one who really took the time to read both can only conclude that they just dont match
    Reading a bible is just like playing a game of 'Name That Contradiction'
    What are some of the contradictions that you're talking about???
    John 10:30: I and my father are one. Jesus is God. John 14:28: I go unto the Father: for my Father is greater than I. God is greater than Jesus. ----- Psalms 112:1-3: Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord... Wealth and riches shall be in his house. Riches are good. Matthew 19:24: It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. Riches are a hindrance. ----- And probably my favourite Leviticus 19:15: In righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbor. Gods law given to Moses instructs the righteous to judge others. Matthew 7:1: Judge not, that ye be not judged. Part of Jesus sermon on the mount, instructing not to judge others. Thats just some, I wasn't sure how much space it'd take up so I tried to be a bit conservative.
    I'm not a Christian, so I'm not gonna talk about the New Testament stuff you mentioned. I just wanted to point out that Leviticus 19:15 is talking about official court procedures - the judges must be righteous and must judge with absolutely no bias based on the social statuses of the parties involved. It is NOT talking about judging someone's character (which IS what the New Testament seems to be talking about). It's certainly easy to take isolated phrases from the Bible and, without any context, misunderstand the meaning. In Orthodox Judaism (which I belong to), the ONLY way to properly understand the Bible is to read the centuries and millenia old commentaries. It's considered foolish to take things that the Bible says at literal face value.
    @Score: so called favorite "contradiction" no. 3: another OUT OF CONTEXT one.. like the other 2 actually and probably all that of the so called contradictions that you know. The whole Leviticus 19:15 is an excellent verse.. to be righteous in judging and not judging according to a person's wealth and power. it should be fair to all (after all, the whole book was written for the people who are assigned to enforce the law - The tribe of Levi) It would seem like a contradiction if Jesus stopped at Matthew 7:1. but you did not read 7:5 "first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye." It is hypocrisy to judge when you aren't even righteous enough to do so. You are not worthy of judging if you yourself are a doer of wrong. You have more out there? By God's grace and wisdom,I will try to invalidate them, one item at a time.
    @Score: so called "contradiction" no. 1: 2 Persons could be absolutely be considered "one" but it is of unity and not absolution. Genesis 2:24 - Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. John 17:22 (while Jesus was praying to the Father) - And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one.
    @Score: so called "contradiction" no. 2: You took the verses OUT OF CONTEXT. The first verse mentioned is correct. Blessings come to those who fear God. The second one was a scenario where Jesus tested the young man if he will follow his instruction of giving out his riches to the poor and follow Him. You should have noticed it and not assumed that it was a contradiction if you rewind it a little (Matthew 14:21). He was even given assurance that "thou shalt have treasure in heaven" but he went away. Therefore the teaching in John 14:28. "Blessings could be a hindrance if you treasure it more than the One who gave it to you."
    you are not taking context into consideration, nor do you understand the philosophy that goes along with many of these verses.
    For the first one - the concept of the trinity makes things very confusing; it effectively makes Christianity both a monotheism and a polytheism - one deity that is actually three deities that are actually one deity. Yaaay. As for the other two - the new testament contradicts the old testament. That's the point. The old testament was, largely, quite wrathful - eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, if your right arm causes you to sin (*ahem*) then you 'ought to slice that puppy off, etc. etc. - a lot of judgement, and a lot of wrath. The new testament, on the other hand, is where Jesus came along and was like "hey, yeah, don't worry about all that crap you do without even knowing it - you told a little lie? Alright, no need to slaughter a calf. It's cool, I got this - but, hey, could you just let me take care of it? I don't need you to be telling people that they are failures, when really you're just as bad." - a lot of stuff changed with that. That results in a few contradictions if you just skim around.
    To be completely honest, I believe a lot of those were speaking metaphorically, granted, I don't know, since I wasn't there, didn't write it, etc, but it seems quite possible.
    Einstein in fact believed in god,not Christianity's god, Spinoza's god, pantheism. And yes, the Bible is full of contradictions. I am a christian and I can't deny it, but that's because the Bible is a collection of different books written by different persons with different worldviews, but that doesn't mean that it is bullshit.
    @Mouloudo: Did you read the link that Jacques Nel posted properly? It says, "Although never coming to belief in a personal God, he recognized the impossibility of a non-created universe. The Encyclopedia Britannica says of him: "Firmly denying atheism, Einstein expressed a belief in "Spinoza's God who reveals himself in the harmony of what exists."" You can still believe in a non-created world and find that "religion holds people back". The two are not contradictory.
    It's a ridiculous argument because when those scientists were alive, God was really the only answer to the origin and diversity of life. If those scientists were alive today with all the knowledge we have of how the world and universe works, I highly doubt they would have been religious.
    Many of the aforementioned scientists believed that because the universe was found to be so complex it necessitated the existence of a god. these were smart people; they weren't going to just believe in a god because there was no other prominent theory, if anything, they would have created their own theory.
    Just because someone is smart doesnt mean they have all the answers. Humans have been as smart as we are now for thousands of years, the reason we now have technology and are not living in caves is because we have built on the knowledge gained by those that came before us. If these smart (read: educated - most people are smart) scientists thought the universe had to be made by something it was because they didnt have enough knowledge to put forward an alternative theory. The realisation that there is no god is the same as any other realisation in science - it came about because more insight on the subject was gained over time. Put simply: they didnt know any better.
    Created their own theory? You clearly know nothing about science (which is probably why you're defending this stance in the first place). There's a reason why 80% of scientists today are either atheists or agnostics.
    Only a handful of those scientists were born after evolution was put forward as a theory and were raised with religion being the only answer, so it is to be expected they were religious. Of that handful, it mentions Einstein's beliefs in God in that page. I want to point out he was not a believer in God: 24 March 1954 "It was, of course, a lie what you read about my religious convictions, a lie which is being systematically repeated. I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly. If something is in me which can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it." "The idea of a personal God is quite alien to me and seems even naive" Many of the times he uses the word God such as "God does not play dice" he meant it more as a synonym for the way the universe works rather than an actual supernatural deity. Often, the line 'Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind' is misquoted as him declaring himself as a believer when it is not the case
    Some of those scientists like Albert Einstein were not Christian either. They were agnostic in the sense that they believe in a higher power, but that we don't have the ability (yet or ever) to understand what it is. It could be a God, it could be another race in another dimension or something crazy like that. Point being, that website you linked says they believe in "God" when really that is false. Some of them believed in a possible "higher power", which are two very different things.
    Okay, my opinion still stands no matter how many links you throw at me, it should also be noted that if a lot of those scientists didn't believe in a 'God', some very bad things would've happened to them. No matter, I can tell you enjoy being able to try to be nicey nice Christian man on the internet, but seeing as you've replied to every single other persons comment about religion in a negative light, I just wanted to see if you'd reply to mine. Just a little experiment.
    I really doubt there was anything forcing Isaac Newton to believe in God.
    This is true. And Newton is arguably THE most influential figure in physics. Easily top 3. This is not an opinion,but a fact.
    This is true. These men lived in a time where they would have been persecuted horrifically if they announced their disbelief. Regardless of their beliefs, religion has nothing to do with their scientific advancement. I would bet that if I was born in 1571, I too would have been an adamant christian. The information resources we have today were non existent then, science was not easily accessible for the average peasant. To have a clear head and unbiased view toward the natural world, you must omit the influence of gods. Regardless of what you believe, you will never succeed in truly knowing the natural world if you claim to 'know' the end result. It's like picking up a book you've never read, claiming to know the ending, but refusing to read through the chapters to be sure in your claim and then being pissed off when others who have read the book inform you that your hypothesis was wrong. Christian or not, to have an accurate view of your world you must use logic and reason. If this pushes you away from your faith, then so be it; maybe it was wrong in the first place. If it reinforces your faith, then all the power to you.
    That is because they HAD to believe in it or they would be hanged. It could probably be said that 95% of the top scientists these days are Agnostic or Atheist. Einstein, Tesla, Dawkins, etc etc.
    So does greed and a lot of other things, but a lot of academic related progress was made through Religion
    I love einstein bagels.. There are benefits to religion. We evolved to be religious. Evolution isnt perfect.
    'Crazy Christian Shit' The church in a nutshell.
    Let's not start this. Fundamentalists will flip their lids, amateur philosophers (i.e. everybody with an opinion on the internet) will try to pull a new argument out of their hats, then people who study this stuff will chip in, and the trolls will feed off of all of this. Let's let everybody go on with their post-modern lives
    if you bring religion into rock n roll you end up with cliff richard. or even worse, dave mustaine.
    You must not listen to many Christian-affiliated bands, do you? Alter Bridge? August Burns Red? For Today? The Devil Wears Prada? They are doing very well today and I could care less if you dont like any of them, but your statement made zero sense.
    I dunno... Head's solo stuff is pretty decent. But, hey, keep making blanket statements - I hear they are quite the "in" thing these days.
    It makes me laugh when a site like this posts something that has to do with Christianity and a bunch of theologian skeptics come out of the woodwork to make fun of people of faith.
    I'm not a big religious person, but it's always good to hear when people take the good out of religion, instead of focusing on the bad. Kudos to Head, he kicked some seriously heavy drugs - whatever helps people get off drugs or booze, I support.
    Colgate Total
    Maybe Korn can stop putting out the shit they have been since Head left. The albums without him are terrible.
    I find Christianity to be a silly religion that isn't based in reality, but if he's less likely to die, he himself is happier, and his family is better off, then good for him for becoming a Christian.
    Very few things are based in reality - if we believe that we, as humans, can even grasp what reality truly is at this point in our existence, how arrogant are we? Compared to the age of the species, we've only known that the universe is a thing for a very short period of time, and yet we think we know all about how it works? I don't buy that, personally. Logic and reason are spectacular, but sometimes logic and reason say that there are some things that they can't explain - that we can't explain. Not yet, anyway. Meh. I guess I'm just silly like that, wanting to maintain some of the mystery of the universe... Now I sound like some sort of hippie.
    im very interested to see how the dynamics work in the band now. does head swear and use vulgarity around them, do they around him? what about women? if i know a pastor is in the room i watch my mouth and act somehwat repectful. will jon davis lyrics be dark and vulgar still? if one of them wants to do some cocaine will head b against it. jon davis does not believe in god, how does that work when he is around head? i can't see head being back to his pre 2005 self after all the crazy shenanigans he went through and publicly said. he has to still b a somewhat out of his mind christian. he made a choice to stop drugs and change his life but he wants to give the credit to god, when in reality he needs to thank himself. ive been atheist for 7 years and was raised with a grandfather who owns a christian bookstore and a grandma who was a hardcore christian and minister. i also went to a christian school
    It's just a matter of respecting boundaries. If you can't get along with members of a band on the grounds that you share differences in perspective and belief, how can you expect to survive in the world at large? You just avoid the topics you know neither side will budge on, unless they become mutual problems, and you try to share common interests, not harp on the differences.
    yeah but how can a guy like head even justify joining korn again. it is one of the most hypocritical things he can do. they still have a back catalogue of vulgar, dark and depressing music that he has to play. thats like finding out your pastor is in a slayer tribute band on the weekends. you can't possibly expect to avoid those certain issues and if head was a true christian still, he would steer clear from anything korn. they are and always will b my fav band of my generation and i'm glad he is back but he is such a phony
    Why does it make him a phony now, but not before, when he initially became born again? I don't understand that sentiment, because you act like he's not being true to himself. It really sounds like he's not being true to your expectations. You don't get to say who is and isn't a true Christian; Jesus hung out with low lives for Christ's (lol his) sake. He didn't save his time only for those he deemed worthy. Bottom line is, you're drawing an imaginary line for someone else and coming to an illogical conclusion. I don't really like Korn's music, but isn't their selling point the catharsis that comes from playing negative music? How can that be bad? Tom Araya is a devout Catholic, but plays in Slayer. Go figure. I think you have to realize that your perception of Head isn't really based on anything except your biases. The question isn't 'Why would a real Christian go back to Korn', it's 'Why is a supposed atheist drawing a line for religious folk?'.
    dude c'mon for real man? why is it when it comes to musicians we can just ignore the fact that they are NOT being true christians the way ALL OF US were taught when they rejoin a non christian band. My grandmother was a serious christian, and i could not imagine for one second her being ok with me saying I am a christian, love jesus and believe in serving the lord and then telling her of the crazy heavy metal band i was in at the time. Anyone else we would call out on their hypocrisy. tom araya cannot be a true catholic either being in slayer. its just not possible. Head IS a phony! the money ran out and he saw an opportunity. usually those guys justify it by saying god wanted me to do this and i can spread my message to more ppl this way, which is total BS. so when jon davis sings SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP, I'LL FUCK YOU UP! thats ok with god? thats ok with head now? I would loved to see my teachers reaction back in private elementary school if i said here, lets listen to korns right now for praise and worship time, heads a christian so its ok. that would NEVER fly! before rejoining korn he was not a phony and lived the christian way to answer your question. now he is back in the land of sin again and we will see what happens from here. bottom line is, HOW ARE WE NOT CALLING THIS GUY OUT FOR HIS HYPOCRISY!?
    All I can take away from that monstrous paragraph is that you don't really know all that much about something you seem to speak strongly about. I don't know your grandma, but chances are she's one old lady, not the be all, end all of Christianity. I apologize for acting like there was a real discussion to be had. I really don't understand where the anger or bitterness comes from, but it only hurts your point. Not that you've made one, you've just said the same thing forcefully. Where did you get this idea that your family or private school is more or less an authority on religion than anyone else? Again, by your logic, Jesus was a bad person if you look at the company he kept. He was not spending his time with people his followers or other rabbis deemed worthy. Remember that before you start ranting about who meets the standards of the religion you supposedly don't believe. There are multiple denominations, multiple interpretations. Good luck with your supposed atheism; hopefully you'll reach a point where you see the ridiculousness in calling people 'true' or 'false' Christians, but that change is on you.
    Let's also not forget that Jon said that Fieldy is a born again Christian and he has always been in the band. So how does it make Head the phony and not Fieldy? I myself believe that both aren't phony, I believe they genuinely enjoy making music with these guys. (No matter how vulgar or dark).
    Contrary to what many believe, it's not actually in the Bible that you can't use vulgarity. That comes from a misinterpretation of passages of the Bible. After for the rest of what you said, that's merely your opinion and your life story; you can't expect us to speak to that.
    Bash one religion, and you bash them all. Believe in one religion, and you believe in them all. It's as simple as that. My only problem is the idiocracy of actually thinking there is something (or even worse, someone) out there that actually cares about us. Humans are what? One of how many species? We will reap all of the benefits in some form of an afterlife? Dream on kids. You live, you die, life goes on. Spend your time here exploring, not dreaming and wishful thinking (prayer).
    Korn Singer on Head: "Crazy christian stuff saved her an abortion"