Korn Want Fan Bullying Stories for 'Hater' Video

The band is getting ready to release the video off "The Paradigm Shift" deluxe.

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Korn are preparing to make a video for the new song "Hater" and want fans to get involved.

According to the Pulse of Radio (via Blabbermouth), the band is asking for people to submit video clips in which they speak about their experiences as victims of bullying, abuse or hatred and how it affected them. Some of the submissions will show up in the finished vide.

The group has posted several questions to address in the clips, as well some general format guidelines.

Among the questions are: "What did the bully, abuser, or hater do? List off the things they said or did."

A second question reads: "How did it make you feel? List off some of the thoughts and feelings going through your head."

Other instructions include items about keeping the videos short, keeping any background noises like TVs or air conditioners off and hiding any logos except Korn's.

Video submissions should be emailed to kornhatervideoATgmailDOTcom.

"Hater" is taken from the deluxe reissue of Korn's 2013 album "The Paradigm Shift" - "The Paradigm Shift: World Tour Edition," which was made available at Best Buy stores in North America starting July 15.

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    But there are already so many of them out there... Not very original, but I guess it's good they are giving the subject this kind of attention.
    You are right that it's not that original, but it's a very strong subject for many people (Rise Against - Make It Stop, Shinedown - Bully, Three Days Grace {so many songs to choose from from this band}, etc. for instance are about the subject).
    These guys really like the concept of abuse and "beatdown" videos. Falling Away From me, Alone I Break etc.
    It's not so much that they like the concept, more that jon davis feels strongly about the subject. I heard somewhere that he was abused by his father or step father (listen to the song "Daddy" off the first album)
    "Daddy" was actually about a family friend who molested Jon Davis when he was 12. When he tried to tell his parents (including his father) about it, they wouldn't believe him. That's where the title of the song came from.