Korn: 'Without Music, We'd All Be Dead'

artist: Korn date: 09/23/2013 category: music news

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Korn: 'Without Music, We'd All Be Dead'
Korn are a band that's been through a lot in their career, facing a wide array of issues and challenges while unleashing some of the nu metal genre's ultimate classics. And now, 20 years down the road, it would seem that music is what kept the band up and running. And not only the Korn brand, but its individual members as well. As frontman Jonathan Davis explained in the band's latest press clip, "Without music, we'd all be dead. It's the most amazing, magical, powerful thing that we know of. Collectively making it altogether and touch people that way - nothing better that that." One of the most prominent crises within the band was the story of guitarist Brian "Head" Welch's absence and religious stint. During a separate chat with EMP Rock Invasion, Head addressed his stance about religion, remembering the people of the church he met as "weird and brainwashing." After stating that the band was constantly on drugs and partying back in the day and that he tried getting doctors' help for his drug habit, Head remembered turning to church. "I found myself in this church and I listened to what the guy said and meanwhile I'm thinking in my head, 'Man, these people are weird and they've got all this brainwashing - they want to save the evil Korn guy like on "South Park" [chuckles].' So I said I gotta get away from these weird people, but I'm gonna take what they taught me and I'm gonna go try it." He continued, "And I went home and just started praying to Jesus and I started feeling like - it became real to me. I needed to walk away because my daughter - she was five years old and her mom bailed out on her life, so I was a single dad and she needed a parent to be home." Meanwhile, the band teased two new songs through Instagram. Titled "Prey for Me" and "Spike in My Veins," the tunes seem fully guitar oriented, so make sure to check them out below. The new Korn record, "The Paradigm Shift," is scheduled for an October 8 release through Caroline Records. Featuring 11 new tunes, the album was previously announced with "Never Never" and "Love & Meth" tracks. Stream the snippet of "Prey for Me" here. And here's the InstaVideo for "Spike in My Veins."
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