Korn's Brian 'Head' Welch: 'Christians, Unfortunately, Have Been Given a Bad Rap'

"I'm excited for real people to be able to talk about faith and not scare people away from it," says the axeman.

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Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch spoke to Variety.com (via Blabbermouth) about his involvement with the faith-based film "Holy Ghost," which aims to prove that the Holy Spirit is real. The rocker will introduce "Holy Ghost" at the movie's "world premiere experience," a live, one-time digital event where anyone in the world can see the film and the event free of charge, this Saturday, September 6 from the Redding Civic Auditorium in Redding, California. Welch will also make a rare, solo musical appearance during the event, joining Christian band Jake Hamilton & the Sound for a live performance.

"Christians, unfortunately, have been given a bad rap," said Welch. "I'm excited for real people to be able to talk about faith and not scare people away from it. It's all about love and meeting God and having our eyes opened."

Regarding his decision to promote the film, Welch said: "It's like I've been shown where to get a billion dollars and it's like I can share all the money with everybody else. Celebrities are given a platform and we've got to use it for something, because we're all going to be accountable one day, so it's important to use it wisely."

He added: "'Holy Ghost' is about people inviting God into their heart and life and going out into world and not staying in church judging people and how they live and saying 'prepare for hell.' We want to show people the real Christ."

"Holy Ghost" was crowd-funded by 2,500 investors who surged to support Wilson's Kickstarter campaign, raising a record-breaking $360,000 in just 45 days to become the No. 1 most-funded, faith-based film - and the No. 2 most-funded documentary - in Kickstarter history. Wanderlust Productions is now crowd-promoting and crowd-marketing this film by mobilizing 25,000 of its most deeply dedicated fans through the #HolyGhostExperience campaign.

The "Holy Ghost" world premiere experience begins at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT this Saturday, September 6.

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    I'd say Christians have earned their bad rap... and rep.
    That is such a broad generalization that there is NO WAY that statement is fair. I'm a Christian and I don't go around judging people and pretending I'm better than anybody. I don't impose my religion on anyone else. If you want to talk to me about it then yeah I'll talk to you, but I won't impose. I don't hate anyone. Not atheists, not buddhism, I don't even hate terrorists (although I struggle with this one). This is not to say I'm perfect. I'm still incredibly sinful and struggle with it EVERY SINGLE DAY. Secondly, I think this article got hate before it was ever posted considering this is UG we're talking about. Thirdly, I feel a lot of people slander Christianity as a passive excuse to dabble in their own self-fulfilling, selfish lifestyles so as to not feel they are being held accountable by anyone in this life or the next. A life with no loyalty to a higher entity requires no devotion, no work, no sacrifice. As sinful as the world is, why wouldn't most people want this? You'll spend an eternity somewhere, my friends. I prefer Heaven, and I also prefer not to gamble eternity on behalf of my own independence, supposed intellect and laziness. Now, let the down vote flood gates open lol also note I didn't make any generalizations.
    Well you know, that makes you one good guy in a large group of people who ever since christianity was born have done about every wrong one could possibly do. Look at history, christians have killed, lied, slaughtered, deceived, mostly even protected by the church. And just because half of them are nice people, the other half are still vicious nutjobs who ruin the reputation christians have. I'm sorry for you. Also, not believing in a god doesn't mean a life of no devotion, work or sacrifice. Lot of people, including me, would just rather show devotion to this world, nature, people, and work and sacrifice for good causes to make it a better one. I think it's fair of me to believe that my hours of charity work on sunday mornings are a little more effective than singing songs to praise some lord and praying in church.
    I don't have a problem with people who want to believe in a deity/higher power/supreme metal overlord, but choosing one religion over another is so naive. With something so completely amazing and beyond our comprehension, it strikes me as a bit arrogant when people assume humans have it figured out already. The answer is within our minds, not an ancient book written when people were demonstrably retarded.
    I couldn't agree more, very well put. I have no problem with anyone having any sort of faith. It's when believers criticize or look down on people who have faith in something else (or nothing at all) that I have a problem. Some condescension is subtle, some is blatant but either way it's not right. I've met Christians who are amazing people and I've met Christians that are some of the most ego-driven evil people I've ever known. There's nothing wrong with faith itself, it helps a lot of people... like most things, it's people who can twist and warp it into a bad thing.
    To be fair the same can be said about athiesm as well. Plenty of atheists (Richard Dawkins is a good example) just look down their noses at people who believe in God. But at the same time atheists can be amazing, kind people and some of my best friends are athiests. At the end of the day there are snobs on both sides and it will always be like this in an imperfect world. But I do sometimes really wish the religion debates I see in comment sections all over the net could be a little more respectful.
    The difference is, that atheists, as a group, aren't claiming any moral superiority over other groups. If Richard Dawkins looks down his nose at the religious, he's not defying his own God or belief system.
    I agree wholeheartedly about the arrogance of many humans believing that they have figured out all of the answers about how we got here, and how the universe works, indefinitely. And if it was really true that "We want to show people the real Christ." then why did they need 360k and a record breaking crowd-fund? I thought Christ spread his message without kickstarters? I know people who do great church work for the local community on an absolute shoe-string budget.
    "then why did they need 360k and a record breaking crowd-fund? I thought Christ spread his message without kickstarters? I know people who do great church work for the local community on an absolute shoe-string budget." Just because there are other ways of doing church work without kickstarters, doesn't invalidate this approach. I'm not particularly interested in this movie either but be reasonable, this isn't your standard 'great church work for the local community', it's an attempt at something of a much larger scale which isn't possible exclusively using funding from your part time job.
    Head's point proven by the number of down votes the article received...nothing arrogant in the article or his statements...just typical arrogant over reaction to the word "Christian" by those who believe the answer to everything is nothing...
    Although I completely understand your position, saying the answer is not in an ancient book seems like you figured it out already and are contradicting yourself That said, I think agnosticism is best. There's no way we'll ever find out the truth anyway.
    Maybe I have figured it out... If you would like to know the answers, all I need is a modest donation of £300 (annually for the rest of your life and/or afterlife) and you will soon be on the road to enlightenment I can also help you get ripped in 3 weeks or enlarge your dick at only 25% extra cost. Christ never had deals this sweet!
    I've only figured out that the bible written by humans many years ago (and many years after the death of Christ) in no way has the answers 100% correct forever. Especially the old testament. (edit) or was Districts comment for Matthessing? woops.
    A typical response from someone who has done no research. The 4 gospels and letters of Paul were written 30-60 years of Christs death, well within the lifespan of those that were alive during the time Jesus was. This has been demonstrated by scholars worldwide over the decades and centuries to be not enough for legend to taint the historical records of the crucifiction etc. There are many other historical records on the Romans etc that were written hundreds of years after the point in time they detail, yet we take the in fact. The new testament is one of the most unchanged, accurate pieces of historical literature ever written. Do some reading before spouting rubbish.
    I said "many years after the death of christ" and I also said "especially the old testament"... So before you instruct people to "do some reading before spouting rubbish", maybe you should have read my comment more closely. Practice what you preach. And yes, I've researched the subject at length, but hey, assume away.
    So what if it indeed was written 30-60 years after Christ's death? It's still written by humans, meaning it's biased, meaning it's not absolute truth. And even if it was, I don't think the absolute truth from the early days of the Roman Empire still applies as such today, about 2000 years later.
    the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. neither science or religion ever have ALL the answers, claiming they do is the paramount of human ignorance.
    1. How is choosing one belief naive? Couldn't naive mean someone who is quick to speak their mind without having done proper research? 2. And who claims to "have it all figured out?" I would love to meet that person. 3. The answer is within out minds? So you're saying you have it all figured out? 4. People retarded? I would argue many of today's people are ignorant for not properly researching this topic before they speak. (I'm referring to ppl in general; I have no idea if you have done your research or not).
    How do you prove the holy ghost is real...? Isn't the whole idea built on faith to start with?
    As far as Christians "bad rep" Most of the Christians/Born Again folks I have met are trying to make up for their previous sins. Criminals, Thieves, hookers, pimps, JUNKIES, trying to save themselves and now site being born again and look down upon all those that are not as open and bible thumping as they are. They dwell on anything others due that is remotely bad as if they have forgotten their past. WHAT A CROCK!
    That may be the case , but does that change anything about the legitimacy of God, the Crucifixion or Christianity, . It may perhaps be a reason they were lead to it, but that arguement holds no water in whether there is a deity or not. I agree it is a frustrating and strange coincidence, but sometimes you need to see true hopelessness to see the good n the world we have been provided and the strange ways in which god leads us. I will however state that at no point in life did Jesus look down, judge or pity anyone, so those that do so are not really quote 'acting christians'
    Faith is an in seen intangible thing. It explains the existence of something to someone. One could debate its existence. However on the other hand,all religion , of any kind is FAITH based, Christianity, Satanism, etc. All is about the belief in a higher UNSEEN power. To blindly hand ons life over to the extent that born again do is beyond my comprehension level. Just remember that no amount of prayer can make people forget about your past doings and one must understand if they are not as forgiving about your meth addiction or deviant actions with underage groupies. Its just like people that refer to addiction as a sickness. They chose to do meth/heroin etc. others chose to go to work and support their families. If someone chose to give their life to drugs then its a CHOICE NOT AND ADDICTION. let them suffer as that was their decision. no sympathy for stupidity. (sorry a little off topic) More wars have been fought in the name of god/ala etc. Ironic isn't it. These all loving creature is leading his dedicated followers to war in his name.
    Yup, if only they stayed criminals, thieves, hookers, pimps, and junkies the rest of their lives, we'd be much better off.
    Faith is a great thing. Religion is the biggest hoax in the history of humanity. For humans to believe that there's something bigger and more complex than they are is logical and quite sane, but for humans to believe that they've figured out something that far beyond their realm of understanding simply because a book says so is impossibly asinine and incredibly presumptuous. Whatever Gods are out there - whether they're Gods as humanity defines them or just something we call by the name of 'gods,' humans are not even close to being able or ready to understand something relatively omnipotent - we can't even understand the person sitting next to us on the bus.
    Faith is a great thing, but I have yet to meet someone who claims to have it all figured out. I used to think the same thing. Try praying about it and doing a little research online, I think you'll be surprised What have you got to lose (but eternity)?
    "I'm excited for real people to be able to talk about faith"""Holy Ghost," which aims to prove that the Holy Spirit is real."Got some real congruent stuff going on there dude well done. Attempting to remove the need for faith whilst engaging in talks about faith.
    "Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch spoke to Variety.com (via Blabbermouth) about his involvement with the faith-based film "Holy Ghost," which aims to prove that the Holy Spirit is real" Aim all you want, there is no proof, not by any reasonable definition of the word "proof", that is! This will be all anecdotal stories people will have given about how finding faith changed their lives, or it will be someone saying they prayed for a recovery of a disease, and low and behold they recovered, and thus make the association that it must have been their prayers that made them recover. This film can aim to prove the Holy Spirit is real all it likes, it didn't prove it, and it won't, because there isn't a god or a Holy Spirit! If there was, there would be some scientific evidence to provide clues to it, you cannot aim to prove something is true or real without doing any strict tests to attempt to prove it!
    I would also recommend you read this article for a bit more discussion in the matter http://www.bmsworldmission.org/engagecat... John lennox is my favourite apologeticist, his logic and reasoning are a phenomenal read for debate on atheistm and faith, i would also recommend his debates. I say this as someone who was a staunch atheist and mega fan of dawkins for 8 years, but one by one I realised that the atheist arguments all have a counter argument
    Id also like to point out that I am too a scientist, and I am not disputing for one minute the power of history and finding EVIDENCE! As a scientist you will be aware that for anything to be accepted you require some form of evidence, and historical evidence is just as powerful as scientific evidence! There are people who have excavated sites and found fossils and remains, there are records from ledgers from Henry VIII's time, there are lots of people from that time that painted him, there are books and writings from his time, there is EVIDENCE for him to have existed! And besides which, no one is claiming that Henry VIII had the powers of resurrection or healing or was the son of God, if these things were proclaimed about Henry VIII people wouldn't believe them, because there would be no evidence to support these aspects! So don't try to be all high and mighty, theres more than one scientist on here ****face!
    you misinterpret what I mean by saying I am a scientist, that was in means to prove that i am infllible, if i thought that then whats the point in science. I stated that so as to point out that science is something I personally too am passionate about and that the two are not mutually exclusive and that I personally gain a great amount from both the world of science and faith. take it as being preachy or an attack if you will and i apologise if it was interpreted that way
    Well then according to your logic, tell me how you would prove scientifically that King Henyry VIII existed....To believe that things can only exist if they can be scientifically tested is beyond ignorance. Science can do many amazing things (I am a scientist for a living) , but to believe it can prove everything is simply false. If science could prove everything then what would be the point in history or the arts?
    korns my fav band and i love head as a guitarist, but it blows my mind how you could be a rational thinking adult in this world in the year 2014 and buy into this crap. i've been an atheist for 7 years now and its changed my entire view on things for the better. i'm just glad the comments on here lean more towards the hypocrisy and stupidity of religion than the defending of it
    korns my fav band and i love head as a guitarist, but it blows my mind how you could be a rational thinking adult in this world in the year 2014 and buy into atheism. i've been an christian for 3 years now and it's changed my entire view on things for the better. i'm just sad the comments on here lean more towards the hypocrisy and stupidity of religion rather than defending it
    Maximus Rogue
    Religious people waste their time. Get off your knees and go do something that actually helps people.
    That's just an ignorant statement. If you think the only thing Christians do to help people is pray for them then your deluded. Sorry man, I'm not trying to be a twat, I'm just telling the truth.
    *Coughs* ahem...Psalm 137:9 "How blessed will be the one who seizes and dashes your little ones Against the rock."
    Nobody is claiming they have it all figured out. That's why it is called "faith". Ultimately nothing can be proved or disproved, everything must be taken on faith. That's not to say we should have blind faith, rather we should have faith in evidence. If anyone does proper research/homework, they will see there is no shortage of evidence supporting the christian faith. Other religions, not so much. Logically, all religions can all be wrong but they all cannot be right. Furthermore, have any of you considered praying for answers? Or perhaps ask God to reveal who He is? I think you'll be surprised...
    hmmm,Its probably just me,but the Monty Python movie "Life of Brian" it just rings a bell with me for namesake.
    "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through me". Jesus Christ (John 14:6)
    It is interesting that guys like Head, maybe Dave Mustaine in recent times, and even me try to demonstrate to agnostics and people who have bad experiences with Christians and church that Christians don't necessarily fit into their preconceived idea of what Christians are like. While Head--and others--try to say, "Hey, my life has gotten better. We are not better people, we just admit that we need God", the stereotypical Christians complain that guys like Head are too "worldly". Well, the fire and brimstone thing didn't work for me either. I need a merciful gad