Korn's Head: 'I Hate Religion, But Relationship Through Christ Is What I Found'

Meanwhile, guitarist gets hospitalized due to kidney stone issues.

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Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch recently discussed his spirituality, pointing out that he actually hates religion, despite finding salvation through Christ.

Chatting with Fanpass, Head noted, "I like to get high on something, and when I asked the Lord to come and make his home inside of me, the spiritual high, it's so real.

"And I hate religion - I don't talk about religion at all - but the relationship through Christ is what I found," the guitarist continued (via Blabbermouth). "And I'm totally satisfied. Now I can enjoy raising my kid, I can enjoy jamming with music in Korn, I can enjoy anything I do. It's the best high ever.

In related news, Welch was hospitalized this Monday (May 19) in Russia after reportedly suffering great pain caused by a kidney stone. The health scare has left the axeman with no choice but to skip a number of concerts until getting better.

"I'm in hospital for a few days," Head stated via Facebook. "So sorry Russia, I cant be at a few shows. I have a kidney stone. Thank you so much for your understanding, well wishes, prayers and love. I am very touched by your hearts in my situation."

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    Hell, whatever gets you off tbh. Unless it's inhuman of course. Anyone who's absolutely comfortable with themselves can accept another religion.
    I'll admit, I clicked this story kind of worried about the troll chum that was gonna be in the comments, but I was pleasantly surprised. +1, mate!
    I think a lot of good can come from spirituality, and it's definitely becoming a more popular ideology among young people compared to religion. Religion on a micro scale is fine, but when it's brought to a macro level is when you see its problems arise. *Not hating on religion or people with religious beliefs
    Kidney stones. Scientifically proven to be more painful than childbirth. Ouch.
    Organized religion too often creates hatred, hatred creates bigotry, bigotry creates inequality, inequality creates excessively angry individuals whose anger bleeds through their good intentions and does next nothing to further the quest for equality. A lot of our problems, particularly in America, can be traced back to people who seem to think a text regarding a deity should govern our nation, as if they'd never heard of our own Constitution or, for that matter, the first goddamn amendment. Don't get me wrong, here. I am a Christian, myself, but far too many Christians seem to think the Bible should impact lawmaking. There's even idiots who say "rabble rabble rabble This ****ree was bilt uh-pon Kris-chee-anne-ity!" I believe Jon Stewart once made a reference to Bullshit Mountain. Too many people live there.
    While all you said is true, if religion never existed, we'd all be fighting over something else. It's not about religion - it's about money and power (and power = money).
    We call this "emotionalism". Many newly recovering alcoholics and addicts go through this. It's narcissistic and childish and most organized recovery programs encourage you to call it "God" or "Christ" because it's easier to wrap your head around than what's actually going on. But it's really an "ends justify the means" kind of thing. Sure... he's full of himself and embarrassing himself a bit but if it helps him to stay clean and sober then so be it. If he can stay clean and sober he'll (hopefully) start growing up where he left off (around pre-teen age or whenever he started drinking and using) and he'll go through a million changes and learn to cope and live without the ego, manipulation or drama. I wish him happiness and the best.
    My dad's a devout yet imperfect Christian and struggled for decades to get clean from alcohol before finally getting sober. Not once did I ever detect even the slightest bit of narcissism or childish behavior. In fact, if anything, he was more of a narcissist when he thought he could give it up on his own and couldn't. For you to say that people that look to God to help them of their addictions, like my father, are only embarrassing themselves well, you kinda come off a tad bit full of shit. Eight years sober, by the way. Still waiting for that ugly narcissistic side of him to rear its head.
    There are many AA programs that don't use religion now (courts ruled them unconstitutional in my state) and they are just as, if not more, successful. The god part was just thrown in there because a pastor started AA in the 1930's. Correlation does not lead to causation. Just because a step says "Give yourself up to a higher power" does not mean that's what cured your father. What's more likely? That god took a personal interest in your father's non-terminal addiction out of the 7+ billion people on this planet, or that counseling and meeting with like minded people can help with addictions? If you can't answer that honestly, no one can help you, not even Yaweh.
    Wait, sorry, courts ruled that AA's use of religion (or spirituality) was unconstitutional? That baffles me.
    That's awesome! Everyone's story is a bit different. I'm sorry if I come off sounding "full of sh*t" that's not what I'm going for. This story hits very close to home for me and I'm sharing my feelings based on almost 10 years of sobriety and working with others(not to mention the decade before that when I struggled mightily). The ego boost that sobriety gives some people coupled with religion can be just as dangerous as the alcoholism or addiction that brought them there in the first place. I've seen it literally hundreds of times but I know that only applies to SOME people. I'm not pretending to understand everyone's story.
    Let me get this straight. It helps many recovering addicts immensely, yet it's narcissistic and childish? Besides which, we're not all idiots who can't make up our own minds. I'm forever indebted to AA and its belief in a higher power, despite the fact that I don't believe in God or religion.
    Some of the behavior is narcissistic and childish but yes, it does help MANY recovering addicts - hence the "ends justify the means" part of my comment. The point that I was making is that while it's not a great thing to be self-obsessed and melodramatic it sure beats the slow and painful death of active alcoholism and addiction. Over time, even that self-centeredness (word?) can be overcome too. I'm also forever indebted to AA - nearly 10 years clean and sober.
    Fair enough. I must say, though, that if anything, AA taught me not to be self-obsessed and melodramatic. Focus on yourself, sure, but focus on others as well, and through that, help yourself. Anyway, congrats - just passed 8 years myself.
    I came to say exactly that, well said Abacus11. When people refer to "God", "Allah", or "Christ", they are refering to themselves, or a part of themselves. When you ask them questions about what would god think or do, the "self" part of the brain lights up. I really wish people could see "God" is just a character of themselves that they talk to for comfort or guidance. We could all be stronger people if we realized this. We don't need ghosts and boogeymen to protect us, we are very strong deep down.
    Sleeping in
    This is absolutely not the case in Christianity. Christians believe that they in themselves are capable of nothing, that being the reason why God came down as Jesus to meet them where they were and restore their relationship with Him. Sin separates man from God, and God allows man free will to choose what he wants to do, despite the consequences, but is willing to save man from the consequences by allowing Jesus' death to "pay the fine" of their own sin. Someone coming down and dying for you, despite the fact that you constantly make yourself an enemy of him, is pretty much the most beautiful thing ever. When was the last time you heard of the hero dying for the villain?
    That is exactly the problem with religion, it tells you that you aren't capable of doing anything by yourself, and that is a terrible thing to teach someone, especially a child. It tells you that you have a disease, and they are peddling the only cure. That is so dishonest and immoral I can't even describe it. Also, Jesus wouldn't have had to die if God was truly a benevolent being. All god had to do was forgive us, instead of brutally torturing and sacrificing his only son. Apparently that's too hard for him, guess he's omnipotent and all powerful but has the maturity of a teenager. The fact that god has a system of "justice" contradicts the fact that he can be "merciful". Mercy is the suspension of justice. From the way the story of the bible tells it, Jesus is ten times the person god could ever be. Jesus forgives and shows mercy. God might as well be Kim Jong Ill.
    Sleeping in
    We create the mercy/justice dilemma on our own, on one hand God loves us and wants to show us mercy, but on the other hand because of our actions justice must also be served. This is exactly why Christ took the punishment for us. If God were not to administer justice he would be unjust, something God cannot be. Regarding religion telling people they have a disease... if you had a disease, would you rather your doctor tell you or keep it a secret?
    "Regarding religion telling people they have a disease... if you had a disease, would you rather your doctor tell you or keep it a secret?" But we don't have a disease, we are not sick or wicked. We are born good, anything that makes you evil happened after birth. Proof of that is very well demonstrated in "The Science of Babies" documentary, and you could read up on it if you like.
    Sleeping in
    One look at history will tell you that man is pretty messed up, if man wasn't evil in his nature then man would not be capable of evil.
    Apathetic parents make children grow up to be evil adults. That's how we get serial killers and rapists. Maybe people should stop pumping out babies and be good to the ones we already have.
    Talking to imaginery friends is all ok, unless you go nuts like Dave did. Hopefully he gets away from that.
    Ah Atheists, the vegans of the internet. The first role of Atheism, TELL EVERYONE.
    I hate to spark the religion debate here, but atheism literally stands for nothing. The disbelief in god(s). That's it. People can still be ****s, or believe in flying unicorns under the surface of Pluto.
    Right. Yet a number of Atheists tend to be on this crusade to convert people to their absence of spiritual belief. It makes little sense to me.
    Maybe if people of spiritual faith weren't constantly flying planes into buildings and murdering helpless children we wouldn't be on such a "crusade". Religious people disgust me, who are they going to massacre next in the name of god?
    "Constantly?" You sure about that? Sure, it happens, but it sounds like you pulled that word out of your ass just to make a point.
    @p_a_morgan: Apologies. I meant to upvote you, not downvote you. @hansome21: Look, man...it's a tiny minority who are flying planes into buildings or murdering helpless children. Don't blame religion because a few nutjobs twist religious texts to justify their message of hatred and atrocity. Almost all religious texts actively condemn violence and killing in any form.
    Ironic how most of the wars throughout history were over religion.
    Sure, some people just love to talk about themselves and whatever they're into at the moment... especially if it makes them feel "different" than the majority of people. That said... religious people VASTLY outnumber atheists globally. It's a good feeling to find others that feel the same way but it's never cool to put others down for how they feel or what they think.
    You have it backwards. People will always tell you when they're "christian". I do agree though that militant atheism can be displeasing.
    Epi g-310
    Honestly, that's a load of horseshit. Do you have background checks done on everyone who doesn't announce their religion or lack thereof to you to determine that they aren't Christian or atheist? What would be cool is if we recognized that the vocal ones tend to be the minority. Most people are just fine being themselves and don't need to announce it to the world.
    He had it right and so did you, both Christians and Atheists will always tell you what they are.
    Who's talking about atheism here? Seems like idiots are turning that to somekind of religion too.
    The down votes you got sadden me. I can't believe how many people in this world genuinely believe in an invisible sky man that had a space baby that he tortured to death instead of forgiving mankind, then reanimated as a zombie... Actually that sounds pretty metal.
    Well if believing in that brings him satisfaction in life, then who are we to complain? The real harm is done when people have to spread their beliefs and criticise others (and note, this strongly includes atheists), but Head is not doing that. He is simply stating how his belief has brought him happiness.
    Hah, you remind me of myself when I was an angsty teenager who thought I was some misunderstood genius for being an atheist. Also for liking metal.
    "And I hate religion - I don't talk about religion at all" Says the man that quit Korn and in every single interview after it preached about his new found faith, released a book entitled "Save Me from Myself: How I Found God, Quit Korn, Kicked Drugs, and Lived to Tell My Story", in which a good chunk of the book was about his faith, and then released a bunch of music that was pretty much all centered on quitting drugs and finding Christ... Think he's a good musician and I'm a fan but hearing him say he never talks about religion made me laugh!
    The guy is obviously talking about organized religion...
    I just read your post, and nothing in it said "Head joined a religion". Just that "Head found faith".
    Organised religion is manipulative, indoctrinating, hypocritical, fictional wank, founded on ignorance, blind faith and fear. It is motivated by the seeking of power, money and control. "Get off your knees, do something for yourself." ~ Max Cavalera. \m/
    These are the type of people i can actually be friends with, although i believe it is an escape from truly understanding yourself and it's equally as powerful as any drug at least i don't have to hear rants about gay people and abortion. Religions are cults (by definition really), faith is just a belief, he simply doesn't want to tell people what to believe, which is cool. Now people like this i just want to punch in the face.
    Buddhism is good. It's not really a religion although some cultures treat it that way. Read "The Heart Of The Buddha's Teaching: Transforming Suffering Into Peace, Joy, & Liberation". It's a great book.
    They say that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. You might want to go ahead and assume the position because you are about to get it in the ass.
    What I don't get is all these blackmetal fools want to go and provoke the "invisible man"... That's like pissing on a High voltage breaker! Ya know you're kind of asking for it...