Korn's Head: 'We're All Against Organized Religion, but We Believe in Higher Power'

The guitarist also reveals his new nickname - Pastor Head.

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Korn axeman Brian "Head" Welch recently discussed the band's spirituality, stressing that neither him or his bandmates believe in organized religion, but find higher power in different other ways. After revealing his newly-acquired Pastor Head nickname, Welch focused on Korn spirituality. "Sometimes we even do a prayer huddle before shows and stuff like that," he told Artisan News. "We are all against organized religion, that's a common ground we have. But I think everybody believes in at least a higher power, so it's like - Jesus is my higher power, they can have their higher power - we're a family, you know." In a separate Revolver interview, singer Jonathan Davis discussed the internal band compromise when it comes to the use of electronica, saying that if he had his way, the new album would be much more electro-fueled. "If it was up to me, we'd have way more electronics, but we compromised, and I'm so glad we did," he explained. "Pushing and pulling against each other helped us make our best album ever." The band's latest studio effort, "The Paradigm Shift," dropped on October 8 through Prospect Park Records, landing at No. 8 on the US Billboard 200 chart. The record's lead single, "Never Never," is currently the No. 1 track of Active Rock Radio chart.

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    Funny enough, I'm sure a couple have catholic priests have also been nicknamed "Pastor Head" by the altar boys.
    It was musicians like 'Pastor' Head who helped me to get clean. That was no small feat. I was as strung out on H and Coke as any of them.
    Hardly a new nickname. If you actually take note from the video, he says Jonathan makes fun of him by calling him that. It's not like we're going to see "Pastor Head" on writing credits.