Korn's 'Jimmy Kimmel' Performance Available Online

Check out the band charging through "Never Never" and "Blind."

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Nu metal giants Korn delivered a tight performance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" show this Monday (October 7), charging through their latest single "Never Never" and staple tune "Blind." The official footage of the entire concert is now available online, also featuring an unexpected stage appearance of a certain little guy, so make sure to check out the clips below. Korn's new studio effort, "The Paradigm Shift," dropped yesterday (October 8) and marked the studio return of guitarist Brian "Head" Welch after a decade-long absence. As for the performance itself, the band brought in their crowd cages to spice it up, fetching warm reception and even a circle pit or two. Prior to the official release, "The Paradigm Shift" was streamed in full. UG readers recently had the opportunity to ask guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer a few questions, you can check out the entire chat here. "I mean we jumped in when we went to write this new record," Munky told us. "It was probably a couple of hours - it didn't take any time at all. It was super easy to communicate musically with him and personally. It didn't take any time; it was just effortless. We're both still metalheads and that doesn't change. You're always a metalhead."

YouTube preview picture

YouTube preview picture

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    Am I the only one that's seeing a kid on stage?
    Still not keen on 'Never Never'. Too bad they didn't play 'Love & Meth'. Good performances though.
    Never Never certainly isn't the best song on the album, but it's not that bad either. It has a catchy tune
    It's nice that he has kids but why was one stood there the whole time, kinda ruined Blind for me.
    You kidding me? The kid is rocking out during Jonathan's screams and Korn riffage haha I think its awesome!
    True, I don't have kids, but I think I'd feel awkward if my son watched me headbang a few feet away on stage
    its jimmy kimmel...theres like 200 people there. who cares bout the kid..it was good practice for the BIG shows
    wow never heard that quote from Munky before... nice performance though gotta love Blind
    Black Hazard
    "Glaring, into my sons, eyeeeees, thinkin' about doing to him, what my daddy did to meeeee." -Jon, Children of the Korn
    Saw Korn at this years Download Festival and they were tight. They also looked like they were really enjoying themselves too which in turn got the crowd pumped.....
    Never never is pretty terrible but I'm pretty sure I read that they put it out as a single to mess with people cause it's a lot like something on path of totality.
    I was a huge Korn fan for their first 4 albums then lost interest, but I must say I'm digging Never Never. Happy to see Head back!
    Never Never sounds just like When i get to the Green Building by Electric Six except not as good lol
    no he didn't, you don't have an uncle carson, you are just a computer sending spams, son! LOL!
    am i the only one who thinks jon was possibly lip syncing many parts? lots of samples for this song and it sounds like he is singing to his own backing vocals. also, there is no way munky alone did that good on the NOOOO! part himself. def sampled. love the new album, huge korn fan.....never never still sucks along with lullaby for a sadist
    There's some backup vocal samples yes but most of the backup vocals are done by the touring keyboardist Zac.
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