Korn's Jonathan Davis: 'I Miss the Nu-Metal Brotherhood'

Singer feels nostalgic about the peak time of nu-metal genre.

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Korn singer Jonathan Davis recently reminisced the days when nu-metal was in it's prime, accusing today's metal acts of snobbery.

Chatting with Metal Trails, the vocalist pointed out that back in the day, bands would help each other out rather than enjoy watching a fellow artist fall.

"Back in the '90s, the band camaraderie was all different," Davis said (via Metal Hammer) "We were all brothers, pushing each other on. Stuff we did with Bizkit or Staind, those bands, it was a brotherhood and we helped these bands along. It seems like it kind of got lost these days."

Touching on the matter of so-called "true metal," Jonathan described the movement as a group of kids trying to out-do each other. "You're dealing with kids," he said. "Kids are kids and there's always gonna be that friction. I just love all music and I'm not gonna hate on it. I don't care who came first or what kind of metal is better than what kind of metal. We just get on with all the bands."

Finally, the singer addressed Status Quo's Francis Rossi and his bashing comments regarding electronic music. "I'm not trying to talk down about the guy but I think he should pick up a laptop and try to write an electronic song," Davis noted. "It takes so much talent and so much time to really do that stuff right. I'm glad electronic music came into the metal scene. It needed to be updated and I'm all for it."

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    Nostalgia catches up with us all. This argument is timeless across generations.
    I miss the days when Korn kicked ass! In all fairness, though, they've never put out a truly bad album IMO (yes even path of totality)
    I'm pretty sure bands still help each other out, Korn just aren't a part of the underground/upcoming scene any more. But then again I'm sat here on my ass doing nothing with my life so it's not really my place to judge!
    Even though I definitely got sick of nu-metal VERY quickly... I can absolutely agree with Davis about the camaraderie between bands during the mid to late 90's that doesn't really exist any more. I played in a few metal/hardcore/metalcore/whatever bands back then and we were fortunate enough to play shows with some pretty big name bands and almost everyone was really cool. Sure, there was some competition but bands seemed to look out for each other and even help to promote each other much more than today. If you had a "rock star" attitude you were an embarrassment and you either changed or were basically left alone to act important by yourself. Bands spend much more time isolated and interacting via the internet than they did then. Back then we spent a lot more time just playing shows and going to shows and getting to know each other. It's a lot harder to talk crap about another band when you know them personally... and the whole experience is much more rewarding.
    The original lineup of Korn were fantastic together! It's a shame that band brotherhood started to fall apart with Brian finding God and David pursuing a restaurant, and all the shit talking that followed. Not on Brian's end anymore of course since he's back, but David's made some pretty childish remarks. It's nice that Brian's back though and The Paradigm Shift was a good album. I thought it could have been a little better, but still good.
    Not to mention there's nothing wrong with Ray. I mean he's been with them for over 6 years so kicking him out to get David back wouldn't be loyalty on their part.
    Ray's definitely good at what he does. Brian was able to maintain maturity towards his bandmates and because of it is now in a band with them again, whereas Dave is much more bitter and will probably never play with Korn again, and we have to accept that, but it's not a difficult thing to do with a capable drummer like Ray.
    I think many people are missing the old nu-metal brotherhood, especially those die-hard fans who think they've gone down the toilet since. I thought PS was a decent album (decent for music, but maybe not for Korn), but obviously the raw sound from their earlier albums isn't there.
    Korn is a lot better than most of their contemporaries. I have very little respect for a band like Limp Bizkit or Staind. The best part about music in my opinion is the camaraderie between bands and the sense of community.
    Not big fan of Korn but i have to admit that their three first albums have some good stuff specially first one is great album.
    It's not even a question of whose Better or who came first, no metalhead cares about that, they understand subjectivity. It's just that Nu-metal is amisleading term and straight up not the same thing, and even Davis has said on occasions that Korn aren't a metal band. If no one called Korn, Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit metal bands than there would be no underwear tightning fu-fah ra over being blamed for Fred Durst. I don't see Metal bands wanting to see other metal bands in their "underground" realm disappear, but if you're riding a twave of something so stupidly and manufacuredly trendy, full of stuff even normal plebs would find stupid, And then call it Metal, cos it's heavy! you're gunna get shit on, and it's been like that forever (Glam Metal, Nu-metal, MetalCORE a le old a7x or atreyu)
    That being said I still like the old Kor and Linkin Park stuff I listened to as a kid, no matter how dumb it is.
    Most metalcore bands seem to be good friends in a "brotherly" way, same goes for the new wave of progressive metal (not calling it djent **** you.) I think this is just another moment of the rock dinosaur not paying attention and assuming it's not there.
    I have to say that I feel the same way. Everybody always gets down on Nu-Metal but in all honesty, it was a huge chunk of my childhood. I was born in 1988 and lived in California, and it was essential listening for the older kids like my brother and sister. One of the first cds I purchased was Follow The Leader by Korn, a milestone release for Nu-Metal. I dont listen to bands like Korn, Limp Bizkit, or Staind anymore but I do give props for giving me that nugget of knowledge of cooler music.
    I just miss the 90s all together. Pre-911. No one texted while driving. the internet was new and exiting. Movies were still decent. KORN STILL MADE GOOD MUSIC!
    Arse off with your electric pap .
    Boo hoo , the inbred retards and their down votes , breaks my heart and makes me feel so so small .....
    Hang on... Didn't Status Quo collaborate with Scooter a few years back? *shudder*