Korn's Munky Checks in From Studio: 'Any Idea What I Might Be Up To?'

Update following recent reports of the band entering studio to record new music.

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Following recent reports about Korn preparing to enter studio and track fresh songs in the near future, guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer posted a mysterious update from the studio.

Along with a photo featuring a guitar pick in front of a mixing board, Munky asked, "Any idea what I might be up to?"

As for the mentioned report, guitarist Brian "Head" Welch has reportedly confirmed that the band will record a couple of new songs with producer Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Bullet for My Valentine).

"I had Jonathan Davis of Korn on the hotLine yesterday from his Bakersfield home and today I will check in with Head and Munky tomorrow," the Hard Drive Radio report reads. "The band is getting together soon to start recording a couple of new songs (hmmm, must be getting ready for the 20th anniversary?) with producer Don Gilmore.

"And the band will also be rehearsing for their shows coming up in order to get some more new songs under their belts off 'The Paradigm Shift,'" the article continues. "No word on what the next single might be at this point. Jonathan also told me he was proud the way the score turned out on the film he did called 'After the Dark.'

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    Well I for one am looking forward to new material. Been with Korn since the start, not going to quit them now.
    its probably gonna be their heaviest album yet, more like their 1st album, again....
    They're not recording a new album now. They're probably preparing a new EP/rerelease of The Paradigm Shift or the debut album to celebrate the 20th anniversary. Maybe the songs they're recording were the leftovers from The Paradigm Shift sessions.
    I don't really listen alot to Korn these days but it seems like they keep making records going "THIS ONE WILL BE GOOD WE SWEAR" and no one really cares
    enough with these hate comments. If you don't like what you see, then move on and do something meaningful in your life instead of blabbering on the band that they're moving too fast. No one needs to hear your dumbass opinions.
    The band is going to re-release The Paradigm Shift with few new songs and one of them will be their third single. The single is going to drop somewhere around end of june/start of july.